UFOs, Nazis and Admiral Richard E. Byrd

“Neuschwabenland” Antarctic Expedition of 1938
Rare mention is given to the fact that in late 1938, just before WWII, noted arctic explorer Adm. Richard E. Byrd visited Hamburg, Germany and was invited to participate in the pending Nazi, "Neuschwabenland" Antarctic expedition. Despite his great expertise with polar explorations, Byrd declined the German invitation.

But just the same, on December 17, 1938 the New Swabia Expedition departed Hamburg for Antarctica aboard the ‘Schwabenland”, a freighter refitted for carrying catapult aircraft. The expedition had 33 members plus the Schwabenland's crew of 24. By January 1939 the ship arrived in Antarctic waters and began charting an area already claimed by Norway in 1938 as ‘Queen Maud’s Land’. In the following weeks 15 flights were made by the ship’s two Dornier seaplanes over an area reported to be about 600,000 square kilometers. To assert Germany’s claim to the Norwegian territory three German flags were placed along the coast and 13 more were air-dropped further inland. These markers were 5 foot tall iron poles topped with swastikas—and thus the territory was renamed by Germany—Neuschwabenland.

It was rumored that the Nazis had an almost obsessive fascination for the Antarctic, with plans to use South Polar regions for advanced weapons testing, flight experiments and even as a possible refuge should the European war not go as planned. Such projects had been discussed in German newspapers of the time promoting the Third Reich's astounding “Four Year Plan” to actually colonize Neuschwuabenland.

In fact the 1939 Nazi expedition discovered several ice free, thermal heated inland lakes, as well as vast coal and mineral deposits, an extraordinary discovery that inspired Heinrich Himmler to actually initiate plans for building a permanent base in Antarctica: a base code named "Station 211".

In secrecy German U-boats scheduled regular missions to the icy Antarctic shores and eventually senior Naval Commander Admiral Karl Doenitz let slip a strange phrase: “My submarines have found a true paradise on Earth.”

And by 1943 Adm. Doenitz further boasted…

“LEBENSRAUM”   : The NEW Germany

The question remains, why in the late 1930s with rise of the Nazi Third Reich and the shadow of major military hostilities looming yet again over Europe, would German officials invite Admiral Richard E. Byrd on a costly and seemingly frivolous expedition to the frozen wastes of Antarctica?  Perhaps the answer lies in the resurgence of German nationalism itself.

In the 1920’s, as the newly formed German National Socialist Party gained political notoriety, it required a permanent volunteer guard unit to provide security at potentially violent Nazi Party meetings in Munich. By 1925, chicken farmer Heinrich Himmler joined this guard unit which by then had been named the “Schutzstaffel” or Protection Squadron, abbreviated as--SS—or Runic "ᛋᛋ" with stylized Celtic ‘sig’ runes.

Under Himmler's dedicated leadership from 1929 to 1945, it grew from a small paramilitary group to one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the Third Reich. The Nazis eventually regarded the black-uniformed SS as an elite unit, the party’s “Praetorian Guard” with all SS personnel (originally) selected on the principles of racial purity and loyalty to the Nazi Party.

Heinrich Himmler sought to idealize the SS as a 20th-century re-incarnation of the medieval Order of Teutonic Knights. Before and during World War II Nazi propaganda and ideology made frequent use of the Teutonic Knights' imagery, as the Nazis sought to depict the noble Knights as forerunners of German conquests for “Lebensraum”.

Aside from Hitler’s determination to liberate his country from the crushing despair of post, World-War I economic depression he was equally determined to realize his treasured dream of Lebensraum—to secure a homeland for the Germanic peoples. This philosophy implicitly assumed the superiority of Germans as members of an “Aryan Master Race” who by virtue of their superiority had the right to displace people deemed to be spawn of inferior races. The Nazis insisted that Lebensraum needed to be developed as racially homogeneous to avoid intermixing with people of inferior races. As such, any people determined to be inferior to Germanic standards living within Lebensraum selected territory were subject to expulsion or destruction.

Hitler declared that the size of European states was "absurdly small in comparison to their weight of colonies, foreign trade, etc.," which he contrasted to "the American Union which possesses at its base its own continent.” By example, the United States provided the closest model to the German ideal of Lebensraum.

With this concept in mind, despite its cruel forbidding cold, the Antarctic was the last remaining un-tamed continent on the planet where at least a portion of the German people could possibly re-settle--no longer bordered on all sides by enemy nations. Is it conceivable that over the course of the war Germany actually possessed the technical skills to make this goal a practical reality?

Ahnenerbe Society

But aside from the potential wealth of untapped natural resources, perhaps there was an ever more valuable occult treasure luring Nazis to the South Pole’s “land of everlasting mystery” as well?

In 1935 the Third Reich officially founded the Ahnenerbe Society for the express intent of rediscovering the historical roots of the German nation. “Ahnenerbe” when translated means “Legacy of the Ancestors”.

This mysterious organization was the only known historical structure engaged in the study of the occult and mysticism to have state funding and support. No organization in the world had at its disposal such a volume of data or such profound influence over the development of occult technology as the Ahnenerbe Society.

Ahnenerbe founders were drawn from the highest ranks of the Third Reich. Research into occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena by the Ahnenerbe received blessings from SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, who not only promoted such research on his own initiative, but also with instructions from Adolf Hitler.

Astrologer, Wilhelm Wulff in 1939, described the ultimate goal of Ahnenerbe research was “…to harness, not only natural but also supernatural forces. All intellectual, natural and supernatural sources of power—from modern technology to medieval black magic, and from the teachings of Pythagoras to the Faustian pentagram incantation—were to be exploited for the interests of final victory.”

Concurrent with the Neuschwabenland expedition of 1938, the Nazis launched expeditions to Tibet as well where they allegedly gained access to secret cave systems that had not been seen for centuries.

Within these caves the Nazis, claimed discovery of secret ancient texts from pre-flood times or even from Atlantis: texts supposedly detailing where the opening to the hollow-earth could be found and also where Hitler believed that a technologically advanced ‘Aryan Race’ dwelling within might be recruited to help Germany win the war. As well, this research revealed that the land mass hidden beneath the ice-shelf of Antarctica was also a remnant of the lost Atlantean Continent. The Tibetans believed the arrival of the Nazis fulfilled their own prophecies that a new age of enlightenment was at hand.

Only recently, huge underground, thermal heated lakes have been found a kilometer deep under the Antarctic ice, with water temperature a warm 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Above the surface of these lakes are huge natural dome-like vaults filled with warm air. It is possible that from these heated lakes a constant river of warm water flows out into the ocean. Over thousands of years these warm rivers would have formed huge underground ice tunnels ideal for the construction of secret bases. If German U-boat reconnaissance had indeed penetrated deep into these ice tunnels over the course of the war these caverns would have provided ideal locations for hidden bases immune from storms, polar cold, and well beyond any enemy’s reach.

And even at the Nuremberg war trials Nazi Naval commander Karl Doenitz insisted that his U-Boats had located “…an invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice.”

Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s 1939 Antarctic Expedition…

However Nazi pre-war interest in the Antarctic did not go unnoticed by the United States Defense Department…

On Saturday, July 8th, 1939 Americans across the country opened their New York Times newspaper to a front-page story declaring

“President Directs Speed on Byrd Trip”

President Roosevelt moved today to prevent possible extension of Germany’s claims to Antarctic areas into the Western Hemisphere by directing Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd to leave in October to territory within the sphere of influence of the Monroe Doctrine…

…it [is] apparent that this government was prepared to take the position, if necessary, that any attempts by foreign powers to establish bases west of the 180th meridian in the Antarctic would be considered an unfriendly act …

…If the $340,000 appropriated by Congress for the expedition permitted, Admiral Byrd said, he would outfit three ships. His own ship would be ‘The Bear of Oakland’, which is undergoing a careful inspection at Boston. He said he would lend it to the government after a new engine had been installed.”

Obviously Nazi territorial claims of Neuschwabenland foreshadowed a potential confrontation between America and Germany as early 1939. However, in retrospect we find that, though the German presence in the “land of everlasting mystery” was the ‘official’ reason for Admiral Byrd’s hurry-up expedition, Admiral Byrd and those under his command allegedly made no attempt to observe what the German expedition was up to.

But a small follow-up article hidden away on a back page of the November 30th, 1939 issue of The New York Times revealed;

“Secret Orders Taken by Byrd on Polar Trip”
“Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd joined the vanguard of his South Pole expedition at the Panama Canal today with confidential orders from the White House. Officials say the Orders were a State Department secret…

…Even the existence of the orders, authorities said, had been kept secret. Admiral Byrd received them, informants say, on a hurried trip to Washington last week before departing for Panama.”

Is it possible that these “secret orders” contained the real reason for Admiral Byrd’s expedition?

Were secret aspects of both the German and American expeditions to Antarctica carefully withheld from public scrutiny? In 1939 were the Americans and Germans engaged in an occult race to be the first to gain entrance and explore the fabled “lands beyond the pole”: legendary lands inside our earth: A competition not unlike the ‘space race’ between America and Russia which followed several decades later?

Adm. Richard E. Byrd: FREEMASON

In the series of reports entitled, The Quest for the Inner Passage,” it was noted that Admiral Byrd’s family is part of the elitist crowd through kinship with England’s Royal family.

Byrd himself was a 33rd Degree Freemason and a veil of secrecy has covered his expeditions from the start. As one biographer put it, “there were secrets that would not be talked about.”  And not surprisingly, ‘One World Order’ paymaster John D. Rockefeller and his pals had financed all of Byrd’s early explorations-with the exception of “Operation Highjump” which was financed by the U.S. Navy.

Were occult secret societies of both the United States and Germany locked in a competition to rediscover Atlantis?

In 1928 Byrd and his pilot, Bernt Balchen had dropped Masonic flags on both poles--Balchen also added his Shrine fez.  In the Antarctic expedition of 1933, sixty of its eighty-two members were Freemasons and on February 5, 1935, Byrd established the First Antarctic Lodge, No. 777 of the New Zealand constitution. 

NAZI Break-Away Civilization

And just as Roosevelt had predicted the whole world was at war by December of 1941. Yet despite Hitler’s astounding military success in conquering virtually all of Europe, allied forces rallied together in a desperate four year conflict that ultimately served a crushing defeat to his German Reich.  

As of May 8, 1945 the defeated German military had surrendered, but had Hitler’s Third Reich actually surrendered as well, and moreover was the war with Germany truly over? Or had it simply completed the opening phase of a much larger covert operation?

Even before the German surrender in 1945, a Nazi long range ‘come-back’ plan, “…to regain power after the war revolved around using their friends and fascist sympathizers in other countries, particularly the United States, to do their bidding while re-building Germany.”

War researcher Henry Stevens in his book, “Dark Star” reveals “Operation Avalon”: a plan for survival of the Reich that was in the works as early as 1944. Such Nazi elite as Albert Speer, Gen. Hans Kammler and Martin Bormann had allegedly collaborated on a plan to covertly evacuate vast sums of money, advance technologies, scientists and technicians out of Europe before Germany was forced to capitulate. Provided this operation could secure its own lands, weapons and money it could function as an ‘off-the-books’ power unto itself—a break-away ‘Forth Reich’.

Over the course of the war the Nazi SS had already evolved into an autonomous state unto itself within the Third Reich, armed with an astounding array of military “wonder-weapons”: super-sonic jet aircraft, flying wings, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and allegedly FLYING SAUCERS--all technologies unmatched by allied defenses.

As well, construction of a top secret device called “Die Glocke” --‘The Bell’ was underway at a hidden complex in Poland. Rumors claimed that once activated this device could levitate, but considering Hitler’s desperate demands for an apocalyptic wonder weapon to annihilate Germany’s enemies, it seems more likely that, rather than an exotic flying machine, it was intended as a plasma-weapon infinitely more destructive that even a hydrogen bomb.

But this project never reached completion and by the end of the war ‘The Bell’ and all of its designers had vanished, likely under the supervision of General Hans Kammler who possessed exclusive control over The Bell as well as all SS Wunder-Waffe projects.

As a protégé’ of SS Chief of Staff, Heinrich Himmler, Kammler had earned a reputation with his skills for rapid deployment and implementation of underground manufacturing facilities, and vast mobilization of slave labor consignments from concentration camps: the very skills required for supervising construction of an emergency refuge at the South Pole--Neuschwabenland.

Of course by April 17, 1945, Kammler and all of his most sophisticated secret weapons projects had vanished altogether from Europe.

To escape capture this cunning, shrewd and lethal opportunist marked as a prized war criminal is said to have committed suicide, but more likely, he cleverly escaped from Germany, aboard a lumbering, six engine Junkers 390 ‘Amerika Bomber’ bound for an unknown destination…             

Operation Highjump: Jan. 1947

Sir Roy Fedden, leader of a technical mission to Germany for the British Ministry of Aircraft Production stated: “I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they had managed to prolong the war some months longer we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.” 

Although the German armed forces had surrendered to the Allies in 1945, technically speaking the Third Reich itself had not capitulated. And considering intelligence gathered on clandestine, post-war Nazi operations in the Southern Hemisphere, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal dispatched Adm. Richard E. Byrd’s legendary Operation High-Jump reconnaissance expedition to the Antarctic.

One and a half years after the official end of World War II, a powerful Navy Task Force comprised of an aircraft carrier, twelve warships, a submarine, over twenty airplanes and helicopters as well as a crew of four thousand men set off for the stated purpose of “mapping the South Pole”, although Byrd himself stated in plain language “…the purposes of the operation are primarily of a military nature.” He did not divulge any further details.

Allegedly the unstated purpose of this operation was to locate and engage a remaining Nazi military stronghold believed to exist somewhere under the ice of Germany’s Neuschwabenland territory. This grand adventure was well documented in a feature M-G-M motion picture called “The Secret Land” however, the obvious shortcoming of this operation seemed a lack of fighter planes.

The documentary is careful to show absolutely no combat aircraft aboard the carrier USS Philippine Sea. Six R4D reconnaissance planes monopolized the carrier’s deck space. Martin Mariner seaplanes featured prominently in this operation as well, yet even these lumbering aircraft, useful in anti-submarine operations, would have been no match for Nazi combat fighters.

The six R4-D's in Byrd’s squadron were fitted with the super-secret "Trimetricon" spy cameras and each plane was trailing a 
magnetometer searching for any anomalies in the Earth's 
magnetism indicating "hollow" spaces under the ice.

These reconnaissance planes once launched from the carrier were to permanently remain at the pole. It’s assumed a full complement of combat fighters was likely stored below decks on the USS Philippine Sea.  But although Byrd’s Task Force was provisioned for an eight month stay at the pole, he withdrew his forces after only eight weeks. So what really happened?

Upon his return Byrd allegedly told the members of the special congressional investigating committee: “In case of a new war the U.S. would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed.”

Lee Van Atta, the El Mercurio newspaper correspondent from Santiago, Chile, who was allowed to accompany the expedition, wrote: “… Admiral Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile airplanes originating from Polar Regions.”

As well, a recently released Russian documentary “The Third Reich: Operation UFO” shares the alleged account of an eyewitness to an enemy attack. Pilot John Sayerson, who claimed his ship, the escort carrier USS Casablanca, was also part of Byrd’s task force and that Navy Corsair fighters actually engaged strange saucer craft attacking the ships.

However, official Navy records fail to list the Casablanca as part of Byrd’s task force. So, was this account a fabrication or were Navy files doctored? Sayerson’s account actually contains a measure of logic considering any naval operation of that size would not chance exposure to hostile forces without adequate air defense.

Full details of what occurred with Byrd's expedition remain shrouded in mystery. After extensive debriefing at the Pentagon, Byrd was ordered to keep silent about his experiences at the South Pole.

The full truth of Operation Highjump remains classified.

Yet one persistent enigma remains… Adm. Byrd’s famous “Diary” claims that on his last flight over the pole his plane was ‘hijacked’ by flying saucers and for three hours he was sequestered into the ‘hollow earth’ by mysterious, German speaking Nordics; a tale dismissed as pure fantasy by most researchers.

However, “The Secret Land” documentary, while it make no mention whatever of Nazis at the South Pole,  does verify that Byrd’s last flight over the Pole was in fact delayed for three hours due to… ‘engine trouble’!


Four months later, in September of 1947, just eight months after Admiral Byrd's aborted mission to the Antarctic, the Strategic Air Command undertook a detailed mapping and reconnaissance mission of the North Pole.

An extensive B-29 support base was established at Ft. Richardson, Alaska. But aside from cameras, these bombers were crammed with state-of-the-art, electromagnetic scanners, sensors and magnetic emissions detectors.

And, just as Byrd described, 'high speed craft capable of flying from pole to pole', were again encountered at the Arctic as well. Debriefed flight crews reported seeing metallic, vertical lift saucers parked on the ice packs, flying in and out of the water as well as dogging the B-29s. Following each flight mission all evidence, tapes, film canisters and documentation were immediately classified and rushed back to Washington D.C.

B-29 project commander Major Charles Moss concluded the “unidentifieds” reported by flight crews over the pole to be a ‘secret’ Russian development possibly advanced from captured German designs. 


Upon returning to the United States after “Operation HighJump” Admiral Byrd was hospitalized and sequestered from speaking any more to the press. But yet again in March 1955, he was placed in charge of another Navy Antarctic expedition called “Operation Deepfreeze”.

This was Byrd's last trip to Antarctica and marked the beginning of a permanent U.S. military presence at the South Pole. Byrd spent only one week in the Antarctic and returned to the United States in February of 1956. And a year later on March 11, 1957, Admiral Richard E. Byrd died in his sleep of a heart ailment at his Brimmer Street home in Boston. He was honored with burial in Arlington National Cemetery--yet some question whether his death was truly the result of natural causes...

In August 1958, as a continuation of Operation Deep Freeze, the USS Norton Sound, while in Antarctic waters launched three rockets armed with low-yield atomic bombs which were detonated high over the pole for "Project Argus", a classified operation with the stated purpose of studying the earth's magnetic field. Reportedly this research contributed to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts.

But just what the true purpose of Operation Deep Freeze was remains a mystery. And although the nuclear detonations over the pole may have been an attempt to disrupt covert Nazi operations under the ice with an electro-magnetic pulse, there is no record of Nazi retaliation against this 1958 Navy operation.


Although the ‘official’ account of World War II declared that Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker to pacify the world’s war-weary population, intelligence insiders knew Adolf Hitler was alive and well along with his deputy Martin Bormann tucked safely away in friendly Argentina.

In fact President Juan Peron was most cordial to survivors of the Reich providing them an area of Rio Negro Province, roughly the size of Massachusetts, for resettlement.

San Carlos Bariloche, a city in that province which bears all the charm of the Bavarian Alps is populated by… Germans: Lebensraum for at least a portion of the survivors of the Reich.

And from Argentina it was Martin Bormann who inherited the power over the Reich, and that power was wealth; vast amounts of plundered gold and other financial assets enough to still wield significant covert international influence. Over time, evidence of this invisible Nazi influence would begin to surface. 

Of course thanks to President Harry Truman’s “Project Paperclip” Nazi spymaster Major General Reinhard Gehlen and his entire staff were installed into the United States Central Intelligence Agency. As well Nazi rocket design genius Wernher von Braun and his entire engineering staff were re-patriated into service for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Essentially, thanks to President Truman’s capitulation, the Third Reich had successfully invaded and conquered the United States government without firing a shot!


Following World War II the conquered German nation was again divided piecemeal by the victorious Allied Nations, yet the Third Reich nested within an international network of economic and corporate interests remains to this day a formidable political force.

With discrete influence over international banking, and corporate aerospace industries combined with national intelligence agencies one wonders just how far Nazi secret technologies have been advanced over all the years since Admiral Byrd’s retreat from Neuschwabenland in 1947.

Today rumors abound that a fully operational secret space fleet has been deployed into our solar system… but under which flag does this fleet sail—the stars and stripes or swastikas?   


James H. Nichols 2016





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