2001 - World Disclosure Event followed by the 9-11 terrorist false flag attack event



2001 - US Navy Admiral Hugh Webster gives William Tompkins permission to release his information publicly

William Tompkins book "Selected by Extraterrestrials" approved for release by Admiral Webster

SSPW Tompkins: Early in 2001 Tompkins called on Admiral Hugh Webster, Navy League Corporate Director, Washington DC and San Diego CA. We had a five hour meeting on my ongoing book–writing concerning the extraterrestrial threats to our planet. After Admiral Webster read portions of my document and backup technical documentation, I asked Hugh, “How much of this can I include in a published book?” He said.
“Bill; TELL IT ALL. This is most important to our country. Don’t leave anything out.”


2001 JAN 11 - Report of the Commission to Assess United States National Security, Space Management and Organization
The report recommending a new military space service to be called “Space Corps”. The chief goal of the Space Corps would be to prevent a future “Space Pearl Harbor”. Ref Ref




2001 JAN 20

President George W. Bush (Freemason) (Skull and Bones) (Knight of Malta)

Dr. Greer had his life threatened if he planned to go to the National Press Club, courageously he proceeded

Witness Threat Examples

Audio examples of witnesses being threathened
AUDIO – Threats – Lovekin 19s
AUDIO – Threats – Morris 1m9s
AUDIO – Threats – Weygandt 1m28s
AUDIO – Threats – Jacobs 18s

Sarah McClendon
the famed white house correspondent gives her sponsorship to Dr. Greer for the National Press Club meeting. Sarah once quoted George H.W. Bush to say to her curiously: "Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us."


2001 MAY 8 - The Dream I had the night before the Disclosure Event

The night before getting on a flight to Washington to testify, I was tossing and turning thinking about the implications of what was to be disclosed to the world the next day.  I was very familiar with many of the other witness testimonies and couldn’t imagine how the world would not be the same after such a disclosure.  That night I had a very vivid lucid dream that I was at the National Press Club and each witness gave his testimony and at the end of the testimonies a MJ-12 operative came up to the podium (remember this is only in a dream) and he begins to discredit each of the witness testimonies, saying this is a classified program here and so on and that we have all broken our national security oaths, and that there is nothing to this.  All of the witnesses had their mouths drop, because they knew the disinformation was a lie, and he effectively discredited all the testimonies. 

In the dream I decided to walk up to him and in a friendly way and say to him that “I really must congratulate you for the tremendous efforts you have put forth all these years in order to keep this truth hidden”.   At that gesture something different occurred in the dream, whereas all of a sudden there was this awareness between everyone in the room that we are all interconnected as one on a spiritual fundamental level, and that what we do to others ultimately we do to ourselves.   

As Indian Chief Seattle once put it, “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

But this was just a dream and I had to be in Washington DC the next morning for the real thing.   As it turns out they didn’t need an MJ-12 operative to discredit the event as you will soon learn.


A World Disclosure Event happens

2001 MAY 9 - A World Disclosure Event happens at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  Out of the 450 witnesses 21 were willing to state that they would testify under oath before congress in front of the 22 cameras of the major networks of the world. The fact that each witness stated at the end of their testimony that they were willing to testify under oath before congress means that there are severe penalties for perjury for lying under oath, but each witness including myself were willing to take that oath and make that statement to the media of the world.

This two-hour event was the most watched live press event in the history of the National Press Club. The event was briefly reported on CNN, BBC, CBS, Fox and many other outlets.  The first hour was electronically jammed from outside the press club.  Someone didn’t want the public to hear what was being disclosed. 

You can watch the full event online and that first hour which they attempted to block at DisclosureProject.org.

Some of what was disclosed by witnesses that day included the following:

Our Legal Government being Denied Access with Proof from two Presidential Administrations

57 different ET species have been cataloged according to retrieval team member Sgt Clifford Stone.

A Lunar base on the dark side of the moon was visually witnessed by Karl Wolfe USAF at NSA Facility

NASA sanitizes the UFO information to the public according to NASA employee Donna Hare

No Legal Oversight to Unacknowledged Black Rogue projects taking in enormous amounts of money per year. (estimated $1.7 trillion per year)

Technologies that could end Energy & Environmental Crisis has been hidden in these black projects

The ET civilizations have not shown hostility, have only shut down our nuclear weapons.

We have witnesses involved in targeting and shooting down ET craft and retrieving them

Alien Reproduction Vehicles exist within these projects as testified by Mark McCandlish

A hoaxed extraterrestrial threat was one of the future planned false flag events according to Wernher Von Braun spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin (note this was just prior to 9-11)

And much more.

National Press Club full 2 hour length video


National Press Club edited down to 38 minutes highlighting some of the testimonies given


Summary of requested actions

Full, open congressional hearings to investigate the ET/UFO subject, including witness testimony with release form security oaths

Immediate legislation and national/international treaties to ban space based weapons

Presidential action to declassify the ET/UFO subject

Declassification and release of currently classified technologies that could ameliorate the environmental and energy crisis



22 Cameras of all the major networks recording in the back row of the Press Club

Audio mp3 files of event
AUDIO - NPC- Greer 7m23s 2001       Long Version NPC- Greer 8m55s
AUDIO – NPC - Testimonies 6m47s   Disclosure Witnesses Callahan, Salas, Maynard, Wolfe, Hare, Stone
AUDIO – NPC – Willis 45s (Optional)


Some of the alternative news outlets such as UFO magazine covered the event.

Disclosure Witness Larry Warren on the phone to the UK shared with me that on this day after hearing the event, they were picketing outside of Parliament in the UK with signs reading "Expose the Secret Government" and "Release the Extraterrestrial Technologies"

With this many credible witnesses and explosive testimonies at this world changing event you'd think with a free and open press the newspaper headlines the next day would read... (but of course not)


Media - ABC News 4 Kids - ABC children's television network wanted children to learn about Alien Secrets and the 20 witnesses that testified at the National Press Club.




CIA's control of the distribution and perception of information through the Mainstream Media

Since the early 1950's the CIA's Operation Mockingbird headed by Allen Dulles, had developed relationships with major media outlets in order to implement propaganda and influence the public perception through the mainstream media.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
-- William Colby, former CIA Director

"There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don't need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level."
-- William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee

"Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State"
- James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence 1954-1974

"It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms."
- John Stockwell - Former CIA Official

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government” and that it had “become a government all of its own and all secret.  They don’t have to account to anybody.”
--Former President Harry Truman who created the CIA - 22 December 1963, one month after the JFK assassination.


"The Agency's relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy ... to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible."
- The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

"The people will believe what the media tells them they believe."
- George Orwell

“It’s not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”
-Henry Kissinger

“Whoever controls the media controls reality.”
-Peter Jennings.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be … The people cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, every man is able to read, all is safe.”
- Thomas Jefferson

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”
-Dresden James.

Disclosure Witness Daniel Sheehan shared with me that he has a document naming 42 top media executives employed by the CIA/NSA to oversee and sanitize the media in the interest of National Security

Dr. Steven Greer's article on "Media Play"

Article titled "DEAFENING SILENCE: Media Response to the May 9 the Event and its Implications Regarding the Truth of Disclosure

Article by Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Bernstein CIA and the Media

Article on Operation Mockingbird

Ref Ref Ref


CNN Journalist exposes CNN purposely putting lies into reports

Former three-time Emmy award winning journalist CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship At CNN

“I saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”
- Amber Lyon


Journalist testifies that he acted as a "non-official cover" for the CIA to put lies in his reporting

In September of 2014 Dr. Udo Ulfkotte a senior journalist for 25 years exposed on Russia Today that he was educated to lie and betray in reporting, supported by bribes and pay-offs by the CIA to manipulate the perception in the news reports. He worked as a "non-offical cover" which means he did work as many reporters do for the CIA, but if exposed, the CIA will disavow any association with the reporters. He stated that "The CIA determines what is printed and what is not" and that there were repercussions to those reporters who did not cooperate with them.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte senior journalist

1991 CIA Memorandum regarding media control stating the CIA has relationships with every major media outlet to change, hold or scrap stories in the interest of "National Security"

It stated that “In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”


Interlocking Media Owners and Directors
The largest media companies are interconnected by common owners and board members, according to a 2005 study by a Project Censored research team.
“Within 10 major media corporations, there were 118 individuals who sat on 288 different national and international corporate boards. This proves a close and on-going interlock between big media and corporate America. We found media directors who also were former Senators or Representatives in the House such as Sam Nunn (Disney) and William Cohen (Viacom). Board members served at the FCC such as William Kennard (New York Times) and Dennis FitzSimmons (Tribune Company). This demonstrated a revolving door relationship between big media and U.S. government officials.”



Top Secret Meetings of Mainstream Media and Intelligence Heads in Sun Valley, Idaho was the beginning in 1983 that started Media Consolidation

In 1983 encouraged by the CIA, media moguls began meeting at Sun Valley, Idaho to plan strategic consolidations and coordinate policies and acquisition strategies for the media industry. When the Sun Valley meetings began 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies, by 2011 the same 90% was controlled by only six companies. Making complete corporate media control today much easier than in 1983.

These 6 corporations control the perception on the mainstream media - GE - News Corp - Disney - Viacom - Time Warner - CBS


It's not the news reporters; it's the control of information content and distribution from the highest executive level
The major corporations that control the mass media are for the most part filled with honest and honorable people such as reporters and journalists. They, like most of their corporate superiors, are men and women with credible backgrounds. They are capable managers, but they have little inkling of who truly controls their corporate structure and the distribution of information i.e., the fascist globalists’ banks and foundations that seek to control every major aspect of modern life and the world view perception of people in which their "world view warfare" agenda to their employees can remain hidden. 

In the late 1970s I was an ABC newsman as well as the chief broadcast engineer for the most powerful FM station on the west coast, KITT in San Diego. For the news reports we had two teletype machines, UPI (United Press International) and AP (American Press). Whatever text came across the teletype is what I would read for the news report. News reporters have no idea that CIA intelligence operatives postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories before they are distributed to the major broadcast networks, in such a way to be in the interest of that which is stated to be for "National Security".

Newscasters are simply reading the script provided on their teleprompters

All media networks repeating the exact same script that is distributed to them
An example of reporters on several different networks and across the country repeating exactly what is distributed from a single controlled information source. In this example a highly unique phrase being repeated on every network saying "Economic sanctions have taken the spring out of the Easter Bunny's step this year". you tube video


The media talking points narrative that are centrally controlled and psychologically prepared are distributed to the various media outlet teleprompters for the newscasters to uniformly form the public's perceptions in alignment with the set agenda, and "this is a danger to our democracy".




A short history of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) control of mainstream media you tube video


At the core of influence of our perceptions through the mainstream media are those involved with
the Bilderberg Meetings, Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission - Click to Enlarge



2018 FEB 14 - The CIA can give Classified Information to its favored reporters but argues that the public through FOIA requests are not allowed access.

Intelligence officials can selectively release classified information to "trusted journalists" while withholding the same information from other citizens who request it through open records laws, CIA lawyers argued on Feb 14, 2018.

In a motion filed in New York federal court, the CIA claimed that limited disclosures to reporters do not waive national security exemptions to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The case stems from lawsuit against the CIA by New York-based independent journalist Adam Johnson, who had used FOIA to obtain emails between the agency’s public information office and selected reporters from the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and The New York Times. Ref Ref



When I went to Washington I honestly and naively thought that I was part of a world changing event.  Let’s examine how the media sanitized out the explosive testimonies and message of this world disclosure event to the people of the world.


CNN Psyops Analysis of their news report

In a Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) analysis of the reporting, let’s look at CNN, since CNN is considered by many the flagship news media outlet of the world.   According to the CNN website;

CNN Worldwide is a portfolio of more than two-dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet in more than 200 countries worldwide.  In the United States, CNN reaches more individuals on television, the web and mobile devices than any other TV news organization.  Internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel reaching more than 260 million households abroad. The CNN News source is the world's most extensively utilized news service partnering with hundreds of local and international news organizations around the world.”

How the mainstream media effectively sanitized out the message of disclosure to the public

CNN News coverage of the event

Naval Commander Bethume, myself and CIA operative Don Phillips on CNN Headline News


PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) Analysis of the CNN Report

Pretend for a moment that you were one of the many news reporters at the National Press Club and you had to get this report of the details this event to the editing room.

Now there is a lot of information being disclosed regarding illegal rogue operations that are denying access to presidents and CIA directors, that we already have technology to end the energy and environmental crisis within these black projects.  Witnesses stating they are willing to testify under oath (that means under the penalty of perjury) have cataloged over 57 species of extraterrestrials, a lunar base on the dark side of the moon, nuclear weapons have been shut down, and that in black projects have developed superluminal spacecraft etc.

Now how to clean up and sanitize this story so that no alerting information is disclosed regarding the illegal rogue operations but rather divert the attention to appear that this group is only wanting to have a congressional hearing solely on "that we are not alone and that UFOs are real".  

This spin would not be damaging to their hidden agenda, especially if it ONLY puts the possible reality in the public’s minds that “we are not alone”, so that if a future planned false flag event utilizing the advanced weaponized flying discs hidden within this breakaway civilization were to stage an attack, they would easily be misidentified in our primitive space technology state that utilizes rockets, as being an extraterrestrial threat, as Wernher von Braun on his deathbed stated they had planned.

CNN News Coverage of Event

AUDIO – Media - CNN 1m43s  

If you were part of a CIA media information processing thinktank, this is how we would sanitize this potentially explosive news report.   Let’s dissect the less than 2 minute CNN news report (CNN audio in Bold) Since CNN is the flagship news service provider.  Keep in mind the psychological think tanks that have invested billions of dollars into knowing the psychology of the public’s mind and knowing exactly how to say something and what words to choose, voice inflections and body language all of which imply an interpretation of what is being reported.  It is an extensively studied fine art of creating a perception in the viewer’s mind in which fits the agenda of those who control the distribution of information through the mainstream media.

The CNN News Report Audio Transcribed with psyop notes:

In the introduction focus the objective of this report to be about a group in Washington whose purpose is merely to prove the reality of UFOs and life on other planets.  This directs the focus away from illegal operations here on earth. The opening line should divert attention to exploring the question of life on other planets. Something that won't alert the listener that this is anything directly impacting them.
“is there really life on other planets? Some government personnel say they have proof there is” 

Make it sound like this is nothing new, speculative stories we've all heard before
“we've seen the photographs and stories of what some say is evidence of UFO”

Make it sound like we are just another group joining in on the argument that we are not alone
“Now a group of scientists, former air force and FAA officials is lending its voice that we are not alone”

Review the entire speech by Dr. Greer and carefully pick out a statement in his audio that makes it sound like the entire issue is about the reality of UFOs and nothing else.
Dr Greer audio -“We can establish through this testimony, that these objects of extraterrestrial origin, have been tracked on radar going thousands of miles per hour, stopping and making right hand turns”

Note that where the rest of this sentence was cut off in which Dr. Greer continues with that sentence to say… "that they use anti-gravity propulsion systems, which we have already figured out how they work in classified projects". This would of course immediately grab every listener’s attention and bring a lot of attention on this issue, something which is not desired by those wishing to maintain secrecy. You can listen to what was omitted immediately after AUDIO – Media - CNN Omission 1m5s  

Select an older witness and say that “he believes" he saw a UFO 60 years ago (disregard all of the official Navy documentation he brought as proof)
“Since 1993 Dr Greer says he has videotaped testimony from more than hundred people about what they say are close encounters, people like retired navy commander pilot Graham Bethume, who believes he saw a UFO sixty years ago while flying to Newfoundland.” Commander Behthume audio -“then it appeared over to the right, and moved out slowly in fair weather, it was still not at our altitude, but we could see the shape of it, it had a dome”

Make the assumption that the case we are supporting through documents is strictly about the reality of UFOs without revealing that some of the documents were indicating much more.
“In addition the Disclosure Project says it has documents supporting its case, including FAA records and CIA memos.” 

Address the purpose of this event is to have a congressional hearing. Since UFO reality is such a trivial matter they can only "hope" President Bush will even take notice. Let it be known that this issue is questionable as there is criticism from skeptics.  Counter views create questionability.
“What do members what to do with this information?  They hope congress and President Bush take notice, they want to see congressional hearings into the matter, despite criticism from skeptics”

Use audio that makes it sound like what John Callhan a head FAA person is only talking about the “belief” of UFO reality and nothing about the CIA swearing him to secrecy and all of the substantial evidence and proof he brought to the National Press Club that the CIA weren’t able to confiscate.
“John Callhan audio - “Those that don’t want to believe you, will never believe you anyway, still that doesn’t matter, that doesn’t change the truth”

Let people think that some official response has addressed the congressional hearing request, and say that "no hearings are planned" at the moment which eludes to they may in the future, instead of saying there will be no congressional hearing on this subject. This closes the door for acknowledgement by the government.
“A spokesperson for the senate science, technology and space committee says no congressional hearings are planned right now, Elanine Quijano CNN Headline News Washington”


For reference here is Dr. Greer's opening speech transcribed before the witnesses give their testimony. Try to find only a short section that has to do with only the reality of UFOs and nothing else. As you can see you may have to hunt for non alerting information to the public.

Dr Greer's speech at the National Press Club transcribed:

Members of the press, the American public and people of the world.  We are here today to disclose the truth about a subject that has been ridiculed, and questioned, denied for at least 50 years.  The men and women who are on this stage and the sum three hundred and fifty additional military, intelligence witnesses to the so called UFO matter and extraterrestrial intelligence, can prove and will prove, that we are not alone.   I would like to thank Sarah McClendon who is with us today, the famed white house correspondent, for her sponsorship of this meeting.  Thank you very much Sarah.  In 1993 a group of military advisors to this project that I met out in the countryside in Virginia, and we decided it was time for civilian, military, intelligence and other people to come together to disclose the truth about the subject which is called UFO.   Since that time I have personally briefed a sitting director of central intelligence, James Woolsey, President Clinton’s first CIA director.  I have personally briefed the head of defense intelligence agency, the head of intelligence joint staff, members of the senate intelligence committee, many members of congress, members of the European leadership, the Japanese cabinet and others, and what I have found is that none of them are surprised that this is true, but they are uniformly horrified that they have not had access to these projects.  We can establish through these witnesses which we have identified which now number over 400, and these are people who have been inside the CIA, NSA, NRO, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, all divisions of intelligence and military community as well as corporate witnesses contractors to the government.  These are folks who have been involved in so called black budget or covert unacknowledged projects.  These unacknowledged special access projects are taking in at least 40 to 80 billion dollars per year and they are sitting on technologies that can change the world forever.  The reason we are coming forward now is that we are asking for the US congress and President Bush to move towards an official inquiry and disclosure on this subject.  It has the most profound implications for the human future for the US national security and for world peace.  Specifically technologies connected to UFO and extraterrestrial vehicles to get declassified and used for peaceful energy generation and propulsion.  Would solve the looming energy crisis definitively, would end global warming, correct the environmental challenges that the earth is facing.  It is also critical that we begin to debate a society the propriety of placing weapons in space.  If indeed as we can prove that it is true, that we are not alone, and that space is territory which we are sharing with other civilizations, it could be a very imprudent, destabilizing thing to place weapons in space.  This is not being debated because it is off the national, international radar screen, it needs to be placed on it and we are here today to do it...


This is the [CUT] audio section where mainstream media such as CNN, CBS etc, out of the entire speech cut and used to represent what was important to be disclosed...

[CUT] We can establish through this testimony, that these objects of extraterrestrial origin, have been tracked on radar going thousands of miles per hour, stopping and making right hand turns [CUT]

Note where the editing room cuts out the rest of Dr. Greers statement which he completes by saying… "that they use anti-gravity propulsion systems, which we have already figured out how they work in classified projects...".

...that they use anti-gravity propulsion systems, which we have already figured out how they work in classified projects in the United States, Great Britain and elsewhere.  That these objects have landed on terra firma at times have been disabled and have been retrieved specifically by teams within the United States, that extraterrestrial life forms have been retrieved, and their vehicles have been taken and studied thoroughly for at least 50 years.  We can prove through the testimony and the documents we will be presenting that this subject has been hidden from members of congress and at least two presidential administrations that we are aware of.   And that the constitution of the United States has been subverted by the growing powers of these classified projects and that this is a danger to the national security.  There is no evidence, I wish to emphasize, that these life forms from elsewhere are hostile towards us, but there is a great deal of evidence that they are concerned with our hostility.  There are times when they have neutralized or rendered inert the launch capabilities of intercontinental ballistic missiles.   Witnesses here today will describe those events to you.  They have shown clearly that they do not want us to weaponize space, and yet we are proceeding down that dangerous path.  And it will be established that these projects because they have not been supervised properly by the congress, by the US president, by the international community, have become a threat to the national security, and for this reason we feel that we must disclose the facts.  

This is the beginning of the campaign for disclosure. And in a memo that I wrote to President Bush last week, I stated that this campaign will persist until our goals are met, and they are as follows. That we have open honest hearings on this subject in the US congress, that there be a permanent ban on the weaponization of space or the targeting of any objects of extraterrestrial origin, that there be a full and complete study of classified technologies connected to this subject, to see how they could be properly declassified and applied for peaceful energy generation so that the world may get off of fossil fuels in enough time to prevent greater ecosystem damage, or war over the looming energy crisis which is sure to sweep the earth in the coming decade.

Note: In this speech Dr. Greer gives a warning that we need to disclose and release these technologies to  “prevent greater ecosystem damage or war over the looming energy crisis”.  Only 4 months pass after this speech and the 9-11 “terrorist” event occurred echoing the witness death bed testimony of Wernher von Braun future planned false flag event which leads to 13 years of war in the oil rich middle east, and we are all painfully aware of the horrendous ecosystem continuing damage to the planet from both the Gulf oil spill and the radiation from the ongoing Fukushima reactors meltdown.   The release of the hidden technologies would make the dangerous use of oil, nuclear and coal totally obsolete.

This is a matter of the most pressing importance, it has been ridiculed yes, I know there are many in the media who would like to talk about little green men, but in reality this subject is laughed at because it is so serious, I've had grown men weep, who are in the Pentagon, who are members of congress, and who has said to me what are we going to do?

Heres what we will do... We will see that this matter is properly disclosed, and these courageous witnesses, the first twenty one of over one hundred that we have already interviewed on video tape, have stepped forward to speak the truth. Now I expect people to be sceptical, but not irrationally so, because these men and women have come forward and they have their credentials, they can establish who they are, and they have been first hand witnesses to some of the most important events in the history of the human race. As it was pointed out to some of the men here, they charged with handling the nuclear weapons of the United States, their word was trusted on everything of great importance to the National Security, we must trust their word now. As Monsignor Balducci said at the Vatican, at an interview I had with him recently, it is irrational not to accept the testimonies of these witnesses. So please be skeptical, but that is not the same as prejudice and closed minded. This is a matter of great importance and I ask the media, the scientific community, and the political community to look seriously at this matter, and to do the right thing for humanity and for our children.

We have available for the media, and for members of congress, a nearly 500 page briefing document with transcripts from dozens of these top secret witnesses, we have a 4 hour video tape summary, it's not a commercial product I warn you, from this project of the 120 hours that we have in interviews so far, that have been boiled down to 4 hours, and it's available for the congress to review and for the major media to review. We can establish that this subject is real and has tremendous significance to the human future. I ask on all of you that are listening to contact the members of congress that represent you and the leaders around the world of other countries and ask them to hold an honest inquiry into this subject, to support a ban on weaponizing space, as we are sharing space with other life forms, and that we move quickly as a people to an understanding that this is the end of the childhood of the human race, it is time for us to become mature adults in the cosmic civilization out there. To do this, we must become a peaceful civilization, and we must look as we go into space, with an intent of cooperating with other civilizations, not weaponizing that high frontier.

The men and women who will speak next will do so in order, beginning on your left, they will introduce themselves, I ask for the media to refrain from questions until each witness has spoken briefly about who they are and what they have personally been involved with or witnessed in their government military or government connected career. At the end we will have questions, all of you may ask questions for as long as we can stay here, and we will provide you with all of the information that you need. We will begin now with the first of our witnesses Mr. John Callahan...

Each of the twenty one witnesses then give their testimony, and each state that they are willing to testify under oath before congress regarding their testimony



PSYOP Mission Accomplished
Now the average television viewer sitting back on the couch eating potato chips having a beer after a hard days work watching the news will most likely think something like; wow that's interesting, I knew there had to be something to all that with all those UFO reports, but with all the current critical problems in the world I doubt Washington is going to give it much priority.  Dr. Greer sure put a lot of effort to collect all those UFO testimonies, who knows if it’s really real or not, the government still hasn't officially acknowledged them.  Seems like another waste of tax payers’ money to have a congressional hearing on simply the reality of UFOs.

It's an interesting subject but it doesn't directly affect my life, I've got bills to pay, like electricity for my home and gasoline for my car, now something that affects me that would get my attention. 

Little does the average television viewer know to what extent the implications of UFO/ET disclosure would have and the subsequent hidden technologies released, what an impact just about every aspect of a person’s life it would have.

This is what the Intelligence Agencies term a "Limited Hangout".

A “limited hangout,” is a term which according to Victor Marchetti, a former Special Assistant to the CIA Deputy Director, is “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals.” Marchetti went on to describe how a limited hangout works: When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting — sometimes even volunteering — some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.

The National Press Club is a perfect example of a "limited hangout" by the mainstream media. Whereas it covered the event only enough to expose the public to the idea that hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses believed UFOs exist and that they wanted to have a congressional hearing into the matter. That is the part that they "hanged out" to the public so to speak. The "limited" part excluded things such as presidents and CIA directors being denied access, energy solutions to get off of oil, nuclear and coal, bases on the moon, NASA airbrushing UFOs, 57 species cataloged etc. etc. any one of which would have grabbed the public's attention to pursue these disclosed facts much further.

Victor Marchetti CIA Deputy Director



2001 MAY 23
CBS Special Assignment team in Los Angeles travels to San Diego to interview Disclosure Witness Dan Willis

After what CNN did, I made it clear to the CBS reporter that this is an extremely important issue and that I am only willing to do this interview if they promise I can say on the air that…
"we have a solution to the energy crisis, and are willing to bring forth the scientists to prove before a scientific inquiry board before congress that these technologies can give free non-polluting energy and have been suppressed for over 50 years".

I wanted to make clear that this is the entire purpose of this interview, because it is critical for the future of Earth to have these technologies released before further ecological damage is done to our planet.  The reporter promised me that the part about the solution to the energy crisis would be included in the broadcast.

So the day after the interview before the broadcast the reporter called me up and left a very apologetic message on my voice mail saying:
"Oh gosh I don't know how to say this I had some problems with the piece and basically the higher executives made me cut that part out. But it's still a decent piece it still gets the Disclosure Project out there, and the fact that people are asking for hearings"

Note that CBS following its flagship mainstream media news leader CNN, used the exact same format of "We are not alone" and the exact same excerpt from Dr. Greer's speech of UFOs going thousands of miles per hour.

The only thing that came out of that 45 minute interview was my saying "it’s come to a critical point where the truth needs to be revealed to the people" The problem is that CBS like CNN never got to the listener what that total “truth” was about.

The CBS Special Assignment Report Audio transcribed:

 “We are not alone” that’s the message a group of pilots, scientists and former government officials want congress to hear.  Hank Chapman shares with us tonight with what some people are calling a UFO cover up.  A strand of moving lights over Phoenix, a bright glowing streak dashing through West Covina, what looks like a flying saucer tracked on radar over Mexico City.   Are these UFOs caught on tape?  Dan Willis is a former radio operator for the Navy (Dan Willis Audio) “I took personally communications from ships that were reporting the extraterrestrial craft merging out of the ocean and shooting off in space” He’s among a group of scientists, military and former FAA officials calling for congressional hearing to establish the presence of UFOs and extraterrestrials.  21 members of that group has already testified in Washington for what’s known as the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer is the director of the Disclosure Project, he’s gathered 400 witnesses who say it is time for government secrecy to end.  (Dr. Greer Audio) “We can establish through this testimony, that these objects of extraterrestrial origin, have been tracked on radar going thousands of miles per hour (Dan Willis Audio) It’s come to a critical point where the truth needs to be revealed to the people” They believe a congressional hearing is the only way to set the record straight.  The Disclosure Project has its work cut out for them as of right now no congressional hearings are planned.   For CBS News Special Assignment I’m Kent Shocknek.


CBS Special Assignment Team Interviews Disclosure Project Witness Dan Willis


"We are not alone" format - CIA sanitizing and redirecting the focus to simultaneously hide and serve an agenda?
Note in the coming years whenever the subject of the UFO/ET matter is brought to the mainstream media it will usually be with one message to the public, and that is "we are not alone". This can serve the purpose of redirecting the focus of any witness testimonies that attempt to reveal the illegal infiltration of the rogue operations within our government, to them simply joining in on all these people saying we are not alone. This works for putting the possibility of extraterrestrial existence in the publics mind, just as all of the fear associated extraterrestrial sci-fi movies have suggested. So if in the future they plan as Werner von Braun in his deathbed testimony stated, plan to hoax an extraterrestrial threat with their advanced anti-gravity craft, it would appear that it could serve that agenda for them.


AUDIO – Media - CBS 1m26s

Hold Mainstream Media accountable


SSPW Goode: Regarding full disclosure through the mainstream media in the future
"A full disclosure event would consist of a major data dump on the Internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio and video files on multiple mirrored sites for everyone to have access to. There would be a collapse of the corporate media machine and a 24/7 television and radio education campaign would be initiated. Not all channels and stations would be co-opted so people are not overwhelmed and could “tune out” as they needed to due to the stress."



Meeting with Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill

Meetings on Capitol Hill with members of congress and the senate. I'm joined by my friend Mr. Jordan Pease and Mr. Enrique Kolbeck Senior Air Traffic Controller

Immediately after the National Press Club all of the witnesses broke into teams and began meeting with members of congress and the senate.  We sat in on some of the hearings and the number one topic was on energy shortages and pollution problems.  People are concerned about daily functioning with enough electricity to do their work and gasoline to get to work and about the air they breathe, especially in Los Angeles, California where they were having rolling blackouts at the time.  We provided each representative with a 4 hour Executive Briefing Video as well as a 500 page Disclosure Project Briefing Document to become familiar with this issue.

Dr. Greer put extensive work into creating the 4 hour Executive Briefing video. This video production was a distillation of over 120 hours of witness testimonies. The very first release of the Executive Briefing video for the president and congress was given to me to use in a personal private meeting with the former president of Lockheed International who I personally knew in his home, where we watched the full four hours in the hopes with his high level connections with the CIA that he could contribute to the disclosure effort. Later during the Disclosure campaign tour I introduced him to Dr. Greer, and he allowed us to use his mansion in San Diego for the executive meeting following the large public presentation in San Diego.

4 hour Executive Briefing Part 1 of 2

4 hour Executive Briefing Part 2 of 2

We also provided a 500 page Disclosure Project Briefing Document

In the meetings on Capitol Hill, all of the representatives were polite but we got the impression that this was way too much of a hot potato which nobody wanted to touch during their office term.  The majority of representatives you could tell were of course completely out of the loop regarding this issue.  Only one aware congressman said “you know there is a secret government in control of this”.


The strange missing time experience coming across the border after being on Mexican television

When I was in Washington DC, I had lunch with Jaime Maussan who is one of Mexico's most important journalists and researchers in UFOlogy, winning over 14 awards in the world. Jaime became known as an outstanding reporter and researcher for the television program "60 Minutos" ("60 Minutes") where he did research on environmental and social reporting. Jaime invited me after the National Press Club event to come to Mexico for a presentation he was doing for a large audience of thousands as well being telecasted on the major Mexican television network Telemundo.


Jaime was presenting a video that was taken by swedish scientists that were monitoring a volcano in Mexico that was about to erupt. As the instruments were indicating that eruption was imminent, a UFO comes down from space and flies directly into the volcano and causes the eruption to subside according to the instruments, then flies back out into space. This was a good demonstration showing just how advanced their technologies are.



In making it to this event, of course they had a lot of security and unfortunately I don't speak much Spanish, so I brought my friend David who is fluent in the language. I spoke on television with an interpreter about the implications of the release of the technologies within the black projects and how it could dramatically affect the air quality in Mexico City which is highly polluted from vehicle emissions. On the way back across the border approaching the checkpoint, we noticed our clocks including the one in my little Porsche indicated the time to be around 12 midnight. We figured we would be home well before 1 A.M. as the most it would take to get us both home back in San Diego would be 30 to 45 minutes max, especially since the freeways were totally clear and empty, in fact so clear I decided to fly down the freeway faster than usual. It was a warm summer night in 2001 and we had the convertible top off and were enjoying the drive. My friend David loves to sing and so we ended up both singing down the 805 freeway on our way home, as nobody could hear us. When we both got home we noticed the clocks were saying it is 4 A.M.! I immediately assumed there must have been a power outage and the clock stopped 12 hours earlier at 4 P.M., until I woke up the next morning and David confirmed that he also arrived home at 4 A.M. meaning that somewhere between leaving the border and home there was 3 hours completely unaccounted for. I double checked the functioning of my clock in the Porsche and it was the correct current time. You hear of these stories where people report seeing a UFO then have missing time experiences. We didn't see a UFO, but we definitely were missing 3 hours of time unaccounted for and have no idea how that happened.

Jaime Maussan and myself on Mexican Television


The Campaign for Disclosure

Since the mainstream media wasn't getting the message out to the public and the representatives weren't responding. It felt like the only way to get change in Washington was to start a grass roots movement, so Dr. Greer started the "Campaign for Disclosure" by traveling to all the major cities in the United States. I personally joined Dr. Greer throughout the western states where large halls were rented with large video displays where we were able to condense the 4 hour Executive Briefing down to a single hour video presentation which received standing ovations from every crowd. The cities I joined in were Bolder, Co, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ashland OR, Eugene OR, and Portland OR. Being an ex-ABC newsman and broadcast engineer I took interest in how the local level reporters were going to cover the event after they interviewed. Without exception in every city the television network affiliates spun and ridiculed the subject matter .

San Diego - Had dancing alien dolls with smoke

San Francisco - We heard they were told to make fun of it, so when it aired they said "The Disclosure Project is looking to aliens to solve the worlds energy problems"

Portland, Oregon - Unfortunately this was the only video I was able to get a hold of showing one example of the "Giggle Factor" where everyone laughs and says.. UFOs and Energy let's get to the big story.. The Blazers meet the Lakers in the playoffs...

The purpose of the campaign was to bring awareness of this issue to the public and show that it will has profound implications and not just about the reality of UFOs. We wanted the voice of thousands of people who we were meeting with to write their representatives to ask for a congressional hearing.

Online Fax Created to contact Representatives

The problem we found was that people just can’t find the time to write a letter to Washington and Emails just get deleted.  Since I was one of the technical administrators for the DisclosureProject.org web site, I stayed up all night with my programmer and good friend Robert Langhorn and we created the Disclosure Project Online Fax in which I put all of the fax numbers for the President, VP and all members of congress, I was also able to include all of the international embassies around the world to contact those country’s leaders.  It was completely automated but could be personalized so that each fax letter could be unique for greater effectiveness.

It was a success in the sense that more than 30,000 faxes were sent to individual representatives of the United States.

Sample FAX template of one letter post 9-11 version below which could be edited or added comments.


So Washington was getting barraged with Disclosure requests. I announced on the DisclosureProject.org website that we would like to share with everyone how our elected representatives responded to their fax letters and to send me their responses to post on the website for all to see.

Approximately 53 people responded to my request to send me their representative’s response so that I could post it online.  After reading the all individual responses I began to notice a definite pattern of response in which the majority essentially just said in a template type of format "we'll keep your views in mind".  It appeared that all of them were indoctrinated to respond to this issue in a particular manner.  In other words the representatives were out-of-the-loop in this matter and obviously never had the time to review the briefing materials provided, or if they did, they did not want to jeopardize their position by recognizing other very powerful elements within our government were involved in this issue.  Some responses cited official denial of evidence based on USAF Project Bluebook and NASA.   You can imagine if Presidents and CIA directors were being denied access, there would be no reason to brief congressmen and senators on this issue.  Especially since there is no congressional oversight on these illegal rogue black projects to begin with.

Click on this below link to view the actual responses of all the letters received from Washington

Representatives Responses to Fax Letter


The 9/11 Terrorist Attack Event


4 months later, as disclosed at the May 9th National Press Club that the next in a series of planned false flag events, as revealed to Wernher Von Braun would be a terrorist false event. It actually happened!


2001 MAY 25 Media - Hollywood releases the patriotically stirring movie "Pearl Harbor" 4 months prior to America experiencing an actual catastrophic and catalyzing Pearl Harbor like event.


2001 SEP 10 - The day before 9-11 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference regarding 2.3 trillion dollars unaccounted for.
Rumsfeld stated: “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”
According to a report by the Inspector General, the Pentagon cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends. Ref

The very next day, the alleged terrorists managed to strike exactly at the section of the Pentagon budget-analyst department where staff were working on discovering the mystery of the unaccounted for 2.3 trillion dollars, thus destroying all evidence.


2001 SEP 11

2001 SEP 11 - The "Terrorist Attack" Event
4 months after the Disclosure at the National Press Club all attention is directed around the "terrorist attack" event which is followed shortly by enacting the “Patriot Act” limiting the freedoms of the public and then this leads us into an ongoing war in the Middle East. The official mainstream media story has been questioned due to so many inconsistencies in the official story portrayed on the mainstream media.

Rex Tomb, FBI chief of Investigative Publicity, stated, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11”

Researchers, structural engineers and investigators have questioned the official mainstream media story to generally become known as the “9/11 skeptics” who presented substantial bodies of evidence to show that elements within the US government must have been involved in facilitating or orchestrating the attacks, in other words, that 9/11 was possibly a classic case of  a “false-flag” event. This is supported with evidence from groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the Pilots for 9-11 Truth.

A veteran Intel Officer claiming to have irrefutable evidence of who actually did the 9-11attack, revealed conclusively when he delivered the keynote speech at the Damascus Conference “Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism” last December 2014, the real problem is not terrorism but is a very large Organized Crime Cabal associated with Israel which is linked to a very large Worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate that uses staged, disguised, false-flag terror to attain its sinister political and economic goals. Pointing to evidence that the Israeli Mossad tied to the Khazarian Mafia was involved with the orchestration of the 9-11 event. Stating that "It is hard for the World to understand that these violent acts of Israeli religious extremism because they are false-flag attacks disguised to be blamed on Islamics and because the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) owned and controlled by six Israeli assets to continually broadcast and publish big lies, false-narratives and propaganda on behalf of Israel." Ref

So many 9-11 discrepancies have surfaced, too many to list here. These are contrary to the mainstream media narrative which has brought the official story into question, such as the apparent controlled demolition of the 3 buildings, especially Building 7 which was not even hit, and the confiscation of all private surveillance camera videos that could show a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon, which the damage shown as a hole in the Pentagon, appears more like a rocket hit with no jet engines anywhere to be found. The exact area where it hit in the Pentagon was where an investigation of the missing 2.3 trillion dollars missing that Donald Rumsfeld announced just the day before the 9-11 attack, killing the investigators as well as destroying all data on the computers that was stored in that location of the Pentagon.

CNN and BBC news reporters announced that Building 7 had collapsed before it had actually collapsed revealing the script provided had prior knowledge of how the event would occur.

CNN’s Aaron Brown searches for WTC 7 in the New York skyline after reporting that it had collapsed an hour early. The arrow points to WTC 7

BBC's correspondent Jane Standley reports that Building 7 has collapsed; meanwhile (at the 1:17 mark), a fully intact Building 7 can actually be seen — still standing — behind her. Who fed this information to Standley? Apparently, someone who had inside information about, and/or control over, the event itself, accidently released that information to the media prematurely. The BBC later said it had destroyed all of its original tapes of 9-11 broadcasts.

It appear someone had inside information about, and/or control over, the event itself, and who released that information to the media prematurely. These factors provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that this foreknowledge is most readily explained by the fact that Building 7 was brought down in an explosive controlled demolition carefully planned months in advance. Ref Ref

“...the smartest thing to do is Pull it, and they made that decision to
Pull and we watched the building collapse.”
- Larry Silverstein

"Pull" a is a term which quite often refers to controlled demolition Ref


The above video originally aired in the U.S.A. in 2002 in a Public Broadcasting System TV (PBS TV) documentary special titled, America Rebuilds, featuring the owner of the World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein, and was not seen on the Internet worldwide until 2005 when YouTube started.  In this brief segment Mr. Silverstein says that on 9/11 he suggested to the New York City Fire Department Commander that he “Pull” Building 7, which is industry slang for using controlled demolitions to bring down a building. This public confession of what was done is confirmed by scientific evidence, but was ignored by mainstream media television and print media news sources, and the 9/11 Commission did not question Mr. Silverstein about it or mention it in their final report that was published two years later in 2004. Ref

The mainstream media effectively sold the majority of Americans that day that Osama bin Laden in a cave orchestrated the 19 hijackers armed with box cutters to take down our system. Is it just coincidence that an identical situation "drill" that terrorists hijackers had taken over passenger jets in order to fly them into buildings was occurring at the same exact time causing confusion of what was a drill and what was real? This continuing pattern of identical drills were also occurring afterward for the London Subway Bombing on Jul 7th 2005 (7/7) the Boston Marathon Bombing on Apr 15 2013 as well as the latest Paris Attacks on Nov 13th 2015 (Friday the 13th).

Public Perception Polls:

A poll on September 2006 of more than 64,000 persons, have shown more than half the country has failed to buy into the official story of the attacks. The poll showed that almost one half of New York City residents (49.3 percent) and 41 percent of New York state residents believed that some national leaders “knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.”

On September 11, 2006, MSNBC Question of the Day poll asked, “Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories that indicate the U.S. government was involved?” An astounding 58 percent answered, “Yes, I believe there is evidence,”

UPDATE - 2006
According to Major General Albert N. Stubblebine Head of Intelligence, there are many indications that what hit the Pentagon was not a 757 plane but rather a directed missle attack that was purposely covered up.

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine Head of Intelligence

Albert N. Stubblebine III was a retired Major General in the United States Army. He was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984. 

A few key points the General Albert Stubblebine revealed:

"All of the sensors around the Pentagon were turned off except one. That one sensor captured an image of the object that hit the Pentagon. It looked like a missile. But, after he went public, the imagery was changed to look like a plane."

"The Pentagon had numerous cameras that had complete and separate recordings of the incident. The FBI was immediately on the scene and confiscated many video tapes from the Pentagon and nearby buildings. Yet only four videos were released after 2006 when FOIA requests compelled them to release them. Only two showed any useful information. But most experts believe the white image in the videos is too small to be a 757."

"I was very careful to not say what it was because I couldn’t prove it. I was careful to say that it was not the airplane that did that, because I can prove that it was not the airplane.”

“In the hole, however, was a turbine that looked like a turbine from the missile… I can’t prove that..."

"All of the air defense systems in that part of the country had been turned off that day.  All of the air defense systems had been turned off… Why would you turn off all of the air defense systems on that particular day unless you knew that something was going to happen?"

"The real story to me is: who was the real enemy? Who participated in this? Who planned this attack? Why was it planned? Were the real terrorists the people in Arab clothing? Or, were the real people that planned this the people sitting in the authority in the White House?"

Ref Ref Ref Ref


UPDATE - 2015 FEB 7
As of 2015 February 7th the Russian publication Pravda stated "US fears Russian publication of satellite photos of the tragedy of 9/11" - Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence includes satellite images. The Russian satellite evidence proving the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations. The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations. The evidence the Russians state, will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government. Ref

UPDATE - 2017 JUN 13
As of 2017 June 13th CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: "We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11" The 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11. Mr. Howard, who worked for the CIA for 36 years as an operative, claims he was tapped by senior CIA agents to work on the project due to his engineering background, and early career in the demolition business. Malcom Howard says he worked on the CIA operation they dubbed “New Century” between May 1997 and September 2001, during a time he says the CIA “was still taking orders from the top.” Mr. Howard says he was part of a cell of 4 operatives tasked with ensuring the demolition was successful. He claims he had no problem going through with the deception at the time, because “when you are a patriot, you don’t question the motivation of the CIA or the White House. You assume the bigger purpose is for a greater good. They pick good, loyal people like me, and it breaks my heart to hear the shit talk.” But even he admits that now, looking back, “Something wasn’t right.Ref Ref

CIA Agent Malcom Howard giving testimony


UPDATE - 2021 SEP 11 (20 years to the day later)
Manuel Garcia Jr. who purports to be a controlled demolitions special operative for the United States, has come forward with a damning confession. According to Manuel Garcia Jr., he was tasked by a team created by Dick Cheney to help carry out a false flag attack on the World Trade Centers, otherwise known as 9/11, in order to “reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control.” He’s kept this secret for the last 20 years and has only recently decided to come clean after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In his confession, Garcia paints a behind the scenes picture of the deep state at work to maintain their control through fear, destruction, and mass murder.

"The project was being run by Dick Cheney, and its purpose was to reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control. How could I say no?, plus, the pay was astronomical (and thanks to the US taxpayers!).

And that is how I was recruited into the most complex US false flag operation in history: the secret controlled demolition of the World Trade Center: a cover for launching the Global War On Terror, which is really the War For Complete National Control and World Domination, though of course they never call it that or let any of that phraseology appear in any written memo or in any electronic file. Those of us who already had long histories of working deeply in dark government programs all knew the drill about “security.”

The event and operation was referred to as GWOT911 and those participating in it thought they were serving the best interests of the country. Because so many people questioned what they saw on television that day, it was after 9/11 that yet another conspiracy unfolded as well. According to Garcia, he was reportedly tapped to carry out a massive disinformation campaign to shut down all the folks who called out the flaws in the government’s official story. Ref Ref





Where did the towers go? - The evidence of directed energy technology on 9/11 by Judy Wood, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Ref Ref



UPDATE - 2017 DEC 22
In the United States district court for the northern district of Nevada there has been Criminal Action filed against those involved in the 9/11 black op attack on the United States by the deep state.
The following people are being named in the criminal indictments:
Former President George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Richard Cheney, John Brennan, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, John McCain, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Peter Monk, Condeleza Rice, George Soros, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others. Ref Ref

Read the full PDF document Here



Exposing the truth of 9/11 exposes all the actions that followed - Many indications show that if it was indeed a false flag attack done as an inside job, as the majority of the public believe, and not a "conspiracy theory" as the official media and government sources claim, then by exposing this treasonous act makes it possible for all of the public to be able to clearly see past the mainstream media manipulated official story, into the real full intentions and the long range planned agenda of those behind these actions and their actions that immediately followed that event, such as the Patriot Act, creation of Homeland Security, Project BioShield Act, Executive Secrecy Orders, NDAA and so many other actions, which have since been initiated directly as a result utilizing the justification of the false flag 9/11 event. All of it based on a manipulated lie to the American people and our military forces.


2001 OCT 25 - US Patriot Act established. Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Act passes 98-1 in the Senate. Ref


United We Stand - Support Our Troops
After 9-11 it seemed as though an unusually huge (un)officially government sanctioned marketing campaign spread across the United States in every state, in which you saw vehicles with bumper stickers and even official government offices across the country displaying posters on the wall with "United We Stand" and "Support Our Troops". Seeming to imply that if you are not with the "official 9-11 story" you are not "United" as standing together as a country to war against terror to our country, and that with your car bumper sticker you were showing your support of our troops going off to the war in the middle east to protect our "freedoms". The war in the Middle East has now cost over $6 trillion dollars, impoverishing our country, has taken countless lives and has made us less safe with less freedoms. These actions have radicalized Muslim extremists against our country, acting as a recruiting tool in opposition against US intervention in the Middle East. Even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, and most people now know that this war was based on a lie from the start.

To further push support against questioning of the official story, George W. Bush publicly stated, "you are ether with us, or you are with the terrorists". Are there psychological operations at play here that "engineer consent" of an unknowing populace through the controlled mainstream media, creating a deception to manipulate our country to give consent to actions that support an illegal rogue group fascist agenda?

It is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."
- Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göring, Nazi founder of the Gestapo and Head of the Luftwaffe at the Nuremburg trails for war crimes


Bush Family Legacy - All of the Bush family generations are Skull and Bones members. George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush attempted in 1933 (the year the international bankers financed Hitler into power) along with Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, to seize control of our government and replace it with a fascist regime that would create death camps to rid of the undesirables according to their fascist eugenics principles. The only reason this did not happen was due to whistle-blower hero USMC General Smedley Butler who infiltrating the plot and exposed them. Grandfather Prescott Bush was also active in funding the Nazis during the war and had his company seized in 1942 under the “Trading With The Enemy Act”. George H.W. Bush was also deeply involved and has an extensive history. Four generations of Bushes have been instrumental, along with other Wall Street and international bankers, in creating and financing a series of great enemies (including the Soviets, the Nazis, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden). They and their international business partners, which typically include enemy leaders, have reaped tremendous profits from the wars they have orchestrated. The Bushes have been intimately involved in all the most profitable businesses, including banking (usury), energy (oil), sales of illicit drugs, and weapons/intelligence. The “Great Plan” which they have been working so hard to usher in calls for the destruction of the United States of America as a sovereign nation and the establishment of a “New World Order” Thus, they are all guilty of the highest crimes against humanity and the American people.


2001 NOV 1

2001 NOV 1 - President George W. Bush signed Secrecy Executive Order 13233 to hide his administrations records and all the way back to his father George H.W. Bush during the Reagan administration from the public.

This Secrecy Order ends 27 years of Congressional and judicial efforts to make Presidential papers and records publicly available. The Executive Order suggests that President Bush not only does not want Americans to know what he is doing, but he also does not want to worry that historians and others will someday find out. Certainly that is the implicit message in his new effort to preclude public access to Presidential papers — his, and those of all Presidents since the administration of President Reagan and Bush's father who was Vice President George H. W. Bush. There is, however, no justification whatsoever for this effort to hide the work of past, present, and future Presidents. Former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in his report on government secrecy stated: "Behind closed doors, there is no guarantee that the most basic of individual freedoms will be preserved. And as we enter the 21st Century, the great fear we have for our democracy is the enveloping culture of government secrecy and the corresponding distrust of government that follows." Ref Hiding Past and Present Presidencies


2001 NOV 10 - President Bush Speaks to United Nations about not tolerating "outrageous conspiracy theories" that shift the blame from the guilty "terrorists".

"We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. To inflame ethnic hatred is to advance the cause of terror."

- George W. Bush


2002 JAN - Bush approves "The Program," which permits NSA to surveil US citizens without a warrant, court approval, or sign-off from the Justice Dept. The public did not know about this until DEC 2005.

The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor individuals for the purpose of homeland security Ref (Note logo symbolism)

Information Awareness Office

2002 JAN 9 - Pentagon brass declares that the laws of war, including the Geneva Conventions, do not apply to the conflict in Afghanistan.


2002 - In a New York Times Magazine article by Ron Suskind
The arrogance of the Nazi mind-set along with their accepted method for hoodwinking the public was voiced by an unnamed aide to President George W. Bush in 2002. , this person referred to Suskind, and apparently all media reporters, as living “in what we [the Bush administration] call the reality-based community.” Such persons, stated this presidential aide, “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality…. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

2002 - John Podesta – head of President Obama’s White House Transition team and former Chief of Staff to President Clinton – has also strongly hinted at a UFO cover-up. Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2002, Podesta stated: "I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on Government investigations of UFOs. It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it, really, because it’s right; we ought to do it because the American people quite frankly can handle the truth; and we ought to do it because it’s the law"

John Podesta on 2015 FEB 15 recently tweeted "Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files." Ref


2002 AUG 15 - A crop circle formation with a coded message
A crop circle formation with a coded message regarding deceptions appeared west of Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Next to an alien looking face was a disc with ASCII code characters.  The binary disc decoded reads: “Beware of the bearer’s of gifts and the broken promises.  Much pain but still time.  Believe there is good out there.  We oppose the deceivers.  The conduit is closing.”

Alien face with binary disc and assorted geometric pattern crop circles

6,938 crop circle patterns chronologically archived Ref

Crop circles, contrary to popular perception, are not a modern phenomenon, they are mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th Century, and over 200 cases have been reported prior to 1970 and currently over 10,000 spread over 29 countries have been reported, although 90% of designs are reported in southern England. Farmers have reported crop circles forming in under twenty seconds; these witnesses describe sightings of incandescent or brightly-coloured balls of light which precede a crop circle and is involved in its creation. Crop circles like the UFO/ET issue, receives the same disinformation on the mainstream media, such as claiming all crop circles prior to 1992 were made by two simple, elderly men called Doug and Dave with only walk boards and rope. The problem with that story is, that humans can not alter the microscopic changes of the plants including the elongated nodes of the plant within a crop circle compared to the same plants just outside of it.

None of these crop circles seem ominous or evil as suggested in the movie "Signs". If one receives any sense or feeling from them, it is benevolence, and possibly a means of a direct method of communication to our subconscious mind using the universal language of geometry, a science mankind is only starting to understand, in its relationship to consciousness. Ref Ref


Initial Intelligence reports indicates Iraq was not a threat to the US

2002 OCT 1 - The CIA sent George Bush its 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, a classified Top Secret report NIE 2002-16HC, October 2002, Iraq's Continuing Programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Page eight clearly and unequivocally says that Saddam Hussein was not an imminent threat to the security of this country. In fact, the report says that Hussein would only use whatever weapons of mass destruction he had against us if he feared that America was about to attack him.

The above section in the Top Secret National Intelligence Estimate that was removed from the unclassified report to the public and congress.

2002 OCT 4 - CIA Whites Out Controversial Estimate on Iraq Weapons - The revised Unclassified report called "The White Paper" where the opinion that Saddam Hussein was not a threat according to 16 intelligence agencies was completely deleted. Ref

2002 OCT 7 - President Bush gives speech to the nation in which Bush claims that Saddam Hussein was a great danger to this nation either by attacking us with his weapons of mass destruction, or giving these weapons to some terrorist group. Bush implied the attack could happen on any given day – meaning the threat was imminent.

According to Vincent Bugliosi a former prosecutor who wrote the 2008 book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder". Vincent Bugliosi argues that George W. Bush took the United States into the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses and should be tried for murder for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.

“We know that Bush was telling millions upon millions of unsuspecting Americans exactly the opposite of what his own CIA was telling him,” Bugliosi said. “We know that George Bush took this nation to war on a lie. Who is going to pay for all of this? Someone has to pay. And the person who has to pay obviously is directly responsible for all of the death horror and suffering. And that person is George W. Bush.”



2002 OCT 16 - Transcript document created between Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis reveals our legal government has no access to Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP) with technology "not of this Earth"

Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis

A few excerpts from this transcription document TW:=Thomas Wilson EWD:=Eric W. Davis

Regarding "technology that was not of this Earth" in these special access programs

Confirming the Pentagon 1997 meeting with Vice Adm. Wilson with Dr. Greer, Lt Cmdr Miller and Dr. Mitchell and the existence of MJ-12

Dr. Steven Greer - Lt Cmdr Willard Miller - Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Regarding how the "unacknowledged" special access projects are buried/covered under conventional SAPs

Regarding the knowledge of Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) at Area 51

The reference to 'alien abductions' not being real, is according to Dr. Greer, MILAB operations with advanced anti-gravity technology that allows them to create 'stage craft' to give the perception to the abductees that they are ETs. This is to support the psyops for a future planned false flag alien threat scenario. Dr. Greer personally experienced this 'stage craft' and witnesses have given details of these operations to him.

How the Admiral, as well as the rest of our legal government including presidents have been denied access

The admiral was threatened to drop pursuing the matter or face loss of rank and early retirement

This highly revealing document surfaced in 2019 JUN 6. It is a transcript of a conversation on 2002 OCT 16 between Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Dr. Eric W. Davis, both are still living, and states explicitly that Vice Admiral Wilson was told that a Special Access Program (SAP) has in their possession "Technology that was not of this Earth".

The conversation was recorded and later transcribed by Dr. Eric W. Davis who sat with Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson in his car for more than an hour, parked in back of the EG&G Special Projects Building in Las Vegas, Nevada. Note that EG&G’s “Special Projects” division was the operator of the Janet Terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, which is the airline that flys employees and contractors to remote government sites in Nevada and California, places like Area 51.

This document also confirms the 1997 APR 9 meeting with Vice Admiral Wilson at the Pentagon with Dr. Steven Greer and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and how Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson in his legal authoritative position as J-2; head of the Intelligence division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was being denied access to these unacknowledged special access programs (USAP). These hidden programs were revealed to the admiral prior to this meeting when Dr. Greer provided a classified NRO document from Nellis AFB (Area 51) that included on the distribution list these USAPs which he found that he was being denied access to. It was during this meeting, that Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson officially green lighted the "Disclosure Project" to go before the media, when he told Dr. Steven Greer...

“Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on the record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal.”

Dr. Greer did go to the media of the world with witnesses on 2001 MAY 9 at the National Press Club in Washington DC, where I joined 20 witnesses, each of us stating we were willing to testify under oath before congress regarding our testimonies.

In this transcript, it was also acknowledged that no president or member of congress had access to these USAPs as well, and if he didn't drop the matter he would lose promotions and rank. Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) were acknowledged to exist, and that U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Willard Miller in this meeting confirmed the existence of the MJ-12 group controlling this matter.

This is an important document, as it is a testament to the fact that our legal constitutional government, including presidents, CIA directors and heads of military intelligence, have been denied access to these "illegal" operations utilizing our national security apparatus with USAPs to avoid legal oversight for the last several decades. Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref


2002 NOV - UK Computer Hacker Gary McKinnon is indicted after discovering hidden secret files on UFOs and evidence of a secret space program in NASA computer systems

On November 2002, McKinnon was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia, in what US prosecutors have called the biggest military hack of all time, Scottish hacker, Gary McKinnon says it was all done in an effort to end secrecy regarding UFOs and Free Energy technology. McKinnon has been accused of hacking into computer systems belonging to NASA, the US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense, and the US Air Force.

McKinnon was inspired by Dr. Steven Greer’ Disclosure project. Greer had brought together a number of very credible witnesses to testify in front of the Washington National Press Club that they had knowledge of the existence of Extraterrestrial visitation and that it was being hidden from the public.

The most shocking find to McKinnon, the one he thought would be his ace in the hole negotiating with the US government, was what he found hacking into the systems of US Space Command. McKinnon says he found a log that listed "non-terrestrial officers", as well as the names of the ships being the USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter. Typically Navy ship names just have two S’, an acronym for United States Ship, however there are three S’ here, presumably could stand for United States Space Ship. McKinnon has since claimed that his hacking uncovered photographic proof of alien spacecraft and the names and ranks of "non-terrestrial officers."

McKinnon has admitted in many public statements that he obtained unauthorized access to computer systems in the United States and claims his motivation, drawn from a statement made before the Washington Press Club on 9 May 2001 by "The Disclosure Project", was to find evidence of UFOs, antigravity technology, and the suppression of "free energy", all of which he claims to have proven through his actions. He said "they are some very credible, relied-upon people, all saying yes, there is UFO technology, there's anti-gravity, there's free energy, and it's extraterrestrial in origin and [they've] captured spacecraft and reverse engineered it." He said he investigated a NASA photographic expert's claim that at the Johnson Space Center's Building 8, images were regularly cleaned of evidence of UFO craft, and confirmed this, comparing the raw originals with the "processed" images. He claimed to have viewed a detailed image of "something not man-made" and "cigar shaped" floating above the northern hemisphere.

UK Hacker Gary McKinnon

The Bush administration was so upset about the leak that they wanted to put McKinnon in prison for up to 70 years. Ref


2002 NOV 25 - The Department of Homeland Security is created
The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a cabinet department of the United States federal government with responsibilities in public security, roughly comparable to the interior or home ministries of other countries. Its stated missions involve anti-terrorism, border security, immigration and customs, cyber security, and disaster prevention and management. It was created in response to the September 11 attacks under the Bush administration. Ref


2002 Media - The movie industry releases “Signs” another psyops with a religious man vs evil alien theme movie and “Men in Black II” and the TV mini-series "Taken"

Movie synopsis:

2002 Signs

It's rather blatant that the producers wanted to take such a benign phenomenon such as the beautiful geometric patterned crop circles and say "It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us." and turn it into the evil demonic looking aliens versus man of God minister a farmer, who doesn't apparently own a shotgun. The signs here are more the religious message to equate extraterrestrials as demons from Satan as the entire purpose of this movie, as it was not even scary, other than what the religious suggested influence is attempting to promote. This movie shows the actors in fear wearing "Tin foil hats" which has become a popular stereotype and byword for those of paranoia, persecutory delusions, and belief in "conspiracy theories".

Men in Black II

Once again Men in Black are portrayed as a benevolent and comical galactic police force protecting earth from the bad "scum of the universe" aliens. Of course the MIB is not affiliated with a secret government agency that whose purpose is to keep people quiet through whatever means necessary. They are the ones protecting us from those evil aliens. Right?

In 2012 Actor Will Smith (Freemason) who starred in both "Independence Day" and the "Men in Black" series was on BBC Radio and told a story about when he and his family was touring the White House with President Obama. Will said that when they reached the situation room, his son was wanting to ask the president about the aliens. Obama responded that "I can nether confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials, but I can tell you that if there had been a top secret meeting, and if there would have had a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room." Will also said "I've had the top secret information, I just can't share it. You don't think I've made all these movies and not been briefed? Of course I know, I just can't tell you" Of course he was saying all of this in jest... or was he? Video


Steven Spielberg once again onto the ET theme with the TV mini-series Taken, which spans five decades and four generations, centering on three families: the Keys, Crawfords, and Clarkes. World War II veteran Russell Keys is plagued by nightmares of his abduction by aliens during the war; the Roswell incident transforms Owen Crawford from ambitious Air Force captain to evil shadow government conspirator; the unhappily married Sally Clarke is impregnated by an alien visitor. As the decades go by, the heirs of each are affected by the machinations of the aliens, culminating with the birth of Allie Keys, who is the final product of the aliens' experimentation and holds the key to their future. Quite a departure from his first gumby doll looking ET movie after he had that 1999 Bilderberg meeting.



2003 - An ancient massive octagon structure is discovered in Antarctica testified by a US Navy Seal team witness

In 2003, a U.S. Navy Seal Special Operation team traveled to Antarctica to investigate a perfectly geometric 8-sided octagon structure discovered by ground penetrating radar near Beardmore Glacier, about 93 miles from the American McMurdo Station. Another previous team of engineers and scientists had dug out the top layer of one octagon made of a pure black substance that was built on top of two more black octagonal structures that went down deep into the 2-mile-thick ice. The Navy Seal referred to as Spartan 1 described entering a doorway approximately 50 feet under the ice. On the doorway was inscribed a symbol similar to that used by the Order of the Black Sun which was used by the Nazi SS. He estimated the walls of the structure as about 18 to 30 feet thick (6-10 meters) and the ceiling height at around 22-28 feet (7-9 meters). He said that the walls, ceiling and floor were made of a black basalt material that looked like shiny black marble. The interior was heated to around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (20-22 Celsius), and was also lighted by a lime green source projected from the ceiling and floor. He did not see any heating or lighting equipment, which added to the mystery of the buried structure. Only part of the structure, he stated, has been uncovered so far by the archeological teams, with the rest buried under the ice and extending far below. Ground penetrating radar had shown the structure to be an Octagon in shape, and covering an area of 62 acres (about 0.5 square kilometers). Spartan 1 described the walls and doors as being covered by hieroglyphs that were about eight inches (20 cm) high and about two inches (5 cm) deep. The hieroglyphs were neither Egyptian nor Mayan, but appeared similar to both in terms of depicting animals and other strange symbols.

This operation was revealed in an interview of this Navy Seal operative by Linda Moulton Howe on January 23, 2019 Ref Ref Ref Ref

2003 MAR 20 - Iraq War begins with the invasion of Iraq
In early 2008, a study by the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity documented 935 “false statements” by the Bush administration in the months leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record shows that the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses,” An example of using the mainstream media for the "engineering of consent" utilizing fear with statements like "it could come in the form of a mushroom cloud" in reference to the terrorists.

Like the Vietnam War before it, that was based on a lie, the Iraq War was also based on a lie costing death and suffering to countless lives, destroying countries at the expense of trillions of dollars.




The effort to bring advanced suppressed technology through the civilian sector after a congressional hearing was denied

2004 JAN
Since Congressional Hearings were not granted to the Disclosure Project, who had the scientists willing to come forth which have been working in highly classified black budget military projects that contain technologies that could allow the world to be no longer dependent on fossil fuel and nuclear and other polluting sources of energy. Dr. Greer formed AERO (Advanced Energy Research Organization, Inc. now the The Orion Project) which was in the process of identifying and testing new technologies in the civilian sector that claim to be "over unity"; that is, they put out more electric power than is required to operate. The goal, utilizing a unique strategic approach, is to bring forth these new environmentally sound technologies to replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and ionizing nuclear technologies.

Because of my technical background, I volunteered to be one of six technical advisors of which Dr. Eugene Mallove was one of our group who was murdered before releasing important information to the public, shortly after I joined.  Although self educated in conventional and unconventional sciences, I was the only technical advisor who did not have a doctorate in science as the other members.   I traveled around the planet meeting with various scientists and inventors and attempted to validate technologies with CTO Professor Ted Loder working with CEO Dr. Steven Greer.  What I found was the same control elements within the National Security apparatus which maintains UFO secrecy, also control the release of any technologies that threaten the status quo. Some of the energy inventors had their laboratory cleaned out by swap-like teams, others have been threatened and even murdered. Many we met received "National Security Orders" issued from the U.S. Patent Office (Actual Example) when they filed for a patent on their invention, stating that it conflicted with “National Security interests” (i.e. oil, nuclear etc. I’m assuming).  This order does not allow the scientist/inventor to share anything about their invention with anyone. We know that over 5,100 patents in this manner have been suppressed from the public, not allowing the world to benefit from these brilliant breakthroughs made by great minds on this planet.

According to the Institute for New Energy, as of 1997, “the U.S. Patent Office has classified over 3,000 patent devices or applications under the secrecy order, Title 35, U.S. Code (1952) Sections 181-188.” The Federation of American Scientists revealed that by the end of Fiscal Year 2010, this number had ballooned to 5,135 inventions—and included “review and possible restriction” on any solar cell with greater than twenty percent efficiency, or any power system that is more than seventy to eighty percent efficient at converting energy.

Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to SECRECY ORDERS restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.” Ref

Example of US Patent Office issued "SECRECY ORDER"

After more than a decade of meeting with various inventors in an attempt to bring a viable alternative energy solution to allow people to be independent and self reliant, I have to say that although this is a real possibility, as I have seen exotic technologies work, the problem is a number of factors work against this from happening. Such as the suppressive government elements mentioned, along with the personalities of the inventors/scientists themselves, both of which seem to continually sabotage this from being realized.

In regards to the inventors themselves, of which I've met quite a few, sadly it appears that besides there being an energy shortage, there also apparently exists an integrity shortage within this alternative energy field. The exotic nature of the operating principles in which these outside-of-the-box energy devices operate, are principles that cannot be understood solely through your traditional physics and electronics taught in the education system. This unknown factor can also be exploited to create deceptions ether intentional or just plain delusional by some of these inventors themselves, who can not often deliver what they claim. That is not to say there is not viable break-through technologies by credible individuals out there, but in my experience these are few. These technologies do not violate the laws of physics, but rather expand upon these laws in understanding ways to tap the processes in nature that we are still learning about. As there is no such thing as "free energy", in other words, something from nothing, but there are methods being discovered to tap and "convert" the vast abundance of energy all around us. This understanding is obviously not taught in the school text books.

Professor Loder and Dr. Greer prepared the following Energy Briefing Document

Professor Theodore C. Loder, III
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
University of New Hampshire

This paper reviews the development of antigravity research in the US and notes how research activity seemed to disappear by the mid 1950s. It then addresses recently reported scientific findings and witness testimonies - that show us that this research and technology is alive and well and very advanced.

OUTSIDE THE BOX” Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century

Professor Ted Loder is a good friend and research associate that I have worked closely with for a number of years. Together in the past we have traveled around the planet meeting with various scientists and inventors to vet their technologies. He has presented the above paper to certain members of congress. Ref

Professor Loder also wrote about the implications of these technologies as well as ET Contact
ET Contact: The Implications for Post Contact Advancements in Science and Technology

Some photos of meeting with a few of the inventors, such as in the Dominican Republic with Dr. Greer observing the operation of a 500w device and meeting with John Bedini in Idaho and Professor Tom Bearden in Virginia along with my friend and associate Professor Ted Loder. My wonderful supportive wife Rebecca helping wire a device at our temporary lab in Virginia.


Sensitive Application Warning System (SAWS) - The method of suppression through the US Patent Office - US Patent Office Memo on SAWS

The US Patent Office has been using a secret system to withhold the approval of applications having to do with items such as free energy or anti-gravity or a number of other inventions that appear to violate the known laws of physics. Utilizing National Security Orders (NSOs) they have suppressed over 5,100 inventions from being made accessible to the rest of the world. Ref


Government witnesses have stated that the US Government illegally seized under National Security Orders patents and inventions that threatened the secret government cabal's interests.

Some of the subject matter of SAWS special interest include:

1. Perpetual motion machines
2. Anti-gravity devices
3. Room temperature superconductivity
4. Free energy - Tachyons, etc.
5. Gain-Assisted Superluminal Light Propagation (faster than light speed)
6. Other matters that violate the general laws of physics


SSPW Goode:
"Received intelligence from their Paperclip spies that the Americans had implemented an Executive Order making the existence of alien life the most classified subject on the planet. The reason being that the development and release of free energy would quickly destroy the oil trade, and soon thereafter the entire Babylonian Money Magic Slave System that all Elites use to control the masses.



2004 NOV 14 - USS Nimitz CVN-68 engages UFO off the coast of San Diego that lasted for hours

USS Nimitz CVN-68

In a 2017 presentation by Tom Delonge who introduced Chris Mellon, chairman of the To the Stars Academy National Security Policy and Scientific Advisory Board, who had a long career at the DPD as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and minority staff director of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Stated the following in regards to the events involving the USS Nimitz on November 14th 2004.

"Permit me to tell you a story in the hope of making this clear. We are presently standing within 10 miles of the home port of the USS Nimitz, a five billion dollar warship with a crew of thousands. It is one of the premier assets in the U.S. Navy. Envision the Nimitz operating off the coast of San Diego on a brilliant sunny day escorted by the USS Princeton,  an Aegis class cruiser that protects carrier battle groups by employing the most sophisticated naval air defense system in the world.

Imagine these ships engaging in a routine training exercise when an unidentified aircraft with a small radar cross section appears on the radar heading directly towards the battlegroup. The aircraft has no transponder does not respond to radio calls. The Princeton ? contacts two F-18s already aloft to intercept the target as the two F-18s approach the four aviators see that the object has no wings or exhaust. It is white, oblong, some 40 feet long and perhaps 12 feet thick. One pilot pursues the craft of his wing man stays high. The pilots are astonished to see the object suddenly reorient itself toward the approaching F-18. In a series of discreet tumbling maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics.

The object takes a position directly behind the approaching F-18. The pilot’s capture gun camera footage and infrared imagery of the object. They are outmatched by a technology they’ve never seen. Fearful for their safety and running low on fuel both have eight teams returned to the Nimitz. Yet the strange object remains in the vicinity of the Nimitz for hours, monitored by the USS Princeton and radar aboard a Navy E-2 Hawkeye aircraft. At one point the object soars to 80000 feet, hovers, then drops at supersonic speeds coming to a full stop a mere 50 feet above the ocean where it resumes hovering. More F-18s are dispatched but with similar results. As before the engagement occurs in broad daylight in the secret machine easily evades the F-18s. Dozens of military personnel aboard the various planes and ships involved are privy to these interactions.

Bear in mind that naval aviators are the finest observers possible. All have top secret clearances. All are drug tested are ardent Patriots have excellent vision and understand aeronautics and aviation. Clearly this is not an experimental U.S. aircraft but whose is it. How did it accomplish these feats. This story may sound like a sci fi movie but it is a true story and far from being the only one of its kind. I’ve met with one of the pilots and confirmed the account as have other members of the To the Stars Academy team. But the real beauty of this story is that you don’t have to take my word for it or even that of the Navy officer who described these events in an article you can find on the web by searching on Nimitz UFOs 2004 there I was. Better yet the US government itself can verify the events involving the USS Nimitz on November 14th 2004." Ref Ref Ref

The following video released on Dec 16th 2017 by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program shows a 2004 encounter 100 miles off the coast of San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets from the USS Nimitz and an unknown object. A recreation of the event can be seen here




2004 FEB 4 - DARPA terminates 'LIFELOG' program the day Facebook is founded to carry on covert intelligence gathering program on the public.

Mark Zuckerberg messaged to a friend regarding collection on information of thousands of users shortly after launching Facebook
"People just submitted it. I don't know why. They "trust me" Dumb fucks."
Ref Ref

UPDATE - 2019 MAR 6 - Q post confirms Facebook to be DARPA's 'LIFELOG' intelligence gathering program in disguise

I'm on DARPA's Facebook as I have nothing to hide :) Ref




2006 APR 11 - The Air Force and the CIA Secret Agreement Reveals Covert Program to Hide Reclassification from Public

National Archives Signed Deal with Air Force to Disguise Re-review of Open Files and Mislead Researchers on Reasons for Withdrawing Previously Open Records. The National Archives and Records Administration secretly agreed to a covert effort, led by the Air Force, the CIA, and other still-hidden intelligence entities, to remove open-shelf archival records and reclassify them while disguising the results so that researchers would not complain, according to a previously secret Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The secret agreement, made between the Air Force and the National Archives, was declassified pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request by the National Security Archive. Ref



2006 NOV 7 - O'Hare International Airport Sighting

A group of employees at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport reported seeing a saucer-like object in the sky near Gate C-17. First spotted by a ramp employee working on Flight 446, the object was later reported by the pilot of the flight. Furthermore, witness accounts soon trickled in from outside the airport area, with many saying that the object was so alarming witnesses gasped as they noticed it. Jon Hilkevitch of the Chicago Tribune wrote, “The disc was visible for approximately five minutes and was seen by close to a dozen United Airlines employees, ranging from pilots to supervisors, who heard chatter on the radio and raced out to view it.”. Ref

O'Hare International Airport


2004-2009 Media
The movie industry continues on the CIA influenced perception of extraterrestrials being evil aliens wanting to destroy us and take over our planet with the exception being “Avatar”, there the corporations of earth are doing that to other planets.

Movie synopsis:

War of the Worlds

A modern day remake of the 1953 version. Once again earth inhabitants are set for extermination so they can take over our planet. We can thank the oil industries and other corporate polluting industries that our toxic environment which we've adapted to, was lethal to these alien life forms.

Alien vs Predator

During an archaeological expedition in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists and other scientists find themselves caught up in a battle between the two legends. Soon, the team realize that only one species can win. "Whoever wins... We Lose"

The Day the Earth Stood Still

A modern day remake of the 1951 version. The story line is similar except when Klaatu warned in the 1951 version, "It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet, but if you threaten to extend your violence, this earth of yours will be reduced to a burned out cinder" our destruction would be due to our warring nature that we would destroy Earth and ourselves. Instead due to our irresponsible environmental stewardship of the planet, we would be destroyed before we could destroy the planet. A theme that could be taken that ETs would destroy humans in the interest of planetary health. But alas, in the end, they gave us a chance to change our ways.

" V " TV series

Well of course extraterrestrials wanting earth's resources would come here wearing sexy human skin coverings to seduce us into believing they have our best interests at heart and offer us universal health care, but their real plan is to kill all of us. uh, I'm talking about the ETs. Why go to all this elaborate diplomacy, if they were really that evil with super advanced technology they could wipe out the human race and take over, no problem. But then that would not make a very long TV series now would it.

The Fourth Kind

The abduction phenomenon as reported can be thought of as a terrifying experience, it makes you wonder why at the same time their are reports of contact with extraterrestrials which are an extremely positive experience. Why these contradicting reports? As secret government insider Wernher Von Braun warned, that the secret government had planned a long time ago a false flag extraterrestrial attack on earth with all the technology in the black ops to pull it off. For proper psychological warfare preparation MILABS operations would seed the UFO community and the general public with terrifying reports, but as Von Braun warned, "it is all a lie".


I heard James Cameron was being criticized as the movie being "anti-military" and his response was, no it's "pro environment". I would take it further and say it is "anti-corporatism" because the military is just doing its job as they are ordered to do, they are an innocent go-between. It's the corporations that control the government that control the military that needs to be kept in check that they are not destroying lives or the environment for the sake of the one thing they do which is to make profit, regardless sometimes whether it is good for the whole of humanity or not.



2007 MAR 2 - General Wesley Clark reveals hidden military plans
“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia is interviewed on Democracy Now. Below is a partial transcript of that interview.

"I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

"So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.”"

Ref Ref



2008 MAY 14 - Vatican preparing the masses to accept the extraterrestrial reality

The head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr Gabriel Funes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Funes made a series of startling statements about how extraterrestrial life is likely to be more ethically evolved than humans, and can be welcomed as brothers. In his interview, which was titled “The extraterrestrial is my brother,” Funes said that intelligent extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a ‘fall’, and may be “free from Original Sin … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.” This makes it possible to regard them as ‘our brothers’ as Funes explained: Ref

"Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom… “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation…"



2009 JAN 20

President Barack Obama - Prince Hall Freemason ?
Member of the Trilateral Commission


Dr. Steven Greer sends a briefing letter to President Obama


2009 MAR 23 - Jay Rockefeller: The Internet represents a serious threat to "National Security"
According to the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, the internet represents a serious threat to National Security. Senator Jay Rockefeller pontificates on the threat to national security posed by the internet. Stating “It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet,”

The Plan to Control the Internet
Proposed by Sen. Jay Rockefeller for the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 Senate Bills number 773 and 778 would allow Barack Obama to "order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic" and give government access to information "without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access" in times of declared emergency. Provisions are also included for creating an Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor, who would report directly to the president. The bill would give the Commerce Department absolute, non-emergency access to 'all relevant data' without any privacy safeguards like standards or judicial review. The broad scope of this provision could eviscerate statutory protections for private information, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Privacy Protection Act, or financial privacy regulations. Ref Ref Ref Ref


2009 - President Obama assigns professor the task of "Cognitive Infiltration" to counter conspiracy theories.

Former Chicago and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, who in 2009 was appointed by President Barack Obama to direct an important executive branch office, had in 2008 co-authored an article containing a plan for the government to prevent the spread of anti-government conspiracy theories, in which he advocated the use of anonymous government agents to engage in cognitive infiltration of these groups in order to break them up. Ref

The following is an excerpt from Cass Suntein's article: Ref

II. Governmental Responses

What can government do about conspiracy theories? Among the things it can do, what should it do? We can readily imagine a series of possible responses.
(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing.
(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.
(3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.
(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech.
(5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help. Each instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions.
However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).


2010 APR 20 - The Gulf Oil Spill
The Gulf Oil Spill environmental disaster demonstrates one of the grave dangers besides air pollution in using oil for energy.


2010 APR 27 - Russian Governor Kirsan Ilyumzhinov speaks openly on Russian TV of his ET experience
Considering the media control in Russia, it appears the Russian government approved and openly televised the interview of the Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who had been President of the World Chess Federation since 1995. He claimed that in 1997, he was taken from his penthouse apartment and brought on board an extraterrestrial vehicle. Ilyumzhinov stated that the extraterrestrials he met were humanoid and gave him a tour of their ship. He said “They are people like us. They have the same mind, the same vision. I talked with them. I understand we are not alone in this whole world. We are not unique.” Ref Ref Ref

Russian Governor Kirsan Ilyumzhinov



2010 SEP 27 - Former U.S. Air Force Officers testify at National Press Club in Washington, DC
These witnesses testified regarding the interaction with UFOs at Nuclear Missile Bases. Presented by Robert Hastings




2010-2011 Media
The movie industry and National Geographic continues on the same evil alien psyops theme except for the movie “Paul” which is a little refreshing that this ET doesn't want to kill all of us and take over the planet.

Movie synopsis:


Interestingly the physicist Stephen Hawking was quoted, “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet." This might be true if Columbus had access to more than muskets to slaughter the Indians with, since the consciousness required to cross interdimensional space would have to evolve significantly you would think. You have to wonder if his voice box got hacked coming from an accepted intelligent mind.

Battle: Los Angeles

Sure this is how they would do it, take out Hollywood first (not a bad idea actually) and fight the marines with their automatic weapons that is left to the chance of who's the best shot. Something we can relate to.

When Aliens Attack - National Geographic Special

National Geographic wants you to be "Prepared for when Aliens Attack!" The website says "What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth? What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond? Consulting a cast of world-renowned scientists, survival experts and defense experts, this two-hour special, Alien Invasion explores this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out -- the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond" They say the militaries of the world would have to join together to fight the alien foe, echoing Ronald Reagan's 1987 speech. These "experts" have an inside understanding exactly how a civilization thousands of years in advancement how they are going to do it to prepare us for it. Link to website youtube

Cowboys & Aliens

Well this has got to get all of those red blooded cowboy types out there in on the program! Yeehaa! Steven Spielberg with top actors like Harrison Ford, you know there is big bucks behind this alien invasion theme to throw the concept at you from every angle imaginable.

Falling Skies

Another major production from Steven Spielberg. Whatever happened to the positive portrayals of extraterrestrials in his movies of ET and Close encounters of the third kind? Seems in 2011 the big bucks and support in Hollywood is playing out in people's minds what it would be like to be attacked by an alien race so that reality will be an acceptable and understandable situation if it is ever to be hoaxed... err I mean happen. Link to website


Speaking of being able to relate, along comes Paul out of Area 51 to a couple of ComicCon motorhome travelers out of San Diego. He drinks, he swears, eats junk food and has a sense of humor. Most importantly he gives a feedback on our earth based religious beliefs.

2011 MAR 11 - The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
The Fukushima Nuclear environmental disaster sadly demonstrates the extreme dangers of radiation from the use of nuclear for our electrical power needs.

The Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center NETC.com is a civilian based non-government controlled radiation monitoring network reporting news and current radiation level status. I am proud to be one of the Radiation Monitoring Stations on the west coast of the United States to provide this service.


2011 - The Sphere Being Alliance enters into our solar system
SSPW Tompkins:
As far as our situation now today, It's been accepted that we have a number of different vehicles, which are actually planets that are hollow, that move through the galaxy to monitor good guys and bad guys, wars and no wars, people taking advantage of other people on different stars' planets, and that, as of about a year and a half ago, one of these parked just outside of the solar system. And it has been there for the past year and a half. And this vehicle is quite large, and it has over 2,000 different extraterrestrial civilization people on board as observers and as monitors. Tompkins says in reference to the Draco Federation that they “have blocked the extraterrestrials who are here, are underground in the caverns, from leaving, and they're not allowing their buddies to come in.”

Tompkins also describes the key functions of the giant planet sized spheres: I understand that there's two goals. One of them is to nullify the problem with the Sun. The Sun is alive. Okay? Stars are alive. I think it's a hard time accepting this. And they have moods... If the Sun sneezes, all of our communication – radio, electronics, everything – is affected. So there's this group of people, whatever you want to call them, who are attempting to primarily nullify the effects to a region, which is not just like the solar system or our star's system, but do this as a business so that the levels of catastrophes, things that cause dangers to the people and to the planet, are less.

SSPW Goode:
The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the Galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our Sol System and neighboring Sol Systems (electrically connected in the “Cosmic Web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that change the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “Density Spectrum”. This energetic change has a direct effect on not only every planet and star in the region but also every life form below a certain vibratory level.

The Sphere Alliance happened to choose the SSP Alliance (that was not just the Solar Warden Group) because they had made a conscious decision to bring the end of the control and slavery of Earth Humans by “Trickster Gods”; who were custodian aliens, and their worshipers/ followers, whom we have lumped under an umbrella name such as “The Cabal”/” Illuminati”. The SSP Alliance had decided that it was time to give every Human on the planet access to their full and true history, suppressed technologies that would lengthen and enhance their lives, as well as collapse the world Financial Debt Slave Systems (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System).

This put the SSP Alliance in a greater percentage “Service To Others” category than any other group in our Sol System made up of Earth Humans fighting for the freedom of Earth Humans. They definitely had their draw backs being warriors who were looking to use violence to obtain the desired freedom. The Sphere Alliance is a nonviolent group, and there have been quite a lot of adjustments for the SSP Alliance to make (as well as some mistakes) in the process of developing a workable partnership with a group of 6th through 9th Density Beings that have a completely different way of doing things. Ref

SSPW Goode:
The Sphere Alliance has setup 2 “Energy Barriers” that cannot be penetrated by any beings or technology (be they 3/ 4D or 4/ 5D beings). One is the “Outer Barrier” which completely closes off the entire Sol System (including Gate/ Portal travel) from travel into or out of the system. The other is a “Barrier” that surrounds the Earth. It keeps every Being and Craft/ Technology that was either On Earth or in Near Earth Orbit from leaving a certain distance from the Planet. There are active Gates/ Portals that allow travel between Planets within the Sol System. However, those Portals are affected by these “Energetic Tsunami Waves” at times, and regular travel is ill advised and can be dangerous.

The technology provided directly to the SSP Alliance has ALL been of a defensive nature. It allows the Alliance to disrupt weapons systems, cloaking systems, and highly shielded vessels and locations from various types of high energy beam and torsion field weapons (torsion weapons that rip apart buildings or craft by twisting the space/ time fabric that the structure exists in at the moment, causing the targeted structure to rip apart etc.)

In short, the Secret Space Program Alliance has had its position strengthened considerably by the Sphere Being Alliance in dealing with other alliances; especially so with the most disruptive and manipulative among them, the Draconian Federation Alliance.

in 2011. It was reportedly soon after that roughly one hundred large spheres, belonging to the Sphere Being Alliance, appeared and imposed a frequency fence (quarantine) around the entire solar system, and also the Earth


2011 SEP 11
A petition with thousands of signatures was sent to the White House saying...

"We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon." Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth.

The White House responded with:

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye." and "the odds of us making contact with any of them—especially any intelligent ones—are extremely small, given the distances involved. But that's all statistics and speculation. The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."



2012 APR - Media - Movie "Iron Sky"

In this movie the Nazis set up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018. Ref

Coincidently in the movie they have a swastika shaped moon base just as described by SSPW witnesses, which stated that the Nazis had established a moon base in Aug 1942.


2012 AUG 29 - Ancient pyramids found In Antarctica - Could these be remnants of the Atlantis civilization that existed before a pole shift?

"Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline. An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural. The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year. A few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there."
Ref Voice of Russia

Note the geometry angle in the photo of the Antarctic pyramid above looks identical to the angle of the Egyptian Giza pyramid on the left whose angle is 51° 51' 14" or roughly 52°. This angle incorporates Phi (1.618) and many other significant mathematical geometry relationships. These relationships would very likely be incorporated in other ancient pyramids around the globe that demonstrate the knowledge of an ancient advanced science understanding the geometrical structure of the universe.




2012 NOV - Alternative Media of the Internet posing a threat toward a “Global Awakening”

Zbigniew Brzezinski - co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller and United States National Security Advisor 1977-1981

In November of 2012 during a speech in Poland, Brzezinski publicly lamented that it has become “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples.” Brzezinski is clearly referring to the alternative media.

Brzezinski’s call of warning to the “global political awakening” has only intensified in recent years. Brzezinski also blamed the accessibility of “radio, television and the Internet” for the “universal awakening of mass political consciousness.” Ref

Brzezinski was quoted saying...

"We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans"

"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. "

"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."

Brzezinski during a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal said..

“[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people”


Manipulation of the Internet's online perceptions using Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills for controlling psyops on the alternative media.

Based on documents leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals how covert agents infiltrate the Internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations. The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives. These covert deceptive methodologies are being used apparently to counter what Brzezinski termed a "Global Awakening" of the population. Ref Ref Ref

CentCom operations managing online perception utilizing deceptive psychological strategies such as this leaked GCHQ training document

These operations have been made legal through the NDAA
The latest version of the NDAA National Defense Authorization Act included an amendment which legalizes the use of domestic propaganda on the American public allowing the US Government to legally carry out a misinformation campaign against the citizens of this country. RT

All of this costing billions to the US tax payers to have our government manage our online perceptions, so that the perception created would be a deception to fit the agenda of those in control of these programs. All of this is completely legal. Everything Hitler did in Germany was also completely legal.



Open equal access to the Internet is under attack by the Federal Communications Commission.

The Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on rules that would allow Internet service providers to discriminate online and create pay-to-play fast lanes. If the FCC approves this plan, Net Neutrality will vanish. Previously the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which seemed destined for passage when it first surfaced in the House of Representatives in 2011. The stated intended purpose was to discourage illegal copyright violations, SOPA would have given private entities the power to blacklist websites at will. It would have violated the due process rights of thousands of users who could have seen their sites disappear from the Internet. If it had passed, corporations (with the help of the courts) would have become the arbiters of what is and isn't lawful online activity, with millions of Internet users swept in their nets as collateral damage.

Update 2015 FEB 26 - FCC passes Net Neutrality Bill Ref


Google to become the ministry of truth for control of the online matrix of perception

The Google "Knowledge Vault" will become the only truth that you need to know -- as Google and the CIA/NSA cooperate together to define truth.

“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell)

Recently on 2015 FEB The New Scientist has announced Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links

The article stated that “THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

Google, along with most likely its perception management psyop teams at the CIA, will engineer a new and improved, greater flood of specially approved information across the Web. This will constitute an overwhelming majority opinion…and will become the standard for measuring truth and trustworthiness.

With this new search engine ranking system, that could automatically push real facts from the front page of web rankings, rendering the “truth” nothing more than the consolidated bias of those who already have full control the mainstream media.

So when you are doing a Google search, you might find the following type websites at the very top of Google page rankings:

“All vaccines are marvelously safe and effective, and parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should be prosecuted for felonies.”

“GMOs are perfectly safe. ‘The science’ says so.”

“Common Core is the greatest system of education yet devised by humans.”

“People who believe conspiracies exist have mental disorders.”

In other words: a manipulated consensus reality becomes reality for Google searchers. It’s going to standardize algorithms that bring about officially sanctioned truths while potentially suppressing stories such as:

Counter-consensus stories on 9/11, the JFK assassination, the US bankers and corporations who funded both sides in WW2

UFO/Extraterrestrial disclosure related information

Major media censoring scandals

Corporate criminals? Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Contradicting the official line on mass shootings

The US government funding terrorist groups

Hostile planetary intentions of Globalists

All anti-establishment versions of history

Voting fraud


Enabling the world’s largest search engine to determine a web page’s “truthfulness,” with the purported goal of helping people weed out junk information eliminates the necessity to think critically in evaluating information. This is a huge step by Google in the control of perception management in determining how and what the masses are allowed to think.

Ref Ref Ref Ref


The Internet and Cellular Kill Switch

In 2011 the government claimed that they had the right to “control private communications systems in the United States during times of war or other national emergencies.” This was originally introduced by Homeland Security under the name ‘Standard Operating Procedure 303’, which allows “…for the orderly shut-down and restoration of wireless services during times of national emergency". If activated, no one will be able to communicate to anyone by cellphone or internet. Ref Ref


"The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword" - James Corbett at TEDxGroningen speaking on how the availability of information on the alternative media of the internet is awaking people up to sometimes shocking information such as "Project Northwoods" (covered earlier on 1962 MAR 13 timeline) which Mr. Corbett mentioned, which you will never hear about these things on mainstream media, and how each of us now has the power of a voice in the exchanging of information.


2012 DEC 7 - Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev shares candidly with reporter about a secret service dealing with the extraterrestrials among us. References documentary.

After completing an on-air interview with five television reporters on December 7, 2012, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that the microphone was still on.

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal,” Medvedev responded:

"Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic."

An accurate translation from Russian of what Medvedev actually said about the Men in Black phenomenon was: “You can receive more detailed information having watched the documentary film of the same name.” So Medvedev was referring to a Russian “documentary film” titled Men in Black, not the comical Hollywood movie by the same name. Since the Russian documentary "Men in Black" was recent and not well known outside of Russia. Western media made it sound like he was referring to the American comedy movie and not the serious Russian documentary, implying he was simply making of joke of it.

In the Russian Men In Black (MIB) documentary, a number of prominent UFO cases in Russia and the USA are discussed. The Roswell UFO crash is covered, along with a number of extraterrestrial abduction cases, and UFOs disabling nuclear weapons facilities. The documentary examines testimony that extraterrestrial bases have been established on Earth, and that some are in restricted US military areas with the full knowledge of the Pentagon. The documentary even goes on to seriously discuss President Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrials, where agreements were reached with some of the visitors giving them permission to take some of the Earth’s resources in exchange for advanced technology. If Medvedev wanted the female Russian reporter to explore some of the information he was revealing, then it makes sense that he was in fact referring to the Russian MIB documentary.

Men In Black Russian Documentary With English Subtitles

The Prime minister was candidly advising the Russian reporter to investigate some of the claims found in this documentary to learn about a worldwide cover up of extraterrestrials among us. Ref


2013 Gallup Poll - Shows that 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television REF

2013 APR 22 - Dr. Steven Greer produced and released the movie "Sirius" based on his book "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge". It is the largest crowdfunded documentary in history.


2013 APR 15 - Boston Marathon Bombing event coverage filled the news media just prior the the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure event. Suspiciously as during 9-11 and the London (7/7) subway bombing, an identical drill was occurring while the real event was happening.


2013 APR 29 - The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Involved former members of the U. S. Congress to witness over 30 hours of testimony from 40 witnesses over five days. The event was the most concentrated body of evidence regarding the extraterrestrial subject ever presented to the press and the general public at one time. Witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Stephen Bassett is the man behind this commendable effort. He contacted me and offered to compensate for my presence there to give testimony, unfortunately due to a time conflict I was unable to attend, which really would have been a minor contribution as he had 40 very credible witnesses for the event. The mainstream media as usual down played the event and did the usual giggle factor spin (example) to the public. If I am invited again in the future, next time I will testify regarding my experience with the media as well as UFOs.

One of the hearings speakers, researcher and disclosure advocate Richard Dolan stated the following at this hearing:

“The basic idea of the ‘breakaway civilization’ is simply that you have a secret group, a classified group of people, with access to radically advanced technology, radically advanced science, and they just don’t share it with the rest of the world. One scientific breakthrough leads to another, and that leads to another and so on. So the next thing you know, you have a separate group of humanity that is vastly far beyond the rest of the world."

“I should think that members of the breakaway civilization might despair of ever educating the rest of humanity on what is going on. Their own reality is probably so far beyond our own, they may rightfully ask, how can they bring us up to speed without causing a worldwide psychological meltdown?”

Dolan further states;

“The implications of a UFO reality and cover-up are profound. It means that our society has lived in an “official” reality so incomplete, so inaccurate, that we may with justice call it fictitious. It means that the history we have learned, the science we think we know, and the very core of who we think we are, need to be rediscovered.”

Richard Dolan also admits that ‘UFO Disclosure’ has moved far beyond the purview of government control; that UFO secrecy is now maintained and managed by ‘private interests’.

“Who’s really running the show here, at least the human part of it? I scratch my head about that frequently. It’s certainly not the president of the United States. It’s obvious that there is a power structure behind every president. You look at every president of the last almost 50 years and really every one of them got into office because one man named David Rockefeller nodded his head and said, yes, that man’s going in.

My supposition is simply that – just as global financial interests are the dominant force behind US foreign policy and US financial policy – so too I believe they are probably the dominant players in managing UFO technology and the secret space program. I believe that, but I can’t prove it.

In other words, the US Department of Defense personnel do not appear to be the key players in these special access programs. Rather, it’s private contractors, like Boeing or Lockheed or General Electric and so forth. They really run the show. What we have is, at the classified level, private money that is more likely calling the shots. That’s how the government has operated for more than a century, and it makes sense to me that the UFO technology issue would become privatized at some point, and the secret, clandestine space program would also be to a large extent privatized. It certainly would help with secrecy. It’s easier to have something proprietary instead of merely classified, if you want to keep a secret, and I think a lot of this has gone into private hands.

Today, the U.S. maintains a massive secrecy infrastructure, with untold billions (or trillions?) having been siphoned off into it, year after year. In other words, we know that the classified world has an astonishing amount of money and deep secrecy. There is no question of this. What we want to ask is: how advanced is their technology? What key breakthroughs might they have learned?

Americans of my generation and earlier were taught that they lived in a free country. We elected our leaders, and if they didn’t please us, we could vote them out and elect someone else. Government was responsible to the people. Secrets and crimes occurred, of course, but as long as the system worked, the wrongdoers could be exposed and brought to justice.

Most people now recognize this belief for the idealized fantasy that it is. One of the key components of a free society is freedom of information, and to a large extent that system within the U.S. has broken down.”

Richard Dolan at this hearing played before these ex-members of congress the video interview he did of the CIA operatives testimony of being sent on a mission by Eisenhower to Area 51 where he describes seeing several alien spacecraft, including the craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were taken to the S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they observed live extraterrestrials.


2013 DEC 26 - President Obama signs NDAA 2014

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes massive spending, including $527 billion in base defense spending for the current fiscal year, funding for the war in Afghanistan, and funding for nuclear weapons programs. The indefinite detention allowed by the original NDAA is still here, and it’s actually worse now, because there are provisions that will make it easier for the government to target those who disagree.  Section 1071 outlines the creation of the “Conflict Records Research Center”, where the unconstitutionally obtained information that the NSA has collected is compiled and shared with the Department of Defense.  The information, called in the wording  “captured records,” can be anything from your phone records, emails, browsing history or posts on social media sites. Ref


2014 JAN - Classified Edward Snowden Federal Security Services (FSB) report claims a “US-Alien-Hitler” Link.

The following was posted on a site that was sited to be one of several possible CIA disinformation sites. The information could be based on fact or partial fact or complete disinformation by the CIA. So again, question everything. It is included only because it fits into this section of joint military/alien operations and supports the reason for the incredible rise of technological advancements of Nazi Germany.

In Jan 2014 a classified Edward Snowden Federal Security Services (FSB) report claims a “US-Alien-Hitler” Link. Edward Snowden states that this information is providing “incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.

Snowden stated that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.” The documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s. The FSB report shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation. Snowden’s documents further confirm that the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established, and that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by this “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth.

Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.” Ref Ref (note the whatdoesitmean website has been sited to be one of several possible CIA disinformation sites)

2017 Update: In private communication and joining on a public talkshow with Hon Paul Hellyer, it was confirmed that the above was indeed partial disinformation with factual information mixed in. Whereas Russian intelligence never gave Paul Hellyer access to all of Snowden's documents. Illustrating how online psyops utilize facts with disinformation mixed to both throw people off and discredit the factual information due to the planted disinformation, this is a technique to effectively hide the facts.


2014 APR 3 - President Bill Clinton (33° Freemason) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He talked about extraterrestrial life. Note the "we are not alone" message format, while at the same time denying evidence.

Clinton stated that soon after becoming president, he had his aides research Area 51, the Nevada military facility, “to make sure there was no alien down there.”
He was also interested in Roswell, N.M., the site of a reputed UFO sighting in 1947, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary during Clinton’s presidency.

“I had all the Roswell papers reviewed – everything,” he told Kimmel.
“If you saw that there were aliens there, would you tell us?” Kimmel asked.
“Yeah,” Clinton said, nodding.
Given the size of the universe, and the continued discovery of new planets, Clinton believes we’re not alone.
If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised,” Clinton said. “I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day.’”
Clinton went on to discuss some of the potential benefits to an alien invasion, framing his argument around the 1996 sci-fi disaster movie Independence Day.
“It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours … think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader,” Clinton said.
“That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day. Everybody gets together and makes nice.”

These statements by former President Bill Clinton of course went viral on all the major networks and on the internet that day so it was heavily promoted.  From the several testimonies in which we all stated we were willing to testify under oath at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001, we know that it was not just an aide Clinton sent to investigate the UFO/ET reality, but his Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey, and it was not that there was no evidence as Clinton stated, but rather the CIA director was DENIED ACCESS as Dr. Greer testified regarding the meeting requested by the CIA director James Woolsey about his being denied access to the classified UFO files. 

Testimony also revealed that day by the spokesperson for Wernher von Braun that on his deathbed he testified that the secret government shared with him the future false flag planned events such as “terrorists” etc. with the last card they said would be a hoaxed “extraterrestrial threat” in order to usher in a one world totalitarian government.

The real ability for them to hoax such an extraterrestrial threat was also testified by Mark McCandlish whose colleague witnessed three fully operational and hovering “Alien Reproduction Vehicles” at a 1988 exhibit at Norton Air Force base.  The highly classified exhibit were the old models that looked like they were out of the 1950s which could even accomplish faster than light speeds, so you can imagine since 1988 to present with multiple trillions of dollars fed into black projects with some of the best scientific minds what type of incredible technological advances have occurred, as implied by Ben Rich the head of Lockheed Skunkworks when he stated back in 1993 "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

We’ve also learned from President Reagan’s briefing by his CIA director, that every extraterrestrial related movie script has been psychologically influenced by the CIA with the movie “Independence Day” being no doubt the major patriotic theme movie of all the earth’s peoples versus the evil aliens whose only message is “I want you to die”.  Note the similarities of Clinton’s message today and Reagan’s UN address message in 1987 of an alien threat causing the world to dissolve differences and unite in order to fight this threat.

If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised,” “I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day.’”  “It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours … think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader,”
- Former President Bill Clinton - 2014

"Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."
- Former President Ronald Reagan 1987

David Shayler, a former MI5 officer speaking exclusively to Neon Nettle stated recently…
"This would be a false-flag with consequences even greater than 9/11.  The powers-that-be could argue that the very future of our species would have been at stake, meaning they could take any action they wished to 'protect' us and the planet. Given that the powers-that-be have in recent months tried and failed to start the Third World War in Syria and then Ukraine, they are increasingly desperate to find a solution to concern about their collapsing economies.  The false-flag alien invasion would provide the ultimate distraction. They could lock up -- or worse execute -- any refuseniks, claiming that we could not risk hearing dissenting voices, when we had to all pull together to see off an unparalleled threat," Neon Nettle columnist Shayler added. "There would be no free press, no free speech, no rights to free movement or association, no right to hold property, material or intellectual. Ironically it would signal the end of 'life as we know it' and bring about virtually overnight the sort of world they have been trying to impose on us for many decades."

Are these the psychological seeds through the mainstream media to instill into the public’s mind the possible reality for a future planned false flag event which Von Braun warned about, or just a lot of coincidences?

Since they have very carefully studied the effects of “fear” on the public mind, then it would stand to reason that since the CIA influences the scripts of extraterrestrial related movies to embed in the public’s subconscious an obvious amount of fear associated with extraterrestrials, this would fit into a scenario of an indoctrination plan of the public to prepare their acceptance of this alien invasion as a possible reality.   Even though it has been many thousands of years that off planet cultures have been visiting the earth, and yet the human race is still here.  With technology so advanced would it really be a challenge for them if that was really the extraterrestrial’s agenda?

This fear association with UFOs and ETs would be the appropriate mental preparation for their future false flag plan to using their earth based hidden advanced anti-gravity vehicles known as alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs) to hoax the alien invasion in order to bring the differences in the world together as they keep suggesting, except with the track record of this group, it would most likely be for a one world fascist government, as they have tried to do in the past.  

Modern warfare relies a lot on psychological warfare, as it is so much more effective to gain control in this manner as stated in the CIA training manual “In effect, the human being should be considered the priority in a political war. And conceived as the military target ... the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once the mind has been reached, the 'political animal' has been defeated without necessarily receiving bullets.”

With the power of psychological warfare you could actually infiltrate and use your targets resources and get the people to help pay for the very instruments that are being used in their name and against them, as Edward Snowden implied in regards to abuses he disclosed about our intelligence community which does everything hidden and unchecked behind the shield of “for the good of national security”.  

President Truman was planning to dismantle the CIA, yet at the time it was infiltrated by the Nazi network whose agents lied to the President about the intelligence estimates of the Soviets in order to expand their operations through concealed intelligence operations with the help and cooperation of Allen Dulles, in which throughout the history of the Nazis he made sure the infiltration was complete and hidden.   President Kennedy fired Dulles for these very illegal operations and was going to dismantle the CIA and disclose the UFO/ET issue among other things.  Kennedy tried to warn us in speeches about secret societies and the dangers of secrecy and that a monolithic conspiracy that utilizes infiltration exists just before he was murdered.  Eisenhower as well tried to warn us in his farewell speech in which he makes it clear he was very concerned about this group in regards to “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” It is apparent he was rightfully concerned, as General Lovekin who was on his staff testified saying that he knew he had “lost control to the corporations”.

Eisenhower warned us as well of the importance to take nothing for granted and that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can guard against these “unwarranted influences” so that our future security and liberty may prosper together. 

If indeed these “unwarranted influences” have effectively infiltrated our intelligence community which both Presidents Truman and Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA, realizing the dangers of secrecy of these operations, which the first CIA director warned about, then it could be possible that illegal rogue operations could remain completely hidden utilizing our National Security apparatus with absolutely no checks and balances or accountability.  In other words the use of infiltration to expand their sphere of influence which President Kennedy tried to warn us about, could be used to put their agents in executive positions in all branches of our government in alignment with their agenda and carry out rogue clandestine activities around the world utilizing the CIA and NSA, while psychologically controlling the perception of information of the world view to the public through the mainstream media. 


2014 OCT - CITIZENFOUR documentary is released interviewing Edward Snowden and about the implications of the NSA classified documents he released in regards to the activities of the NSA. Snowden had high level NSA administrative access to see files that many do not. He stated he did this because... "He didn't want to live in a society that does these sort of things" View Video Here



2015 FEB 13 - John Podesta's Parting Tweet - "Finally, my biggests failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files."

John Podesta was a key assistant to President Clinton during the Rockefeller Initiative and became chief of staff during Clinton's second term. He called for the release of all government held UFO files on October 22, 2002 and again on October 23, 2003 at the National Press Club.



2015 MAR 13 - President Obama on Jimmy Kimmel says space aliens control USA

Once again Jimmy Kimmel brings forefront the topic of extraterrestrials like he did with President Clinton:

[Kimmel] wanted to know whether Obama had tried to get to the bottom of the "UFO files" about the mysterious desert region known as Area 51. "The aliens won’t let it happen," Obama joked. "You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us." But President Clinton once said he’d checked on the matter and found nothing, Kimmel protested. "That’s what we’re instructed to say," Obama responded." Ref




2015 - US Military Intelligence recruited Trump for President to prevent Coup D’etat of the corrupt Deep State.

According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, he was approached in 2015 by a group of generals and told that Donald Trump had been recruited by U.S. military intelligence to run in the future 2016 Presidential elections, and subsequently help remove corrupt Deep State officials from positions of power. Ref Ref

Dr. Jerome Corsi


2015 MAR 18 - Hon. Paul T. Hellyer "The US is in grave danger from enemies from within"

This is the recent urgent warning from former Minister of Defense the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer. Identifying this enemy from within as a powerful ruthless cabal that has infiltrated into our system starting with bringing the Nazis into our CIA and NASA, and ever since Eisenhower, has controlled every President up til present day in order to forward their fascist agenda. This cabal has falsely manipulated our perceptions through the mainstream media and are responsible for perpetuating ongoing wars and their agenda with false flag events such as 9-11. They are also withholding advanced earth saving reverse engineered extraterrestrial technologies. This cabal has created depressions, recessions and wars, as well as the Federal Reserve system. He details this in his book titled "The Money Mafia - A World in Crisis".

The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer believes that through spreading awareness we can reach critical mass so that we might collectively oust the cabal by the 2016 Election. Ref



Today are we in danger from enemies from within?

Everything that the Honorable Paul T. Hellyer states in the above warning has been substantiated throughout this article's research.

What if the same core elements of the fascist cabal that are tied into the banking elite and Nazis back in 1933, who attempted to overthrow our government and install a fascist dictatorship, lead by the Bush's family and Skull & Bones member Prescott Bush along with Rockefeller and JP Morgan that planned to setup death camps in the US to eliminate those who they deemed undesirable according to their Nazi eugenics program. Fortunately, thanks to whistle-blower USMC Major General Smedley D. Butler who exposed and foiled their plot.

Could the new generations of this fascist cabal since 1945, effectively infiltrated into key executive positions in the CIA, NSA and NASA with the assistance of the banking elite operatives, utilizing the secrecy cover provided by our National Security apparatus, in order to perform psychological warfare against the American public to hide their activities, in which many of their key operatives are also members of secret societies? These members are sworn to an extreme oath of secrecy to maintain their cover. This cover of secrecy then fell completely out of the jurisdiction and oversight of our legal constitutional government in 1954, when Nelson Rockefeller restructured MJ-12 and our government during the Eisenhower administration, thus placing the cabal members in full control.


Our Oath of Allegiance to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic

The founding fathers of the Constitution started officially recording Oaths of Allegiance back in 1778 at Valley Forge, during the Revolutionary War. Everyone today who is part of the United States Military takes an Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

My grandfather signing a oath of allegiance to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.


How possibly would a "domestic enemy" from within operate?

A foreign enemy most people easily understand, but what if our government was infiltrated domestically from an "enemy from within" as former defense minister Paul T. Hellyer implicated? What would be the indications to our citizens and military personnel that a domestic enemy within has infiltrated our Constitutional government?

Hypothetically, if you were an enemy of the United States whose objective is to infiltrate and seize control of it's command structure. What methods could possibly be utilized?

1. Through infiltrated operatives, they could utilize the countries secrecy mechanisms provided by National Security Act of 1947 for intelligence agencies to conduct activities that can not be overseen by our elected government officials or citizens, providing a perfect cover for their internal operations.

2. Through the use of this secrecy, recruit and bring as many supportive enemy operatives into this provided cover of secrecy in order to expand their network in support of the enemies agenda.

3. Utilize also the secrecy cover provided by secret societies, whose members have a pyramidal command structure that can be compartmentalized at the highest level with individuals supportive to the enemies agenda that is concealed with blood oaths to maintain secrecy.

4. As in all offensive military operations, taking out the enemies communications is vital to control. This is why during war, communication towers were bombed first, and in the jungles of Vietnam, the radioman is the first key target for Viet Cong snipers. Without essential communications you can't call for backup and alert others of a threat. Psyops is key in modern warfare, as Dr. Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany who understood what is most effective, is to take over control of all communications media of the country they wish to control through the implementation of psychological warfare, or "world view warfare" as the Nazis called it.

5. The perception management of the citizens would be of key importance to hide their gradual take over agenda. A long range plan would be essential to indoctrinate and gradually bring in new generations without alerting them to the infiltration. Control of information in our education system would be vitally needed to specifically hide the indicators of this infiltration of this cabal in history. The eventual consolidation and control of all media utilizing the national security apparatus as justification for the protection of "national security", to control the news and entertainment industry would help form these controlled perceptions of the new generations in this country gradually over time.

6. Through the control of corporations and government agencies operating with their key executives, working in alignment with the enemies agenda, which can be done through payoffs, threats or murder, the countries citizens could be lead into wars through false flag events, generating enormous profits for the corporations they are tied into, and at the same time further their agenda. The financial resources of the country could be drained of trillions of dollars, impoverishing the people through these manipulated events. This financial power is then secretly directed into advanced unacknowledged hidden projects for this cabal's technological superiority advantage. At the same time, as they technologically advance far ahead, they keep our country technologically suppressed by controlling inventions that would make obsolete the dangerous primitive energy sources and other technologies which they profit from. This would be one of the key reasons they would not want the public to know of the extraterrestrial reality and its associated technological breakthroughs since the 1940s. These corporations could serve to also poison the country's food, water and air in order to reduce the population. The cabal would control the country's health and medical system through the control of pharmaceutical corporations. This is yet another source of profit from the sicknesses they create, while suppressing alternative health breakthroughs. Through the control of the legal system, laws and executive orders are created by their agents in executive positions which remove further liberties and freedoms of citizens in order to gain further control of the country. A false flag such as a pandemic for example, could be used to justify forced mandatory vaccinations utilizing vaccines produced specifically for their eugenics agenda to eliminate the population of our country under the guise of public health and safety.

7. For effective population control, the enemy utilizing the cover of national security, could setup a massive electronic surveillance utilizing advanced computer processing technology to be able to monitor the effectiveness of the perception management through all media sources, such as the mainstream media and internet psyop operations. Through artificial intelligence they would be able to identify the communications of those who see through the perception management and pose a threat to the enemies agenda. These people they would put on a list to be targeted for elimination.

8. Eventually our country's entire governmental structure will have become so infiltrated by taking advantage of the cover of national security and of the government and military chain of command hierarchy. This is where the lower levels of command follow the orders from the higher levels of command, but not really knowing if a domestic enemy has infiltrated that higher command position and is giving orders in support of the enemies agenda. This is accomplished by replacing key executive individuals within it's command structure. The end result is that the population unknowingly through psychological warfare, is funding and supporting the instruments of it's own demise at the proxy hands of the "domestic enemy".


The above is a hypothetical situation. We have looked at historical indicators of the past and the methods and patterns of the fascist cabal. Today in 2015, what indicators might possibly point to an agenda being played out by a "domestic enemy"?


Possible indications of a domestic enemy today?

Through the justification of our country being attacked by the terrorist event of 9-11 during the George W. Bush administration (grandson of Prescott Bush), our liberties and freedoms have been progressively encroached upon.

In the past, as you know, our country was saved by a whistle-blower in 1933 from a fascist dictatorship of a banking elite with a eugenics agenda to build death camps and exterminate individuals that this group considered undesirables. Today many whistle-blowers and witnesses are currently revealing possible indications of this happening again, and has been rapidly progressing over the years since the 9-11 event.

As previously noted regarding the CIA's control of the mainstream media, making it clear that you won't find this information on the mainstream media, such as CNN, whose motto is "the news you can trust". The only options we are left with in order to understand what is not being covered in the news, is the Alternative Media of the internet, to allow us to piece together what is not being fully reported on the mainstream news. Always keep in mind there is much purposely placed disinformation also on the web, this is why it is important to reference not one, but several sources on the alternative media. Question everything, as well as this article. Research for yourself on Google (before they shift to their "truthfulness" algorithms) or use StartPage, YouTube, and alternative talk radio such as Revolution Radio etc. Today a great number of whistle-blowers and witnesses are coming out to the public with a lot of information that correlates from different sources and independent perspectives. Here for example, are only a few disturbing alternative news stories being exposed, which can paint a picture or connect the dots and alert us that we should be aware and stay vigilant of potential "enemies from within".

As President Eisenhower once warned us, that only an "alert and knowledgeable citizenry, who takes nothing for granted, can protect our security and liberties." Eisenhower along with Kennedy knew we were infiltrated from within by the cabal in 1954, they made an attempt to gain back control of our legal constitutional government, but unfortunately failed. Now it's up to us. Research, validate for yourself the information you learn with your own reasoning that you believe to be true and share with as many others as you can. We are a collective mind in which the truth can propagate and cause a critical mass awakening to potentially transform this situation.

It's not an easy subject you want to bring up to others, as who wants to ruin someone's day with scary disturbing information. People need to have a message of hope and empowerment to create a better world. Love not fear is the way to transform the world for the better. Without being in fear, but aware and not ignorant is important, as Thomas Jefferson put it clearly...

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”


A few important news stories on the Alternative Media of the Internet that you won't see disclosed fully on the mainstream media with the following implications


Making it legal to remove our constitutional rights

Justified by the 9-11 event, new legislation was created such as the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Military Commissions Act and the NDAA. This essentially subverts the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus, making it legal for the indefinite detention, torture and execution of American citizens. Ref

Many executive orders are now in place, which during a time of national emergency gives the power to the government, among many other things, to seize citizens private property for confiscation and force citizens into labor camps. Ref Ref

Identifying dissidents who threaten their agenda to control the population

The authorized massive surveillance of unconstitutional warrantless domestic wiretaps by the NSA for the purpose of "population control", according to NSA whistle-blowers William Binney and Edward Snowden Ref Ref

The NDAA can use the artificial intelligence quantum computer processing abilities of the NSA to yield electronically "captured records" to make profiles on all citizens as part of a main core database list being broken down into categories that determine their threat level to the hidden agenda, such as Red, Blue and Yellow of select targeted citizens. Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

Deceiving the public through the mainstream media and the internet

The NDAA now legalizes the use of domestic propaganda on the American public allowing the US Government to legally carry out a misinformation campaign of perception management against the citizens of our country. Ref

Several mainstream media journalist whistle-blowers indicate that the public is being purposely lied to in the mainstream news reporting, such as Amber Lyon of CNN and Dr. Udo Ulfkotte operating as a non-official cover for the CIA. Ref Ref

The control of perception over the alternative media of internet by military psyop operations, using the GCHQ deception methods which Snowden leaked. This will now be assisted by Google through the content of "approved truthful information" returned on internet searches for further perception management. Ref Ref Ref

The Internet and cell phone "Kill Switch" which will be used to block all civilian communications controlled by the government in times of a declared national emergency. Ref

The possible silencing of many potential whistle-blowers, such as the many hundreds of suspicious deaths and suicides of biotech scientists and high level bank executives. Ref

Potential operations building up for a eugenics plan to eliminate the majority of the US population of dissidents and enslave the rest

Whistle-blower scientists and insiders disclose a plan to eliminate 90% of population and enslave the rest in work camps, implanting them with RFID microchips. Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

Bush's Project "Bioshield" stockpiled billions of dollars of "experimental vaccines" which the supreme court has ruled unsafe, therefore no legal recourse if they cause death. During a declared national emergency, authorizes the police and military to force vaccinate the population. Ref

Laws are currently are being passed for "mandatory vaccinations" of the public that reverses the Nuremberg "informed consent principle" of public health ethics. Ref Ref

News reports that the wealthy elite have been abandoning their homes in the US and moving to other countries to set up bug out locations. Ref

The creation of over 600 FEMA camps along with coffins, railway cars with shackles, guillotines, incinerators etc. are now currently operational and manned by DHS. Ref

Local police getting militarized and thousands of UN weaponized armored vehicles have been delivered ready for use in the US. Ref Ref Ref

DHS purchases 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition (this deadly ammunition makes death inevitable due to its expansion on impact) Ref Ref

A United Nations plan to abolish the 2nd amendment that protects US citizens from a tyrannous government by disarming Americans of their guns and ammo. Ref

US troops are being trained to conduct round-ups, confiscate guns and shoot American citizens. Ref

Foreign Russian and Chinese troops doing joint exercises with US troops in the US. Ref Ref

Over 270 high level military command officers purged out of their command positions and replaced. Ref

One of the purged military commanders, a Lt. General of the Army blows the whistle on the real intention of Jade Helm and the coming war against the American people Ref

Congressman exposes and finds "very disturbing" DHS Buildup for Civil Unrest & Secret Police Force as "NOT A CONSPIRACY" Ref Ref

Operation "Jade Helm 15" now has thousands of troops in US cities in "practice drills" to round up dissidents with Walmarts being setup for DHS operations. Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

What these stories indicate and imply collectively, can be potentially very disturbing, especially when looking back at historical records of how this cabal operates through infiltration, secrecy and deception. The reference links above are only a very small tip of the iceberg sampling from the web. Again, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. While all of the above suspicious and disturbing information has been reported in the alternative media, the controlled mainstream media focuses the public's attention purposely elsewhere. There is much more in-depth information online for those who research and start to see a pattern of a plan, a plan that has been slowly and incrementally advanced over time. People are now just becoming aware of the infiltrated deception of a cabal with an agenda, as former defense minister Paul T. Hellyer has termed the "enemy within".

This cabal he is referring to, has a history of the fascist banking elite and secret societies that goes as far back as 1776, the year the United States was formed was also when the Khazarian Rothchild Illuminati plan was to be implemented, which in part stated that...

"The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for them to: fight amongst themselves; destroy national governments; destroy religious institutions; and eventually destroy each other." and "To obtain absolute-control of the press". Ref

In other words, this Khazarian Rothchild fascist banking elite planned to use future false flag events, along with it's provocateurs providing incidents, in which it is made sure that everyone is fully armed, so that they can mutually destroy each other, while this cabal profits and operates safely at a distance hidden through the use of proxy agents and governments to fulfill their agenda. An agenda which is to create what they call a "New World Order", that will be under their ruling fascist dictatorship. All of this can only be done by having the all important element of complete perception management control of the majority of the public through their control of the mainstream media.

But that majority number is dropping as people sense that there is something not right, and this is causing panic to the hidden enemy within that they are going to be exposed for who they are and their agenda against humanity. This cabal group can only operate in complete secrecy, this is why absolute control of the media is so critical for them to be able to continue their agenda hidden from the masses. Disclosure of their operations is their worst fear, because there are so many of us and so few of them, and the vast majority of human beings are decent good people who do not want a life filled with lies, wars and conflict, but prefer to experience a peaceful life that serves the good of all humanity and our planet, void of these manipulated deceptions.

If the human race as a whole is to sustain itself on this planet, we must evolve through our collective conscious awareness to be able to disclose and transform this destructive vicious cycle of this cabal's control and manipulated deceptions, which causes untold death, destruction, and suffering to so many. All life on earth should be respected as in the golden rule, if we are to live harmoniously in peace together on this planet.

Love and the expression of truth, is the only way we can evolve


2015 JUN 4 - 21 million US Federal government employees had their files hacked

On June 4, 2015, it was announced that up to four million US Federal government employees had their personnel files hacked by an unknown source. Later a July 9th estimate puts the number closer to 21 million. Ref

SSPW Goode:
There was a presentation of the information provided to the Alliance Council by the defectors and what they would testify to. The “Earth Based Alliance” then presented a large amount of information that they had just obtained through hacking and espionage from western governments (U.S. and E.U.).

Goode claimed that the “Secret Space Program Alliance Council” was actively seeking data on personnel that will be used in planned trials against the Cabal/ Illuminati for “crimes against humanity”



2015 JUN 9 - An Account with SSP witness Goode with meeting with the "Committee of 200"

SSPW Goode:
During Goode's June 9th meeting with human elites he describes as the “Committee of 200” and others, an offer was made for a controlled or limited disclosure: Ref

Limited Disclosure
They stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity, and to begin a controlled disclosure that would not expose certain crimes and incidents that would incriminate them in their life time…. Taking all of that into consideration, they proposed that a plan be agreed on that allowed the release of certain information and technologies while withholding the majority of information for a 50 year time period.

Full Disclosure
A full disclosure event would consist of a major data dump on the Internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio and video files on multiple mirrored sites for everyone to have access to. There would be a collapse of the corporate media machine, and a 24/ 7 television and radio education campaign would be initiated. Not all channels and stations would be co-opted so people are not overwhelmed and could “tune out” as they needed to due to the stress. Ref

If a person or group go public and reveal the existence of ET visitation and some advanced technologies, but not technologies that would collapse a “New Financial System” or reveal the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by the “Human Elite” and certain “Off World” or “Ancient Break Away Groups” then you have not been told the whole truth. That would be a partial disclosure where the narrative has been controlled by a group preserving their power and avoiding the release of their crimes. The majority of the world would be shocked by this information alone and it would occupy their imaginations for some time. Very few of us at the current moment would realize that this was just another deception.

Goode said there currently a disclosure race happening between the Cabal/ Illuminati and the Solar Warden/ Sphere Alliance in terms of how much information should be released and how this frames key issuesWhen FULL Disclosure occurs it will also come with the disclosure of massive crimes against humanity that will send the bulk of society into shock for some time. The fact that there are aliens will not be as disruptive or shocking as what all the “Elites” have done in secret during the time they were hiding the existence of aliens, and most of all the high technology that would have ended the financial system decades ago.

Now that they are stuck here with everyone else, they are all turning on each other and spinning and cutting deals as fast as they can. Complete disclosure is going to leave many of the world’s population calling for “heads to roll”.


2015 JUN 11 - Bilderberg Group Meeting Discuss Artificial Intelligence
At the annual Bilderberg Group meeting held on June 11-14, 2015, Artificial Intelligence was at the top of the list of topics to be discussed, and was followed by Cybersecurity.


2015 JUN 15 - The British Interplanetary Society bring together top minds to explore a way on “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.”

The British Interplanetary Society founded in 1933, is the oldest space advocacy organisation in the world. Its aim is exclusively to support and promote astronautics and space exploration. On June 15, 2015 the British Interplanetary Society began a two day meeting on a most unusual topic according to a BBC news article: “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.” The meeting envisaged a Mars colony ruled over by a ruthless dictator who trampled on the rights of workers in a futurist society controlled by a corporation. The dictator needed to be overthrown without destroying the colony itself. The meeting brought together 30 prominent scientists, engineers and philosophers who took their task seriously.”

SSPW Goode:
According to Corey Goode, he was part of an inspection team on June 20, 2015 sent to investigate accusations of slave labor at a mining facility on Mars owned by an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. Goode provided a detailed report on June 22 2015

Ref Ref



2015 JUL 15 - Jade Helm 15 Military Exercises in the United States using Artificial Intelligence

SSPW Goode:
It has been revealed that the Jade Helm 15 military exercise, scheduled to run from July 15 – September 15, 2015, used Artificial Intelligence (AI) quantum computer technology to remove the human element from top-level control over battlefield decision making.

Jade Helm was a test to see how successful AI is in anticipating civilian responses to military efforts to assert hegemony over a domestic battlefield scenario where civilians are in open revolt.

If successful, Jade Helm would enable elite policy makers to eventually replace human generals and admirals with AI quantum computers programmed to "Master the Human Domain”, which is defined as the “’ physical, cultural and social environments’ that exist within a conflict.” Ref

US Army Special Operations Command Logo

“JADE” is an AI quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations that has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets on a Global Information Grid in Network Centric Warfare environments. In short, JADE HELM is not battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software based Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM. Ref

Corey Goode’s claims that the space programs he served with have identified an Alien “AI signal” as an existential threat. Becoming too dependent on technology is something else that will make you more of a target to be controlled by AI influence or even be infected by an “AI Signal” that can live in the bioelectric field of your body. This signal can then have an effect on the way you think and behave.


2015 SEP 30 - George H. W. Bush “Americans can’t handle the truth”

George H.W. Bush in support of a fundraiser for his son’s Jeb Bush presidential campaign, a man in the crowd raised a question which led to a surprising response by the former president and CIA director. The man asked George Bush Sr when the US government would tell Americans the truth about UFOs, to which he responded: “Americans can’t handle the truth”. Experts discounted his comment stating this was most likely due to neurological disorders at his age of 91.

George H.W. Bush



2015 NOV 25 - Obama Signs Law H.R. 2262 Protecting Corporate Crimes in Space until 2022

President Obama signed into law a bill that provides Federal legal protection for U.S. corporations involved in space mining. Obama’s action is presented as protecting U.S. corporate interests from “harmful interference” for space mining ventures anticipated to begin around 2025. Yet there is compelling evidence that the true intent is to protect corporations, up to the end of 2022, from prosecution for their ongoing criminal abuses in decades-long secret space mining operations.

Contrary to widespread public perception that space mining is something that will occur a decade or so in the future, there is disturbing whistleblower testimony suggesting that there already exists a very profitable and flourishing space industry. This Space Act is retroactive in terms of everything regarding space mining illegal activities occurring prior to 2022 with this legal framework, that would protect the corporations involved with prior crimes in space.

A number of international legal scholars have pointed out that the Space Act is potentially illegal insofar as it contravenes the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which explicitly prohibits the commercial exploitation of outer space.

The true intent of this bill appears to be to protect corporations from their criminal abuses in decades-long secret space mining operations.

SSPW Goode has made claims that these secret space programs are currently today abusing workers and are involved in a galactic slave trade.

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