UFOs Reconsidered  



In Jules Verne’s classic tale of adventure, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, what was thought to be a fearsome monster terrorizing the sea lanes, devouring whole ships and crews, stirring a public frenzy, was in fact a fantastic submarine, the ‘Nautilus’—built by the mysterious genius-inventor captain Nemo.  Behind this facade of an avenging beast from the depths was in reality a secret advanced technology, a submersible boat: the product of engineering know-how years ahead of its time. 

This mechanical marvel gave its creator, captain Nemo, dominion over the oceans of the world.  Verne echoes this theme of clandestine super-technology, again the product of a reclusive genius, in another novel entitled, “Robur the Conqueror” and its sequel “Master of the World”. But instead of a submarine these tales are of an extraordinary flying machine called the ‘Albatross’.

A compelling contemporary version of this scenario is revealed in W. A. Harbinson’s dark novel, Genesis. Only in this tale, flying saucers are the instruments of twisted genius.  Published in 1980, this book tells of a brilliant scientist and aeronautical engineer named ‘Wilson’ who perfects flying disc technology for the Nazis during World War II.  

As Allied armies overrun the crumbling Reich, Wilson escapes by U-boat to Antarctica and from a secret base constructed there, he sets about his evil plan for world dominion with flying discs masquerading as UFOs, piloted by ‘aliens’ from space. 

Having mastered techniques in biomechanics, DNA replication and brain implants--as well as anti-gravity propulsion, he systematically abducts people of influence in government, industry, science and the military, turning them into living robots—mindless drones to serve his One-World Order empire.

Based on research into secret Nazi weapons projects, Harbinson’s novel explores the possibility that UFOs--‘flying saucers’--may not be alien space ships at all but the super-secret military technology of planet Earth!!

In his book, Harbinson reveals an extensive appendix of data that supports this theory.  Some of his revelations are startling and with this video essay we intend to examine his findings as well as additional information that reconsiders the origins of UFOS...

The Mystery of UFOS 

The UFO mystery has been one of the premier enigmas of the late 20th Century.  So much so, eyewitness accounts like the famed Betty and Barney Hill abduction are now indelibly woven into the fabric of our contemporary culture. Their story is but a fragment of a vast accumulation of evidence, photographs, landing tracks, and innumerable accounts from—credible witnesses--that report strange objects flying in our skies—machines of intelligent design--that cannot be accounted for given our accepted technological paradigm.

These Unidentified Flying Objects exhibit flight capabilities that defy our accepted laws of aero-dynamics. As such, logic declares these bizarre craft must come from somewhere beyond our world.


The notion that any such flying machines could have been the invention of Nazi, World War II technology seems like the wildest tabloid nonsense. Yet under closer examination this suggestion becomes a more haunting possibility.  We know as historical fact such technological wizardry as; television, jet aircraft and guided missiles were developed by German science during World War II.

And it is well known that Hitler repeatedly boasted possession of a secret, ‘super-weapon’ arsenal that would rescue the fading dream of Nazi conquest. Were his words just desperate, empty bravado? Is it possible that flying saucers were an integral part of this weaponry? The real truth is difficult to ascertain, yet a tantalizing trail of clues and conjecture beckons investigation into the myth of German saucers…

Western Civilization for the latter half of the Twentieth Century has been dominated by advances in science and technology. Most of these wonders of scientific ingenuity existed behind closed doors long before their common acceptance by the public at large. Antibiotics were discovered in 1910, but not applied until 1940. 

The physics for using the atom as a source of energy was understood as scientific fact as early as 1919.  To the public, such technology was pure science fiction until August 6, 1945 when the first Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. 

Television guided ‘smart bombs’ used in the 1991 ‘Gulf War’ against Iraq were a technological advancement developed by Germany in World War II.  In fact the first television transmission of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin—showcased yet another marvel of German scientific genius. 

But by 1944, despite such extraordinary technical genius, the German war machine was failing.  Cities, factories, oil dumps, railways and shipyards were being pummeled mercilessly by allied bombers.  In November of that year, debriefed allied bomber crews began reporting strange balls of glowing light that seemed to follow their planes.  Somehow intelligently guided, these lights would ascend from the ground to meet the approaching bombers.  Close proximity to these objects caused reported engine malfunction, and some bombers allegedly crashed as a result of this effect…

The New York Herald Tribune reported:  “The balls of fire appear suddenly and accompany the planes for miles.  They seem to be radio controlled from the ground, so official intelligence reports reveal…”

8th Army Air Corps and the RAF concluded these ‘Foo’ fighters, as they were called, were simply ‘mass hallucinations’ on the part of jittery flight crews.  Shortly before the German surrender, these ‘Foo’ fighters disappeared.

Italian author, Renato Vesco, in his book “Intercept UFO”, reveals ‘Foo’ fighters were more than mere ‘hallucinations’, a remote-controlled device called the ‘Fuerball’ or Fire-Ball [a turbojet powered, armored disc, built by the Weiner-Neustadt Aircraft Manufacturing plant], was responsible for the “Foo-Fighter” reports.  By day, the ‘Fuerball’ could be seen as a shiny metal disc spinning on its axis.  By night, it looked like a glowing ball of fire.  A rich fuel mixture over-ionized the air surrounding the disc creating a fiery halo.  It was designed to home in on enemy aircraft engine exhaust and was capable of generating damaging electromagnetic impulses that interfered with the ignition systems of bomber engines. 

As the war progressed, London, England was pounded relentlessly by V-1 and V-2 rockets--revolutionary, flying bombs, more commonly referred to as--‘guided missiles’-- These weapons were devastatingly real!  But what other types of secret weaponry did the Nazis possess?

According to W. A. Harbinson’s research, a Luftwaffe Kapitan, named Rudolph Schriever—an aeronautical engineer—was credited for designing a craft called the ‘flying-top’ as early as the spring of 1941.  A prototype was test flown in June of 1942.  By August 1943 he had constructed a ‘large specimen’ of his original disc. 

The “Flying Top” itself was a large disc-fan of 20 meters diameter with 21 rotor blades that surrounded a hemispherical cockpit. Attached to the underside of the of the disc rotor were three jet engines that spun the rotor like a helicopter for vertical take-off.

Once in the air, two other lower body jets attached to each side allowed the disc to achieve level flight. Propulsion systems used conventional, kerosene burning, jet turbine engines.

By the summer of 1944, at the BMW plant in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Schriever was working on a radically re-designed engine for his craft.  Collaborating with two other German engineers on this project, Drs. Habermohl and Miethe, as well as an Italian physicist Dr. Belonzzo, these men designed a flying disc 138 feet in diameter that could reach 40,000 feet in altitude and was capable of over 1200 mph., horizontal flight speed.  The configuration was a fixed cupola-cockpit in the center of a discus plate that rotated around it. 

After the war, Schriever admitted to constructing the disc, but claimed it was never flown.  To keep it from the hands of the advancing Allies, it was destroyed along with all planning designs. However an alleged eyewitness, George Klein, claims this or a similar disc was successfully test flown in February of 1945.  

Author Renato Vesco in his book “Intercept UFO” states that right up to the time of his death in the late 1950’s, German engineer Rudolf Schriever was convinced UFO sightings after the War were proof that someone had successfully advanced his original designs.

Another fascinating wartime flying-saucer account is revealed in the book, “Clear Intent”, an investigative UFO study by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood. One case they reported from 1944 tells of a prison labor detail at a camp some thirty miles from Berlin. A Polish POW was cutting hay when he recalled suddenly hearing a high pitched whine coming from behind a circular tarpaulin enclosure which measured roughly a hundred and fifty yards in diameter and fifty feet tall. The noise was similar to that of a large electric generator. At this time the labor detail tractor stalled. The German driver made no effort to restart it. Suddenly a dark grey circular machine seventy-five to a hundred yards in diameter slowly rose up from behind the enclosure. The POW described it as having a stationary top and bottom section with a rapidly spinning middle section. The craft rose high enough to clear the canvas wall and then moved off out of his sight behind a stand of trees. 

Curiously, just five years after the war in 1950, a rancher in Argentina reported witnessing the flight of an aircraft he described as identical to the Nazi “flying-top”.


Research by authors, Wendelle Stevens and William Steinman in their book UFO Crash at Aztec, reveals additional Nazi saucer development projects…

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forest warden, naturalist, philosopher and inventor, whose observations revealed the vortex as nature’s most efficient means for the transmission of energy.

To serve the Nazi quest for alternative energy sources, Schauberger was coerced to put his theories to use.  He built a ten foot diameter vortex propulsion machine at a facility in Vienna that generated ‘diamagnetic levitation’. This machine produced results so spectacular that it took off vertically, shooting straight through the 24 foot high hanger ceiling.   

Schauberger’s research fame earned him a private audience with Hitler in the 1930s where he warned the Feurer that the short-termism of  the National Socialist State’s economic strategy would undermine and ultimately destroy Germany's natural resources--Hitler’s “thousand year Reich”, Schauberger declared, would be lucky to last a decade.

His warning was prophetic.  Work continued on his levitating machines until 1945, but was ultimately halted by the invading Allied armies.

Captured and deported to the United States, Schauberger was confined and coerced into relinquishing his technical secrets.  Authorities claimed rights to all his ideas, thoughts and discoveries—past as well as future.  His intellect, indeed, his whole being had become U.S. property.  Dejected, he died on September 25, 1958 at the age of 74.  “I don’t even own myself any longer.”  He remarked.


Finally the Nazi war effort collapsed altogether by the spring of 1945. Germany’s Reich fell to the American, British and Russian armies.  But Allied commanders were clearly shaken by the advances of captured Nazi weapons technology. 

Sir Roy Fedden, leader of a technical mission to Germany for the British Ministry of Aircraft Production stated: “I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they had managed to prolong the war some months longer we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.” 

 Later in 1956, U.S. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of ‘Project Bluebook’ stated: “When World War II ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development; The majority of these were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known aircraft that could even approach the performances of the objects reported by UFO observers…”

American, British and Soviet technical intelligence experts picked the bones of the Nazi war machine.  Personnel and materiel flowed back to each respective country.  Nazi rocket designer, Wernher von Braun and three hundred railroad freight cars loaded with captured V-2 rocket components were shipped to White Sands, New Mexico, for him to reassemble as ‘America’s’ rocket program which, over the ensuing decades, would successfully launch men to the moon.

‘Projekt Saucer’ seemed to have been consigned to oblivion.  Little more was revealed about the fate of engineers, plans or hardware.  But a persistent rumor remained that a top-secret division within the Nazi SS called, SS E-IV had successfully developed anti-gravity saucer propulsion systems. But had all of these secret technologies been captured or accounted when the war ended? 

In 1947, just two years after the German surrender, the mystery of Nazi Saucers compounded even more…!


According to W. A. Harbinson’s research, just two months after the German surrender, captured U-Boat crews, under interrogation by U.S. authorities, revealed they had been delivering components, materiel, and members of the Projekt Saucer research team to a secret underground Nazi stronghold in the Antarctic.

In January of 1947 ‘Operation High-Jump’, a naval military task force complete with 4000 combat troops, thirteen ships, and an aircraft carrier loaded with seaplanes and helicopters was dispatched to the Antarctic for the alleged purpose of ‘mapping’ the coastline’.

Under command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, this task force was provisioned for an eight-month stay… However, his combat group withdrew after only eight weeks, after being allegedly repelled by a German contingent defended “by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed.”

Six months later, in June of 1947, a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold, claimed seeing a formation of nine shiny objects cruising at a high speed near Mt. Rainier Washington.  In Arnold’s words, these craft flew “…like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.”  The press seized upon the word ‘saucer’ and thus the national “Flying Saucer” craze was launched! 

However, Arnold actually stated the ‘objects’ themselves looked more crescent shaped—like flying ‘wings’--which coincidentally was another radical air form designed by the German Horten Brothers during World War II. In addition, these craft were on a heading for the Canadian border, about 140 miles from Mt. Rainier. 

According to  Harbinson’s research, as early as 1946, joint American-Canadian-British saucer research was underway in the wilds of western Canada.

Just four months later, in September of 1947, the Strategic Air engaged an extensive reconnaissance and mapping mission at the North Pole, where yet again flying discs were encountered. 

B-29 project commander Major Charles Moss concluded the “unidentifieds” reported by flight crews over the pole to be a ‘secret’ Russian development possibly advanced from captured German designs. 

And in July of 1947 the Army Air Corps was dealing with unknowns reportedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico as well!

In his book “The Day After Roswell” Col. Philip Corso revealed military concern that the crashed space craft recovered in the New Mexico desert also displayed suspiciously Nazi origins…!

“…conversations with Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley at Alamogordo in the days after the crash… intimated that there was a deeper story about what the Germans had engineered… the similarity between the Horten [flying] wing and the craft they had pulled out of the arroyo was no accident…”

Dr. Hermann Oberth considered, “the Roswell craft from the New Mexico desert, not a spacecraft, but a time machine…”

“Therefore, perhaps… the EBEs …described in the medical autopsy reports [were] humanoid robots rather than life forms, specifically engineered for long distance travel through space or time.” 

UFOs Reconsidered: Is it possible that the extraordinary research uncovered by W. A. Harbinson in his book, Genesis, reveals a factual story about German flying saucer technology that can only be told as fiction?

Of course this line of research is not to dismiss the UFO phenomenon as being the exclusive product of Earth technology. The unknowns reported flying in our skies could be both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. How would the average layman in the street know the difference?

Assuming the physics involved with saucer propulsion are based on universal principles—technologies we are just now mastering could have been discovered and harnessed by any number of alien races eons ago. 

Accounts of UFOs date back to antiquity, a phenomenon as old as mankind itself.  Mastery of anti-gravity technology could, as Albert Einstein suggested, accommodate interstellar travel by generating electromagnetic fields that are freed from the bounds of time and space as well as gravity—thus rendering travel of fantastic distances between inhabited star systems no more extraordinary than a jaunt to the corner grocery.  Also there are those who suggest that terrestrial UFO projects are ‘alien’ sponsored--that extra-terrestrials, for whatever reasons, have made covert treaties with Earth governments offering technical assistance to competing world powers.  Some argue the Nazi ‘Projekt Saucer’ came from just such a pact. 


Author W. A. Harbinson in his 1980 novel, “Genesis”, weaves a compelling tale of intrigue and murder that reveals a fantastic conspiracy plot to masquerade Nazi flying disc technology from World War II as an alien space invasion to create a totalitarian One-World Order empire.

Based on factual research into Nazi weapons projects, Harbinson’s novel explores the possibility that UFOs--‘flying saucers’--may not be alien space ships after all but the super-secret military technology of planet Earth!!

However, the fantastic weapons science of World War II was not the exclusive province of Nazis alone, thanks to the war, American physicists and engineers began investigating anti-gravity technologies themselves.

By 1943 the terrible losses of allied shipping due to Nazi U-Boat attacks was forcing the U.S. Navy to consider techniques for making ships invisible to radar. It was theorized that a sufficiently powerful electromagnetic field could make a vessel undetectable to enemy radar. However, physicists advanced this idea to a more daring degree, suggesting that a more intense energy field could make a ship visually invisible as well.

According to the research of William Moore and Charles Berlitz in their book, “The Philadelphia Experiment”, the destroyer “Eldridge” and a volunteer crew in 1943 were allegedly involved in a practical test of this theory which rendered this destroyer invisible.  This project stemmed from Einstein’s “Unified Field Theory” research which postulates, time, space and gravity can be manipulated by a sufficiently powerful electro-magnetic field.

During the war, Einstein was briefly employed by the Navy department. Despite official denial that any such test took place, proponents of this story point out that through this research the Navy inadvertently stumbled on to the fundamentals of anti-gravity propulsion. Physicists determined the ideal air-form for the application of ‘Electromagnetic Resonance Propulsion’ would be an “oblate-spheroid”—in other words—a flying saucer!      

By the 1950s the world had transformed into an amazing science-fiction reality full of technological promise. Ten years earlier the notion of splitting the atom to create an explosion had been pure ‘Buck Rogers’ fantasy.  But by the early 50’s ongoing nuclear bomb testing in Nevada and the Pacific was routine. Jet aircraft, rockets and television were new high-tech additions to our everyday world as well.

In California a man named George Adamski claimed to be entertaining visitors from Venus. He shared books, photographs and home movies of his flying saucer adventures that fanned the fires of the popular UFO craze. Hollywood capitalized on the flying saucer mania by serving up pot-boiler movies filled with grotesque aliens invading from space. And concurrent with tabloid and cinema exploitation was the perpetual propaganda theme that; ‘No agency of this Earth could possibly produce flying saucer technology’. But was the secret to flying saucer propulsion now within America’s reach?

In 1953, T. Townsend Brown, another physicist allegedly involved in The Philadelphia Experiment, was demonstrating practical application of anti-gravity propulsion.

“In a laboratory setting the flight of [tethered] disc-shaped airfoils two feet in diameter around a twenty foot diameter course produced an observable speed of an amazing seventeen feet per second (about twelve miles an hour)… The disc-shaped air foils emitted a slight hum and a bluish electrical glow.”  At a later demonstration, Brown “exhibited a set of discs three feet across, flying a fifty-foot diameter course with results so spectacular that they were immediately classified.”

In November of 1955 the “New York Herald Tribune” published a series of articles by military aviation editor Ansel E. Talbert outlining a government project to harness gravitation as a means of aircraft and spacecraft propulsion.  Some of America’s top scientific minds such as Edward Teller and J. Robert Oppenheimer, both pioneers in atomic bomb development, were named as proponents of this project.

Talbert went on to describe these amazing anti-gravity ships as “capable of acceleration in a few seconds to speeds of many thousands of miles an hour and making sudden changes of course at these speeds without subjecting the passengers to the so-called ‘G-forces’ caused by gravity’s pull, are also envisioned.”  These flight characteristics Talbert described for such futuristic aircraft were already being observed in reported UFO flight behavior! 

Some of the companies allegedly involved in anti-gravity propulsion research were notables as Lear Inc., Bell Aircraft, Sperry-Rand Corp., Glen H. Martin Corp. and General Electric.

According to researcher Stan Deyo, a technical paper published in December of 1956 by Gravity Rand Ltd. Of London, entitled “The Gravitics Situation” bluntly implied mankind had already developed anti-gravity propulsion based on the research of T. Townsend Brown. 

“A program in hand may now ensure that development of large sized discs will be continued.  This is backed by the U.S. Government… …already companies are specializing in evolution of particular components of an electro-gravitics disc.  This implies that the science is in the same state as the ICBM—namely that no new breakthroughs are needed, only intensive development engineering.”  The full text of this document can be found in Deyo’s book “The Cosmic Conspiracy”. 

Even Hollywood jumped on the anti-gravity propulsion band-wagon in 1956 with the Science-Fiction, Cinemascope thriller “Forbidden Planet” that showcased future Earth humans piloting flying saucers into deep space.

As well, this film actually offered a glimpse of the sleek space-cruiser’s magnetic engine coil. 

Public disclosure of fantastic new propulsion technologies seemed imminent.

By the late Fifties, the U.S. Air Force inherited a flying saucer test project from Canada called, “The AVRO disc”.

On April 14, 1959 at a Washington press conference, General Frank Britten announced pending test flights of a craft destined to make “…all other forms of supersonic aircraft obsolete.” 

However, in public demonstrations the AVRO-disc bobbled and wobbled barely lifting off the runway.  Were government saucer projects just a ‘pipe-dream’--or a ‘smokescreen’? 

Afterwards, saucer craft were summarily denounced as an unfeasible and unwarranted waste of taxpayer’s money!   By December of 1961 the Air Force officially withdrew all participation in the AVRO-car project.  After its sorry performance, the hapless contraption was relegated to the Air Force Museum at Ft. Eustis, Virginia, worthy of only collecting dust—and certainly no match for the awesome spectacle of rocketry the world would experience for the next three decades! Further public discussion of anti-gravity propulsion development abruptly ceased.

Into the ‘Black World’

The Sixties found the United States and the Soviet Union locked in a ‘Cold War’ race to build superior missile arsenals.  The American public was overwhelmed with media images of thundering rocket technology—the power to challenge the ‘gods’—blasting America into the ‘space-age’. The hard reality of NASA engineering eclipsed the ‘nonsense’ of Flying Saucers.  Across America racial tensions, urban unrest, and the Vietnam War came to preoccupy our national consciousness.  Though UFO reports stubbornly persisted, the government maintained a consistent, hostile, hardline policy of denial, to the subject.

Project ‘Sign’, Project ‘Grudge’, Project ‘Bluebook’, the ‘Robertson Panel’, and the ‘Condon Report’—were all official Government investigation programs designed to convince the public that ‘nothing out of the ordinary exists’.  The whole mystery was debunked as misinterpreted natural phenomena by uninformed or unbalanced observers.

But behind closed doors, surely this subject was taken as anything but silly!  Clearly flight capability exhibited by UFOs would provide the ultimate weapons advantage to any nation mastering flying saucer technology. Hence, ‘official’ interest in UFOs was classified ‘Above Top-Secret’.

Test flights of black-budget craft could be conveniently hidden behind a smokescreen of UFO confusion.

In fact an alleged transcript reveals that President Ronald Reagan was specifically briefed on this disinformation cover by his CIA Director William Casey in 1981.

“Project Dove” was revealed as “a complex series of [disinformation] operations by our military intelligence agencies to dis-inform the public.”

“In order to keep these aircraft secret, we tend to convince, at times, the public and press that maybe UFOs are real in order to make the public THINK what they are seeing are actually UFOs instead of OUR own secret aircraft even though we know maybe some of the sightings are of actual UFOs.”

Practical examples of ‘black’ research and development revealed to the public have been the U-2 and SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ high altitude spy planes, as well as the F-117 ‘Stealth’ fighter and the B-2 ‘Stealth’ bomber.  But tales abound of government top-secret saucer projects as well.

According to researcher Michael Schratt in 1967 Mr. Jack D. Pickett, retired World War II combat veteran and publisher claims he saw four flying saucers of different sizes at MacDill AFB in Florida. Parked outdoors in storage were four discs ranging in size from 20 to 108 feet in diameter. Apparently due to maneuverability problems these craft had been de-commissioned to be scrapped. But Pickett was assured the Air Force had replaced them with better ones. Pickett was originally enlisted to write an article about the discs for the base NCO newsletter, but at the last moment the request was withdrawn by the Air Force.


North of Las Vegas, Nevada on the Nellis Air Force base test range in the Groom Mountains is the location of the famed “Area-51”. Over the last three decades this base has become legendary as the home to our military’s most highly guarded aircraft.

Otherwise known as ‘Dreamland’, this area is notorious as well for more radical aircraft designs including—‘flying saucers’!

Tantalizing eyewitness accounts of flying saucers at Area-51 are revealed in the book “UFO Crash at Aztec”, by William Steinman and Wendelle Stevens.  One tells of a base security guard who, while on duty, claimed he saw a hanger door “…open during the night and saw an unusual object come out and take off straight up.”  The craft was described as “disc-shaped with dull tone lights.” 

Another report tells of an aviation photographer on assignment who inadvertently found himself in a restricted flight area where he witnessed “…a saucer-shaped craft approaching at a low altitude over the desert.  It was the size of a small fighter jet, saucer-shaped except for a Plexi-glass canopy.” This errant photographer was swiftly corralled by security police and removed from the area. 

In 1978 a Navajo Indian witnessed two military helicopters escorting a dark disc-shaped object near the Atomic Energy Commission’s facility in Nevada.  He described the craft as “…smooth skinned, metallic and circular in form, with a raised dome on top.” Tribal elders, apparently aware of such ships warned the witness not to disclose his experience.

Most notorious of the Area-51 accounts comes from a physicist named Robert Lazar. A former employee from Site-51—“Dreamland”—who made the sensational claim of seeing as many as nine variations of captured ‘alien’ flying discs housed at the Groom Lake facility—at least one of which was fully operational. During his employment, he claims to have witnessed a flight demonstration of this craft inside the secret hanger complex. Emitting a static hiss, a bluish corona appeared around the ship then it slowly lifted into the air where it remained silently hovering. Such performance marks a striking parallel to the performance of T. Townsend Brown’s laboratory model way back in 1953.

Another dramatic case documented near Lake Houston, Texas, tells of two women and a seven year-old boy who witnessed a large diamond shaped craft hovering over the road they were traveling. 

However in addition to the UFO these witnesses reported as many as 25 large, double-rotor CH-47 military helicopters accompanying this object.  Were these choppers trying to corral a space invader or flying support for a nuclear-powered test vehicle?  The three witnesses later reported suffering radiation sickness from exposure to this strange craft.

The Australian outback is home to another ‘Joint Defense Space Research Facility’ not unlike Nevada’s ‘Area 51’.  Located twelve miles from Alice Springs is a test range simply referred to as ‘Pine Gap’.

Stan Deyo’s book, “The Cosmic Conspiracy” also tells the report of three hunters who in December 1989 saw “…a camouflaged door open up in the grounds of (Pine Gap), and a metallic, circular disc ascend vertically and soundlessly into the air before disappearing at great speed.”

An astounding account comes from Puerto Rico by researcher Jorge Martin tells of two Navy F-14 ‘Tomcat’ fighters that buzzed a gigantic triangular shaped UFO in the Cabo Rojo hills on December 28, 1988.  Eyewitnesses alleged the ‘Tomcats’ intercepted the object and then were somehow ‘trapped’ or taken aboard this huge craft.  Some researchers are so audacious as to suggest the fighters were simply ‘landing’ aboard this flying ‘aircraft carrier’ as part of a ‘routine’ exercise.  Was it an alien craft or another top-secret U.S. flying saucer?

Lastly, researcher William Hamilton tells of a curious account that took place during the 1991 Gulf War. Security at all national military defense installations was at fever pitch against a possible terrorist reprisal threat from Iraq’s, Saddam Hussein, yet a gigantic UFO was reported flying unchallenged in highly restricted airspace over Edwards AFB in California. 

Another curious side note to the Persian Gulf conflict was a new array of spy drones dispatched to keep watch on Iraq’s military activities at the time.  The August 1991 issue of “Popular Mechanics Magazine” shows the photograph of “Shadow” an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used for reconnaissance surveillance.  ‘Shadow’ is a shameless six-foot diameter ‘flying saucer’ built by none other than the United States Air Force!   

If the idea of Black-Budget saucer technology seems too farfetched, one might consider this statement from former director of Lockheed’s notorious “Skunk-works” at Area-51, Ben Rich. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in ‘black-projects’ and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.” Having served as director from 1975 to 1991, Rich is also quoted as saying, “Anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

In 1990 at a symposium at Tucson’s University of Arizona, spacecraft design specialist David Froning, from McDonnell Douglas Corporation, who had been on contract to NASA as well, addressed an audience of astrophysicists, astronomers and engineers where he candidly admitted obsolete rocket science had been replaced with;

“Modified Field” Propulsion (anti-gravity),

“Matter/Anti-matter Conversion”,

“Exotic Field Tension” (time-travel) and…

“Trans-Luminal” Flight (faster than light travel)! 

Later in 1990 the respected “Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine”, confirmed development of exotic top-secret flight machines. In two feature articles, the lid was ever so slightly lifted on super-classified projects under way at Nellis AFB in Nevada and Edwards AFB in California.  Both bases “…have been home to ‘classified’ vehicles for decades. The number and sophistication of new aircraft appear to have increased sharply over the last ten years. Vehicles now flying from these well-guarded sites include both manned and unmanned hyper-sonic capable aircraft designed to perform strategic reconnaissance and other less conventionally defined missions.” 

Aviation Week went on to say “…there is substantial evidence that another family of craft exists that relies on exotic propulsion and aerodynamic schemes not fully understood at this time…” 

“There are bigger and better things out there.”

Other reports more bluntly stated, “There are things being flown over the Nevada desert that would make George Lucas drool!” Another Air Force officer claims, “We are testing vehicles that defy description.  To compare them to the SR-71 (Blackbird spy plane) would be like comparing Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute design to the space shuttle.”  Despite oppressive security, stories of exotic vehicles persist.


Of course this line of research is not to dismiss the UFO phenomenon as being the exclusive product of Earth technology. The unknowns reported flying in our skies could be both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. How would the average layman in the street know the difference?

Assuming the physics involved with saucer propulsion are based on universal principles—technologies we are just now mastering could have been discovered and harnessed by any number of alien races eons ago. 

Accounts of UFOs date back to antiquity, a phenomenon as old as mankind itself.  Mastery of anti-gravity technology could, as Albert Einstein suggested, accommodate interstellar travel by generating electromagnetic fields that are freed from the bounds of time and space as well as gravity—thus rendering travel of fantastic distances between inhabited star systems no more extraordinary than a jaunt to the corner grocery.  Also there are those who suggest that terrestrial UFO projects are ‘alien’ sponsored--that extra-terrestrials, for whatever reasons, have made covert treaties with Earth governments offering technical assistance to competing world powers.  Some argue the Nazi ‘Projekt Saucer’ came from just such a pact. 

German rocket scientist, Dr. Hermann Oberth cryptically stated, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied, “The people of other worlds.”

Discourse from the famed Eduard “Billy Meier” alien contact case confirms the existence of covert government UFO projects.  In 1975 a Swiss farmer living near Zurich claims to have had ongoing visits with extra-terrestrial beings, said to come from the Pleiades star system.  A collection of discussions between ‘Billy’ Meier and these cosmonauts entitled Messages from the Pleiades, Vol.1”, reveals; “The building of such [Earth flying saucers] is not new, because the first of this sort had been designed and were under construction in your year 1941.  The order for this was given by a leader of your Second World War--Adolph Hitler.” 

“…Many observations of flying discs and kidnappings are of Earth origin.  Of that Earthmen should be conscious, as their pilots are well aware that they will be assumed to be of extra-terrestrial origin. This knowledge is used by them when they announce to any credulous witness that they are extra-terrestrials.”



President Reagan’s CIA UFO briefing in 1981 revealed military intent to capitalize on captured ET technologies.

          “Extraterrestrials can travel that great distance by means of space tunnels. They seem to be able to bend the distance from one point in space to another. Just how they do this must be explained scientifically… Some Extraterrestrial information was evaluated with the idea of using the gained data to advance our own space technology and future space programs.”

Even “Skunk-Works” Director Ben Rich admitted that;

1. “There are 2 types of UFOs -- the ones we build and ones 'they' build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "hand-me-downs."

2. “Nearly all "biomorphic" aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell spacecraft -- from Clarence [‘Kelly’] Johnson's SR-71 Blackbird onward to today's drones, UCAVs, and aerospace craft…”

3. “The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector…”

As well, Rich emphasized:  “…All points in space-time are connected.”


Is UFO propulsion really as far beyond human reach as we’ve been led to believe? A chain of circumstantial evidence certainly points to the possibility that such technology has been secretly advanced on Earth at least since World War II. Evidence further suggests that even now this technology continues to be developed behind closed doors. Black World projects protected from public scrutiny behind the cloak of National Security financed by black-budgets likely provide necessary support for these activities. Secrecy and a careful program of dis-information keeps the population at large ignorant of the true nature of these projects. With this in mind combined with the evidence examined herein, it is not inconceivable that saucer craft built by the U.S. government have deliberately posed as alien ships to mislead the public. 

The evidence is compelling enough for researcher William Hamilton to state;

“Well, guess what, that’s the REAL reality!  What you’ve been living in your everyday life—worried about gas prices or the ball game or your next vacation to Disneyland, is a world of fantasy that’s been created for you to keep you entertained!  There are two nations here in the United States!”

          What other technologies lie concealed in this secret ‘nation’ and what is their ultimate purpose?  The investigation continues…





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