Willy Whitefeather


Back in September, 1985, the US News reported in their paper: “3,000 whales are killed annually in the Faroe Islands.  The article went on to say “the Islanders do not need the blubber or the whale oil as they have petroleum.  They kill the whales only for sport because their ancestors did it.” The news photo showed twelve year old boys with hatchets cutting the heads off the helpless beached whales…Now; this is what I read in the papers in September and October to November, 1985.  Whales communicate and their soundings can travel many miles underwater.  They are totally free spirits and their only enemy is man.  So the 3,000 whales must have called for help.


 So, in September, 1985 a whale in the Pacific Ocean whom the scientists named “Humphrey” swam into San Francisco Bay.  Then the news reported that an out of season hurricane named “Juan” came up in the Atlantic Ocean past Key Largo, Florida into the Gulf of Mexico toward Pensacola, Florida and Pensacola was evacuated.  Then Humphrey the whale turned around went back toward the Pacific Ocean and Hurricane Juan turned around and headed back into the Gulf and the people went back to Pensacola. But again the people had to evacuate Pensacola and so around and around the whale went and around and around the hurricane went and the people kept leaving and coming back to Pensacola.  To this day those folks say “That was the craziest hurricane we ever saw!”


Pensa in Spanish means “to think” and cola in Spanish means “tail.”  Now let’s think about the tail of the whale. Humphrey the whale swam further inland than any whale ever recorded.  He swam under six highway bridges at San Francisco, California (and a children’s book came out entitled “Six Bridges, the Story of Humphrey the Whale” by Toni Knapp.)


One day the news reported that scientists wanted to study Humphrey; so, they shot two arrows with tracking devices into Humphrey the whale and Hurricane Juan and then the news reported that “ hurricane Juan blew into an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and two men drowned.”


Now to do some tracking…the highest mountain in Arizona is Mount Humphrey in the San Francisco Peaks.  Humphrey the whale has a blowhole and below Mount Humphrey is the Blowhole State Park at Wupatki, an ancient Indian village.  At the blowhole in the park, you can put yourself there over the blowhole and feel the air rush into the earth, then a lull and then the air rushes out of the earth…just like a gigantic whale.  And just past Mount Humphrey there’s Twin Arrows, Arizona, an official freeway exit and a gas station with two ten foot high arrows next to the gas pumps. The interstate railroad tracks run nearby.


Mount Humphrey in Arizona is a sacred mountain to all the Indian tribes in the area, especially the Hopi.  They say it is where the Kachina Spirits live and Hopi means “peace” or “peaceful people.”


And when the entire world’s people see the Circles of Co-incidence then they will know for sure that what goes around comes around.  Like Chief Stealth Seattle said in 1855, “Man does not weave the web of life; man is but a strand in the web.  What he does to the web, he does to himself.”


So, Hurricane Juan came past Key Largo, Florida and in the movie “Key Largo”  Humphrey Bogart was standing on the beach and he was sending up smoke from his cigarette (tobacco was the sacred plant of the last world that went down in the water because of no love among people.) In the movie, the bad guys were coming in a boat to kill Humphrey Bogart but all of a sudden an unexpected hurricane came up and sank their boat.  The bad guys all drowned!


The number one fruit in Florida is oranges and the number one fruit in California is oranges and as our earth globally warms we are going from North to Northwest and the color of the Northwest is orange and the oranges are warming in Florida and they all froze in California in the winter of 2006.


The news reported that Humphrey the whale was last seen going out to sea on November 4, 1985, the anniversary of Will Roger’s birthday, Cherokee Nation roll #11384.