Starting in 2001 over 30,000 fax letters were sent by individual constituents to their representatives in Washington. Below is a sample of that fax letter

It was asked for those constituents who sent faxes and received representative response letters, to send them to us for posting online for everyone to see what the responses given by our Washington representatives to the above fax letter. In reviewing the responses, the most common response is "we will keep your views in mind should legislation about UFOs happen in the future." Essentially stating that debating the reality of UFOs is not a pressing issue for Congress. (note this is pre 9-11) Whereas some give official denials based on Project Bluebook and NASA conclusions.

Beyond the reality of the UFO/ET issue surrounds very serious issues in which these testimonies are revealing illegal operations within our government structure which includes misappropriation of trillions of dollars, the targeting and destruction of extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants, the expose of 50 years of suppression of derived advanced technologies that if released could have a profound positive impact on the current energy crisis, health care, pollution, and other environmental challenges. Is this important enough to warrant open Congressional hearings on? Not according to how they were apparently indoctrinated to respond to this issue, or not wishing to jeopardize their career positions by taking up this issue.

As an aid in understanding the types of responses received, the following response categories are broken down as follows:

0 POSITIVE ACTION Taking responsible leadership in addressing this issue with action.
8 INTEREST Having an inquiring interest to understand further these issues.
27 VIEWS IN MIND Without current legislation nothing is addressed other than keeping your views in mind.
3 NOT MY DEPT Stating that they are not responsible for handling or acting on this information.
7 NOT A PRIORITY Based on apparent misunderstanding of this issue, it is viewed as not a priority.
6 EVIDENCE DENIAL Not reviewing the new evidence they base their conclusion on official denials.
2 INAPPROPRIATE Completely unjustifiable response which is inappropriate.
53 Total Letters Posted as of August 26, 2001 (2 weeks before the 9-11 event)