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Osiyo! That's howdy to you in Cherokee!
I would like to introduce you to my books. Part of the proceeds of these books will go to help disadvantaged Native American kids. A great gift for kids or grandchildren to show you care. Written for 6 years old and up to 60.

Outdoor Survival
Handbook for Kids

$10.95 ISBN 0-943173-47-7
104 pages, 8" x 10", Fully Illustrated. All Ages
The reason I wrote the survival book was to save a kid's life. Because I know of 28 kids that went out into the desert and mountains and never came back. This book is now into it's 7th printing. From my Cherokee hertitage I use old Cherokee ways in hopes to save a kids life. I was made honorary Chief of the Black Creek band of Cherokees.

Written to help prevent any further tragic episodes such as these.

Book Review

An entertaining and informative handbook that gives children (and adults) the confidence and knowledge they need to survive outdoors. Hand-lettered in the cartoon style kids love. This book takes a no-nonsense approach to wilderness survival . . . you really can't go wrong with this book.
Library Talk - Spring 1991

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River Book
for Kids

$11.95 ISBN 0-943173-94-9
124 pages, 8" x 10", Fully Illustrated. All Ages
This book is about two rivers - The river of water and the river of life.
I wrote it for my grand kids and all you kids, to help you feel good about yourselves - so you learn how to guide yourselves around the boulders on the river of life and keep on paddling. so grab a paddle and let's go - Eee-Yah!

Book Reviews

e blends practical canoeing and camping tips with homespun philosophy "What you learn from the river will help you on the river of life."
Tucson Guide Quarterly - Winter 1994

Willy Whitefeater knows kids. Like a parent slipping broccoli in with the ice cream. Willy has disguised this river instruction manual as a children's adventure story. His fast-paced River Book for Kids has enough action and humor to hold kids' attention, while still teaching the basics of river running and outdoor skills.
Paddler Magazine - October 1995

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