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Traveling to Oraibi with Willy to see Hopi Grandfather
we had the "Star People" fly over us

In 1984 I took a vacation with my brother Willy to meet his friend who was a 107 year old Hopi Indian chief David Monongye a keeper of the Fire Clan tablets, who was appointed to reveal Hopi traditional wisdom and teachings, including the Hopi prophecies for the future, to the general public in 1946, after the use of the first two nuclear weapons on Japan  

On the way there coming out of Gila Bend Arizona, we were heading up out of the desert on a lonely mountain road very late at night traveling to the Hopi village of Oraibi in northern Arizona.  I decided to take a break after several hours of driving and I pulled over to the side of the road.  My brother decided to get out of the truck and stretch his legs, the next thing I knew my truck door flew open and my brother yanked me out of the truck and pointed up and said "Look Look Look!" as I looked up at the sky a large glowing circular completely silent craft flew directly overhead.  My brother saw it coming up from the south and then it did a sharp right angle turn and flew directly right overhead approximately 100 feet above us. The size I roughly estimate to be about 50 feet in diameter and was glowing a bright white with a greenish hue to it. This wasn't the first time these encounters have occurred with my brother Willy.

The rest of the full story in the 1984 time line...




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Sitting around the Camp Fire with Willy telling stories

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