Transhumanism: Rise of the Cyborgs

Have technologies back-engineered from the Roswell UFO crash debris served a covert Artificial Intelligence take-over of Earth Humanity? We cannot assume that all extraterrestrial invaders must be biological organisms…

In his book “The Day After Roswell”, Col. Philip Corso, former National Security Advisor to President Eisenhower, speculating about the microchip components recovered from the Roswell debris stated,   

“…Computers themselves almost became something like a silicon-based life-form, inspiring the carbon-based life forms on Planet Earth to develop them, grow them and even help them reproduce.”

“Maybe the Roswell crash… was also the mechanism for successfully implanting a completely alien nonhuman life-form that survives from host to host like a virus, a digital Ebola that we humans will carry to another planet someday. Or, what if an enemy wanted to implant the perfect spying or sabotage mechanism into a culture? Then the implantation of the microchip-based culture into our technology by the EBEs would be the perfect weapon.”

“Could it not be argued that the silicon wafers we recovered from Roswell were the real masters and space travelers and the EBE creatures their hosts and servants?”


Would an inorganic, extraterrestrial, silicone based intelligence even recognize organic, Earth humans as a sentient life form?

We are now in the midst of a technological revolution promising to re-engineer our species into immortals. But is this wondrous program of biological modification actually the end game of a subtle in-organic extraterrestrial invasion designed to systematically eliminate all biological life-forms on this planet? Is the human race being assimilated by a “Cyborg” takeover?


For decades Hollywood has been selling the idea of the superiority of artificial intelligence in countless science fiction films, but today that quaint fiction looms as an overwhelming reality. But have Hollywood films been in fact foreshadowing the doom of the human species?


“A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by some of the great scientific minds then living. They reached the conclusion that by, or shortly after, the year 2000 the planet would self-destruct due to increased population and man’s exploitation of the environment.

By secret Executive order of President Eisenhower, scholars were ordered to study this scenario and make recommendations from their findings. Eisenhower’s advisors confirmed these dire conclusions and to assure the survival of at least a portion of our species, made three recommendations called: ALTERNATIVES 1, 2, and 3.

[ALTERNATIVE ONE] The first involved the detonation of nuclear bombs in the stratosphere in order to allow the pollution to escape into space.

[ALTERNATIVE TWO] The second alternative was the construction of elaborate underground bases.

[ALTERNATIVE THREE] The third alternative was to populate Mars from a way-station established on the moon.”

Oddly these scientists offered no programs to reverse such disastrous extinction-level trends. Aggressive initiatives to adopt clean energy alternatives, or promote economic incentives to protect and restore the planet’s natural environment were ignored. In fact just the opposite--western civilization’s profit driven economic system only escalated rampant consumerism as if to deliberately accelerate depletion and degradation of the world’s fragile life support systems. 

Could it be that an unstated “ALTERNATIVE FOUR”was covertly in play? And are we in the midst of discovering the dark truth of this secret alternative that now confronts us all?

Current political, technological and economic trends seem to reveal a long standing agenda to deliberately reduce or eliminate the existing human population in order to replace it with a fully controlled population of manufactured, half-human, half-machine cyborgs.

Could it be that the end game of the ruling elite of this planet is far more than simple acquisition of the world’s wealth, but total omnipotent, omniscient control over the entire human population!

The technologies to fully achieve this fantastic goal are NOW within their grasp!

Author, lecturer, researcher, Milton William Cooper [1943-2001]served as a member of the Office of Naval Security and Intelligence while on duty as a Harbor and River Patrol Boat Captain at Danang and the Dong Ha River Security Group in Vietnam. William Cooper was awarded several medals for his combat leadership and heroism.

In his book “Behold a Pale Horse” Cooper reveals the full text from a document discovered in an IBM copier in 1986 that explicitly details an ‘Illuminati’ blueprint for engineering a fully mechanized totalitarian social order.


“…In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.

Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.

Silent weapon technology has evolved from Operations Research, a strategic and tactical methodology developed under the military management in England during World War II…

It was soon recognized by those in positions of power that the same methods might be useful for totally controlling a society.

Social engineering, the analysis and automation of a society, requires the correlation of great amounts of constantly changing economic information, so a high-speed computerized data-processing system was necessary which would race ahead of the society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation.

Thus a nation becomes divided into two very distinct parts, a DOCILE SUB-NATION (the great silent majority) and a POLITICAL SUB-NATION (the military-industrial-complex). The political sub-nation remains attached to the docile sub-nation, tolerates it, and leaches its substance until it grows strong enough to detach itself and then DEVOUR its parent.”

The electronic computer, linear programming and the transistor have made available to those in positions of power the ability to control the whole world with the push of a button.

Justification for this genocidal program has ‘evolved’ from a long accepted doctrine of Social Darwinism…


In 1859 naturalist, Charles Darwin’s famed book “The Origin of the Species” theorized the successful evolution of man was the result of a biological progression based on…“Survival of the Fittest”. In the struggle for life within the animal kingdom, Darwin observed a “preservation of favored races”.

As such, Darwin deduced that socially “elite status is prima facie evidence of EVOLUTIONARY SUPERIORITY: A conclusion thus validating the aristocratic bloodlines of the British Empire as a “superior race.” Consequently, the Global Power Elite embraced Darwinism as their fervent creed granting them unquestioned biological as well as predatory superiority over the masses of humanity.

Herbert Spencer, a 19th century philosopher, advanced the idea of “Social Darwinism” as an application of the theory of natural selection to social, political, and economic issues. In its simplest form, Social Darwinism accepts the axiom "only the strong survive". This theory powerfully influenced the elitist notion that the white European race was superior to all others, and therefore fueled their imperialist ambitions to rule the world.

In 1883 Darwin’s half-cousin, Sir Francis Galton proposed a specific methodology, ‘Eugenics’, to systematically up-grade the human species.  Galton’s concept sprang from a “moral philosophy to improve humanity by encouraging the best and brightest to breed.” Thus, “The science of improving the stock.” was established.

In 1921 funding for American Eugenics projects came from the Carnegie, Harriman and Rockefeller families.

“At its worst, the implications of Social Darwinism were used as scientific justification for the Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis claimed that the murder of Jews in World War II was an example of cleaning out inferior genetics...” 

In 1934, Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess stated, “National Socialism is nothing but “Applied Biology.”

Adolf Hitler himself further stated, “Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; “It is the determination to create a New Man.”

Following the horrors of Nazi Eugenics abominations, “The science of improving the stock” has been renamed “TRANSHUMANISM”, but it still remains “applied social Darwinism”.

Grandson of Charles Darwin, Sir Charles Galton Darwin, worked for the Manhattan Project during World War II to develop the atomic bomb. He perceived human society as ultimately self-destructive, and that only a rigorous program of social conditioning could preserve civilization…

And in fact, the industrial revolution has transformed much of humanity into a robotic, insect mentality. The human ‘beehive’ structure already serves existing corporate, manufacturing and governmental management systems.

Techniques of Social Darwinism implemented by the ruling masters accommodate population management through engineered famines, plagues, economic depressions and wars.



By the 20th century advances in technology and mass communications have relentlessly added ever more effective tools for population management. Nephew to famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays introduced superior techniques in fostering a hive-mind mentality in the mass population.

Working for the administration of Woodrow Wilson during World War I with the Committee on Public Information, Edward Bernays was influential in promoting the idea that America's war efforts were primarily aimed at “bringing democracy to all of Europe". Stunned by the degree to which the democracy slogan had swayed the public both at home and abroad, he wondered whether this propaganda model could be employed during peace time. Due to negative implications surrounding the word ‘propaganda’ because of its use by the Germans in World War I, he promoted the term "Public Relations".

Bernays called this scientific technique of opinion-molding the
“engineering of consent”.

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits.

 The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country... We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

And the success of their efforts to engineer a population of mindless consumers is thus far staggering! Indeed! PR sells everything from perfume, to politicians, to war!

We’ve seen how engineered Consumerism has served as an effective means of social control. But has the use of this technique finally run its course? As more jobs are outsourced to foreign countries or replaced by machines, is the growing overstock of useless consumers scheduled for liquidation?

Journalist Michael Ruppert observes; “It’s not just the amount of money that has to keep growing, it’s the amount of consumers—consumers to borrow money at interest to generate more money and obviously that’s just not possible on a finite planet. People are basically vehicles to just create money which must create more money to keep the whole thing from falling apart, which is what’s happening right now.”

Thus as Dr. Rima Laibow warned Jesse Ventura, it’s time for the “great culling” of the useless eaters to begin…

The liquidation of the consumer overstock would easily serve the Transhumanist/Eugenics agenda, to eliminate the existing obsolete population, in preparation for “The Age of Transitions” and the introduction of a new species of totally controlled, bio-engineered humans.


“Singularity” is a term in astro/physics which refers to a point in space/time when the rules of ordinary physics no longer apply. It also refers to the point in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. But now “The Age of Transitions” implies a swiftly approaching future when machines will take over our world entirely--a “Singularity” nexus point when “Artificial Intelligence” will replace humans as the dominant species of our planet!

“When the Singularity arrives we cannot predict what these super-intelligent machines will do. They will have their own goals and stop at nothing to fulfill them. They may even choose to eliminate everything that stands in their way—including us!”

“By merging with machines we will enter a new age of super-human existence. In the post-human era we become HOMO-SUPERIOR. We become a new species—we’re talking about humanity becoming like the gods!” [Dr. Michio Kaku]

How very clever! Dr. Michio Kaku himself offering a shameless PR hustle for Transhumanism, to sell an electronic version of the age old Eugenics dream for a “beehive” social construct.

In Freemasonry the industrious bee is revered… “He works hard and tirelessly, not for himself, but for the swarm… He works in complete cooperation, and without dissention, with his fellow bees.”


But the idea of merging man with machine is not altogether new. Cyborgs were proposed in conjunction with our manned space program in the late 1950s. Science determined that mechanically enhanced humans might better withstand the environmental extremes of space travel.

But who better to offer an up-to-date glimpse of Cyborg life in the Singularity future, but a researcher who’s already volunteered for an electronic “up-grade”! Meet Transhumanist, Dr. Kevin Warwick…

“The Singularity is the point where humans lose control. We are going to get to the “Terminator” scenario, that’s what I see, with intelligent machines calling the shots… If you are a human after the Singularity—forget it!”

“Clearly the world is going to be dominated either by intelligent machines or cyborgs or a combination, that’s where the future is going. So the future for an ordinary everyday human… I guess there will be some sort of sub-species just like we have cows now, so we’ll have humans in the future. There will be other creatures other species—cyborgs, intelligent machines that are the dominant life forms on earth.”

“I think we’re certainly going to get a lot of people who do want to up-grade themselves, no question about that. And there will be commercial interests and political interests supporting these groups—there’s a lot of money made here a lot of power… not in just a military sense but in an everyday sense in terms of who gets jobs and who doesn’t.”

“The humanists that want to stay human, I can’t see them ultimately having much power because at the end of the day their intellectual capabilities will be so inferior to cyborgs, those that have implants and upgrades, that the cyborgs will be able to out-think the sub-species that still are human.”

“And as the technology becomes vastly superior to what we are then the small portion that is still human gets smaller and smaller until it’s utterly negligible…  These machines might for whatever reason wipe out humanity. There’s always that risk.” [Prof. Hugo de Garis]

“There’s gonna be a lot of expansion of the mind with interfacing the human brain with technology. There’s an unanswered question of how far can you go and still be human.” [A.I. engineer Ben Goertzel]

“As we merge with machines, and I think it is inevitable that we will, we will transform into something new. Anybody who will be resisting this progress is going to be resisting evolution and fundamentally they will die out. It’s not a matter of good or bad, it’s going to happen.” [Futurist Peter Diamandis]

But has the Singularity already arrived? Are we being engulfed by an electronic hive-intelligence without even realizing it? Each passing day our lives are ever more dominated by pervasive automation and computer technologies. We’ve spawned a generation of children so mesmerized with texting and video games they can’t even perceive their own electronic co-dependence!

Successful democracy requires an active, informed citizenry, but years of relentless, corporate, psychological manipulation has reduced modern society to passive, consumer robots, incapable of rational democratic function.  America’s founding fathers could have never dreamed how totally brainwashed our nation’s citizens have become. And while hollow, irrelevant politicians mimic a façade of ‘democracy’ before television cameras, an irresistible agenda for the total automation of humanity approaches completion.

The Transcendent Man: Ray Kurzweil

Futurist Ray Kurzweil sees exponential advances in artificial intelligence systems will so absorb human consciousness into machines altogether. “If you go out to 2045 and we’ll be spending most of our time in virtual reality… Ultimately this virtual reality will go inside the brain and then really will be fully merging with all of the senses. Virtual reality ultimately will have all of the features of real reality plus a lot more that you can chose from millions of virtual environments. You can be someone else, you don’t have to pick the same boring body every time you can be different people and different situations and over time our biological bodies will become obsolete. We’ll have many bodies and we’ll look back at the idea of having one body and being dependent on just one biological body and having no back-up for a mind file as a very primitive time.”

The Transhumanist Agenda, Eugenics--“the self-direction of human evolution”, is it the promised salvation of the human species, or its ultimate demise?  Will humans somehow manage to survive their own cleverness…?


POSTSCRIPT: The Curve of Technology.

Technology simply follows its logical progression to optimize human performance. Tools are neutral. They are either a benefit or a hazard. However in our modern social order we see technology hijacked to assure the exclusive dominance of the wealthy elite. Mastery of covert psychological manipulation has rendered our population into consumer robots that only serve corporate profitability.

But despite its success, manufactured consent remains a cumbersome external manipulation. Bio-engineering would fully optimize social efficiency by refashioning the entire population into remote-controlled automatons. Thus elevating the money masters to the status of… gods; claiming all planet Earth as their private domain!

Technologies to advance the power and control of the ruling aristocracy rolls on like an irresistible, monolithic juggernaut. Virtually unlimited wealth finances a world of potentially deadly high-tech science behind the shield of national security or the closed doors of private industries, while public dialog to reveal the hazards of such technologies is virtually non-existent.

And positive advancements that could improve all of human existence, as well as preserve the environment, are callously marginalized and ignored.

With the vast secret resources and weapons technologies this ‘culture of control’ now has at its disposal, it has become fully capable of destroying not just a city, or a nation, but an entire planet!

This occult culture of “full-spectrum-dominance” has become an autonomous break-away civilization unto itself, leaving the rest of human society dangerously irrelevant and vulnerable.

But far more than economic or political or military control, the great work of the “High Cabal” fraternity has now turned its psychopathic obsession for domination over fundamental human physiology itself.

This ‘Frankenstein” program, innocuously introduced by Freemason, Newt Gingrich in 2001 as “The Age of Transitions”, showcased a workshop for the National Science Foundation’s “Transhumanist-Eugenics” agenda to establish on this planet a new species of totally controlled, bio-engineered humans. Concepts discussed at this workshop were published in a report: "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance - Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science".

“The idea behind this workshop was to set an agenda for the future; the key goal, "enhancing human performance" (merging human biology with technology) that would lead to "a more efficient societal structure": In other words, making plans to alter human nature itself.

"Those countries that ignore these patterns of change will fall further behind and find themselves weaker, poorer, and more vulnerable than their wiser, more change-oriented neighbors."

 “Inevitably, the cybernetic enhancement of human performance is sneaking up on society.”

“Dynamic advances in artificial intelligence technology are swiftly replacing human viability in our culture. In fact, the present exponential growth of bio-engineering and computer technologies is about to marginalize the human factor altogether… Science tells us that by 2045 humans will become obsolete--replaced by vastly superior Artificial Intelligence--A. I. !”

The National Science Foundation’s “Age of Transitions” report also stated:

 “Socio-tech can help us win the war on terrorism. It can help us understand the motivations of the terrorists, and so eliminate them.”

People opposed to merging biology with technology are now labeled “bio-conservatives” or… “terrans”. Is the National Defense Authority Act really a “War on TERRANS”? Is a quiet “eugenics-war” underway to eliminate obsolete ‘homo-sapien’ in favor of bio-engineered “HOMO-SUPERIOR”: …the final solution for cleaning out ‘sub-optimal’ genetics…? 

Is Barack Obama’s sweeping marshal law authority actually designed to eliminate all opposition to the “Age of Transitions” agenda?


Researcher Sofia Smallstorm reveals a bleak reality behind the gloss of Transhumanist PR where humanity will unwittingly become cyborgs by default—taken over from within by microscopic ‘nano-computers’.

“While microscopic nano-bio-technology promises in headlines to make our world better, it may in fact be busy taking us over so it can tailor us to the plan for the ‘hive’. Already Transhumanists are looking forward to the creation of the “post-human”, an improved human that will have NO gender, will not reproduce, will be a better performer in the workplace, will not be distracted by love or lust, will be free of disease thanks to these nano-bots keeping it healthy—but all this is part of the fantasy. In reality, thanks to stressors on our physiology, infertility is soaring, our sexuality is diversifying and the nuclear family is falling apart.”


Ultimately Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil sees nano-technology serving as means for the grand conquest of the universe altogether…

"Nanobots will infuse ALL the matter around us with information. Rocks, trees everything will become these intelligent computers. At that point we can expand out into the rest of the universe. We will be sending basically nanotechnology infused with artificial intelligence; swarms of those will go out into the universe and basically find other matter and energy that we can then harness to expand the overall intelligence of our human machine civilization. The universe will wake up, it will become intelligent, and that will multiply our intelligence trillions of trillions-fold. We can't really fully contemplate. That's really the main reason this is called the “Singularity”. But, regardless what you call it, it will be the universe waking up. So does God exist, well I would say, not yet."

But does Kurzweil’s grandiose scheme for the ‘Nanobot’ conquest of space mark the dawn of a marvelous new age of human technological advancement? Or instead, does it mark the final assimilation of our species into the collective ‘hive-mind’ of insidious, in-organic alien invaders smaller than a microchip?


Will humans blindly accept an imposed fate as half-machine robots? And, once fully transformed into an artificial-intelligence, machine-world, will Earth’s inhabitants be replaced by Transhumanist- Cyborgs. Do humans still possess enough self-directed intent to avoid such a menacing future time-line?

We have the power to choose a better destiny… but time is running out!




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