My mother Julia doing Gerson Cancer therapy at the clinic in her 70's






Julia lived cancer free to be 91 years old and passed away in 1999








A Story about my Mother and Alternative Cancer Therapy


My mother Julia had developed a Melanoma Cancer on her face and it was getting larger. She went to her doctor in the US to have it examined. The doctor said that they were going to have to remove her eye and half of her face with surgery. You can imagine how my mother felt. Fortunately in our family we come from a line of doctors that believed in alternative approaches, so my mother was open to options. I researched several of the options and found a clinic in Mexico that had a high success rate for severe levels of cancer.

When my mother told her doctor that she was considering this alternative approach, he told her that if she goes to that alternative clinic that she will surely die. Even with a psychologically devastating message from her US medical authority, she decided to go with the alternative method.

I joined my mother for the 3 weeks of therapy across the border near the beach in Mexico, since the US medical establishment does not recognize any other form of treatment for cancer other than surgery, drugs or radiation and makes it illegal.

Dr. Dan Rogers and the staff at the clinic were very warm and friendly. I stayed 2 weeks with my mother and ate the same Gerson diet my mother was eating. This was not difficult for me since I was raised on drinking Carrot Juice and happen to love it. The 13 fresh pressed glasses of Carrot Juice and the Green juice drink was something I looked forward to. Bring it on. The meals with big salads and flax seed oil and fresh organic vegetables is not a problem as my diet already was fairly healthy so I enjoyed all of it.

After the three weeks at the clinic my mother came home and we setup a juicer to continue the special diet / therapy at home.

When she went back to the doctor who told her she was going to die. They were shocked after extensive examination to find that there was not a single trace of the cancer in my mother's body. My mother lived another 20 years before she passed away, and it was from just old age not cancer.

As they say "the proof is in the pudding" in this case the proof is in the Carrot Juice and the wonderful therapy provided by Dr. Dan Rogers who apparently understood the mechanisms of cancer and the body more than what is taught to our medical practicioners in the US because the statistics don't lie.

I am always grateful for the kind and wonderful people of the clinic who give hope to many and the 20 extra years to my mothers life.