Possible conclusions based on indications

Note: As more information continually comes to light these possible conclusions will be expanded upon

The following conclusions might be drawn after reviewing all the indicators throughout history, with collaborating witness testimonies, classified documents as well as the connections and actions taken amongst those who appear connected to be a wealthy bloodline and secret societies, those who helped created the Nazi faction of it's operations as an instrument for its agenda of fascism and advanced hidden technologies.  This group has been called many names, and it doesn't take enormous research to find out who they are, as they say 'follow the money'. It's also important in research to look at the efforts of what information they have attempted to suppress to keep you from putting the pieces of the larger picture together. Yet, again we are only scratching the surface, as there is still so much we do not know. But there is plenty of pieces to at least start to form a picture of what has been done in secrecy. Because this group is so secret, even though it is quite blatantly evident they exist for anyone who takes the time to research their nexus of operations. We’ll simply refer to them as the “cabal”.

History has shown this cabal has an ancient past as rulers, they have infamously provoked wars with false flags furthering their agenda of world domination, while profiting as lives are lost.  They’ve manipulated stock markets, impoverishing people, and put them into debt with government interest loans through the Federal Reserve system they created in 1913. 

In 1933 when they initially funded Hitler, the cabal working in concert with the fascist bankers toward a one world fascist government, attempted a government coup in the United States and the establishment of concentration death camps for those they deemed undesirable, yet their overthrow failed due to whistle-blower General Butler who infiltrated their plan. 

During the war the Nazis planned well ahead for any contingency that may happen in their war efforts, and built a secret underground base in Antarctica starting in 1938.  Toward the end of the war, they moved all of their flying disc technology out of Germany, the best of their submarine fleet with over 100 U-boats, their top scientists and over 250,000 Germans moved there, as well as into Argentina and surrounding areas, all of which were never accounted for after the war.  Adolf Hilter and Eva Braun who faked their suicides as well as Himmler joined them there as well.   This was known by the cabal's US agents, who helped facilitate the Nazi’s fall back plan.  Not only was this secret Antarctic base impenetrable with a 2 mile ice shelf above, but it may have been in ancient times prior to a pole shift, part of the lost continent of Atlantis.  The Nazis believed they were the decedents of an advanced master race from Atlantis destined to rule the world. They wanted to preserve the Aryan bloodline and create a master race and may have sent 10,000 pure Aryan bloodline Germanic women for repopulating the Antarctic base, which in the future they planned to resurface after a pole shift that would melt the Antarctic ice covering according the Vedic writings Himmler believed in.

In 1944 enormous wealth was transferred in Operation Eagle Flight which allowed the Nazis to purchase hundreds of corporations in the US and abroad which they then used as front operations to further their agenda of world domination.

Before the end of the war in 1945 the Nazis made preparations with their cabal connections within the US, to execute their plan for US infiltration with the assistance of their agents such as Allen Dulles of the OSS/CIA.  They used their Nazi Soviet intelligence data as the bargaining instrument, using the fear of the Soviets to justify to President Truman to bring the entire Nazi spy network of 3,500 spies into the CIA as well as Nazi scientists into NASA with Project Paperclip.

Once within our national security system, Dulles with his protege Angleton, worked to falsify and draft new papers and release over 5,000 Nazis of war crimes and then constantly lied to President Truman in order to expand their infiltrated network, all of these lies paid for by the US taxpayers in the sum of trillions of dollars in the cold war efforts, completely hidden under the guise of “National Security” interests.  

It appears that the cabal continued to use it's select agents for its agenda, operating in secrecy from within a chain-of-command network of secret societies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones and Knights of Malta. With the organized command authority of those of the highest degrees such as the selected 33° level of the Freemasons.

In 1946 the cabal had purposely rewritten the history of WWII and incorporated this fabrication into all the new school text books in order to hide the cabal’s banking connections to the Nazis as well as hidden military operations, and the occult and metaphysical connections with the Nazis. This was done for the purpose of disinformation in the education of future generations to maintain the cabal's secrecy of infiltration.

There were those inside of our government that knew of the reality of Nazi Antarctica base such as Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Admiral Byrd who tried to destroy it in 1947, but where defeated by advanced flying discs out of the ocean coming from the Antarctic base, possibly from an alliance the Nazis had with an extraterrestrial race which started in 1933. Since the explosion of nuclear weapons, UFO activity in the skies increased dramatically, and many sightings have occurred according the US and USSR Naval Intelligence to come from out of the oceans, indicating possible deep undersea or underground bases existing.

This group with its wealth and resources appears to employ covert means provided by our National Security apparatus for infiltration, as JFK attempted to warn, utilizing the cover of existing secret structures of Free Masonry, as Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati implied in 1776, who infiltrated the Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, based on the plans by Mayer Amschel Rothschild to bring their agents from within secret societies such as the Freemasons and skull and bones into executive management positions within our government, intelligence, military and corporate structures in order to carry out its agenda. 

So it appears that there was a split within our government that dates back to the 1940s when Allen Dulles was recruiting Nazis while the other half was attempting to hunt them down. While elements within our government knew of Hitler's escape and even assisted the Nazis. The greatest split within our government occurred after the recovery of crashed ETVs which started in 1942 during the Roosevelt administration with the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, and then the Truman administration in 1947 after Roswell and the creation of the CIA with no congressional oversight and the specially formed "government within the government" unit called MJ-12.

Today these split elements are still active and have expanded their operations. According to the reviewed classified documents that Edward Snowden released, he stated that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”

One side within our government is working to protect the liberties and freedoms of the citizens of the United States and the Constitution they swore an oath to, sometimes referred to as the "White Hats". While the other referred to as the "Black Hats", infiltrated and utilized our National Security apparatus as a front for its hidden operations as well as for it's hundreds of corporations they control working in concert towards the cabals agenda.

Now under the guise of the good of National Security, the infiltrated CIA first establishing complete control of the mainstream media starting in 1950 with Operation Mockingbird, utilizing the cabal’s extensive psychological warfare resources for full spectrum dominance of the public’s perception. This was done in accordance with Tavistock Institute guidelines in order to engineer consent through the media and hide their secret activities and agenda.    The CIA pays journalists that are non-official covers to write specially prepared news story scripts to fit their agenda. They go to extensive efforts to deny their knowledge to the public of the existence of the extraterrestrials, as the answers to the UFO/ET question would expose their secret operations and hidden technologies.  They apparently even used the Reich’s saucers in the 1950’s with George Adamski to see how easy the public can be fooled. 

This secrecy is kept to avoid acknowledgement of their possession of anti-gravity craft and subsequent reverse engineering efforts which would ultimately reveal their many hidden operations and other advanced technologies such as Zero Point Energy. Yet, at the same time they promote a reality of evil extraterrestrials in the entertainment industry, and promote the idea that "we are not alone", as the anti-gravity craft people witness will automatically be assumed to be extraterrestrial in origin, thus serving to hide their earthly advanced anti-gravity technologies, which would allow them the option to use their technology, if they so chose, in a future false flag scenario to be misidentified as alien according to Werner Von Braun's deathbed testimony as well as the report from Iron Mountain.  This is why they continually put out on the media "we are not alone" while officially denying that the government has "no evidence".

Since President Truman originally setup the CIA so that it has no congressional oversight, it gave the cabal along with the infiltrated Nazi agents, working in concert with the cabal, the perfect instrument to implement its “world view warfare” plan and create a "matrix of perception", and hide its underground development operations, in which they are able to extract trillions of dollars as well as unaccountable funding through drug operations into unacknowledged black projects. Allowing them to develope superior advanced hidden technologies in their secret underground facilities in the interest of the cabal.   

In 1954 when President Eisenhower needing plausible deniability, requested Nelson Rockefeller to restructure MJ-12. This action created with a secret executive order, a new permanent MJ-12 group that placed all of the cabal’s agents with Allen Dulles as MJ-1 in charge of this new MJ-12 group, which was used to oversee and control all related UFO/ET matters.  President Eisenhower realized after it was too late, that this new structure meant our legal constitutional government now had no jurisdiction over these operations, and that the control went into the private hands of corporations within the military industrial complex which is controlled by the cabal's MJ-12 group that was involved in the reverse engineering efforts. That same year in 1954, Prince Bernhard, a former Nazi SS-officer, started its first meeting for the cabal members at the Bilderberg hotel. These meetings continue to this day with its main players to coordinate their future world agenda.

As General Lovekin on Eisenhower's staff testified, this situation frustrated President Eisenhower that our legal government was without any control of the UFO/ET issue and it's associated advanced extraterrestrial derived technologies. In 1958 Eisenhower threaten to militarily invade the MJ-12 facilities run by the CIA at Area 51 and S-4 if his two CIA agents he sent there were not given information regarding the MJ-12 operations after they moved their operations out of Wright Patterson AFB. Today through the classification of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, these operations have become completely inaccessible to our legal government's awareness that they even exist.  

A troubled Eisenhower attempted to warn the public of this situation in his farewell address. After leaving office, Eisenhower then briefed the newly elected President Kennedy, who also gave speeches to reveal this situation hidden from the reality of the public. Kennedy was already aware of the UFO/ET reality through his Naval Intelligence background and close friendship with MJ-12 member and Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, whom he joined in 1945 to review the Nazi/ET technologies in Germany. Forrestal wanted the public to know the truth, a truth which MJ-12 would not allow him to disclose, and therefore murdered him in 1949 to keep the secrecy.

In June of 1961, Kennedy requests of CIA director Allen Dulles, review of the MJ-12 operations, this prompts Dulles to issue an MJ-12 assassination directive to be approved by other MJ-12 members. This is to be initiated if Kennedy attempts to gain access to MJ-12s activities in the future. Dulles rejects Kennedy's request, and Kennedy asks for his resignation. Kennedy then attempts to abolish the Federal Reserve system and withdraw from the Vietnam war. In November of 1963 Kennedy again requests from the CIA the release of UFO intelligence files. This action triggers the MJ-12 assassination directive by Allen Dulles titled "Project Environment" and initiated by James Angleton for a CIA hit team coordinated by Vice President Lyndon Johnson in Texas. Using for a patsy, ex-communist defector (due to his Russian connection) and former CIA operative Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman which they framed Jack Ruby to kill before he talks, to implicate Soviet involvement. This is what Allen Dulles used with the other Warren Commission members to dismiss further investigation due to tense Soviet relations. Now MJ-12 from this moment forward has, and is able to deny access to our constitutional government members. Future Presidents and CIA directors, as well as the head of Joint Chief of Intelligence members, now to this day, find themselves unable to gain access when inquiring. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell confirmed this by stating that "they stopped the UFO/ET related briefings to presidents after the assassination of JFK".

There are well over 57 different extraterrestrial races that have interacted with our planet, some we are even directly related to, and who have tried to warn us regarding the Zeta Reticulan Greys and their affiliation with other races. It is claimed that agreements have been made for technology transfer programs. which were initiated with the Nazis in 1933 with a race of Reptilian beings in Antarctica, and then decades later with the US government in 1954-55.   Advanced technology for weapons are more desirable to the fascists than assistance with our spiritual evolution and nuclear disarmament. Although there is a spectrum of extraterrestrial agendas, no doubt as many as there are off planet cultures, the vast majority of extraterrestrials appear obviously not hostile, based not only according to documents, but the fact that you are still alive and reading this. Unlike how they are portrayed in Hollywood movies with the CIA influenced script to subconsciously implant a fear association with extraterrestrials.  There appears to be a type of prime directive of non-intervention, as many of their ships are around the earth but not always in the visible light spectrum.  Some of these multi-dimensional beings are extremely advanced and benevolent in nature apparently keeping things in check that we don't destroy the planet completely, while at the same time observing. Many of them have interacted with our nuclear weapons facilities, showing an apparent great concern about the effects of these destructive weapons and the use of nuclear fission, in ways we have yet to comprehend. It appears that we can not expect any one out there to intervene in all the challenges we face on earth, which appear to be there apparently for our own evolution, and therefore we must ultimately assume sole responsibility.... But it certainly wouldn't hurt to send out the thoughts to them and ask for a little assistance in transforming this situation.

Highly evolved, as compared to lessor evolved off-planet and or multi-dimensional beings, would be operating in accordance with cosmic universal laws, that would not intervene, but would exercise discretion to respect the human free will of those on earth who do not desire that they make contact. But then again, there may be some races that violate these laws. Lack of positive contact to the masses could be due to ignorance from the deliberate fear programming in movies and religion, that falsely portrays all extraterrestrials in order to maintain their secrecy and control. The fact that over 57 different races have been cataloged since 1989, with indications that the vast majority of them are far more benevolent than not. It seems that we really have more to be concerned about the beings here on earth, than a threat from outer space. Which if occurred, would most likely be the cabal panicking and using their 'if all else fails' "last card" plan to distract and further hide the deceptions. Indications are that the highly evolved and benevolent races have technological advancement far beyond that of the lessor evolved races, and therefore hold superiority over them, as the lessor evolved are operating as a greater distortion of the higher divine structure of the universe in which everything is a part of.

We as human beings are essentially the architects of our own fate as what we give consent to, and as we slowly awaken to the understanding of who and what we are, and the power of our consciousness, which will enable us to participate in the forming of our future, rather than being the victim of it. Once you can see the deceptions for yourself, then you can no longer unknowingly give your consent to that which has been perpetrated upon humanity and the planet. And with your creative thought participate in creating a better world.

Know that no individual desire in your heart goes unheeded in the universe, and through exercising the use of your 'desire factor' in actively acknowledging these off-planet beings, we could be initiating a response (as in, ask and you shall receive). This has the potentiality to help mankind's challenges with this cabal group through using our free will to telepathically contact them and ask that they show up. In this way they can show themselves and their ships in order to engage the human race and assist humankind’s entrance into the family of galactic civilizations. With the deceptions removed, and all is disclosed, the people of earth can then manage their own affairs on this planet without the interference from the controlling cabal on earth, so that humanity can reach unimpeded technical and spiritual maturity on their own in a joyful and harmonious experience for all on earth.

It appears that the cabal, or you could call the self entitled rulers, view humanity on this planet simply as their 'resource' to further their private hidden agenda in a parasitic manner.  The Nazis appear to have had a technological edge already on flying disc technology from the 1919 channelings of technical instructions complemented by the reverse engineering efforts in the recovery of a craft back in 1936, eleven years before the 1947 Roswell recovery, and may have even had extraterrestrial technical assistance, referring to Dr. Hermann Oberth stating that they had "help from people from other worlds". After 1954 all of these operations under the new MJ-12 are now consolidated under the complete control of the cabal.  Numerous advances in all areas of science have occurred in these secret unacknowledged operations to yield free energy and anti-gravity propulsion, to name only a few areas of advancement. You can imagine with the funding of trillions and some of the brightest scientific minds with access to unlimited resources of materials and hidden knowledge done in complete secrecy over decades, unrestrained from the inhibiting controlling elements the rest of the world experiences, what could be accomplished in several fields of advancement.

Indications show that a Secret Space Program currently exists, and may have even started with the Nazi anti-gravity craft in the late 1940s that eventually colonized the Moon and Mars. In 2001 Gary McKinnon found hacking into the systems of US Space Command, a log that listed "non-terrestrial officers", as well as the names of some of the space ships. All the while NASA has the public believing we need rockets to go into space and telling the astronauts to keep quiet about what they have seen.


2017 UPDATE:
With the testimonies of Secret Space Program Witnesses such as William Tompkins and others. Their testimonies, if true, fill in many unanswered questions in the historical time line of events. Essentially their testimonies do in fact collaborate with many of the known, documents, other witness testimonies and associated collaborating indicators. For more details see the SSPW page which has been purposely isolated from the time line of events by noting that source. Some of the important missing elements which they have contributed in this understanding are the following:

The Vril Society initially contacted a benevolent race of "Nordic" type ETs in 1919, later in 1933 the Nazi SS entered into an agreement with a more predatory race of Reptilian ETs of the Draco Federation, which seeks planetary conquest and enslavement. It was this ET group which gave the Nazi SS a huge leap in their secret space program advancement in Antarctica. While this was occurring, US Navy spies embedded into the Nazi SS attempted to gather intelligence on this technology. The 1942 incident yielded two ET craft that were shot down over Los Angeles. The Army Air Force and the Navy each took a craft to their facilities to study. The joint effort to study this with "Project RAND" developed into a conflict between the USAF and the USN, due to the majority funding coming through the USAF. "Project RAND" then turned into the "RAND Corporation" it became predominately controlled by the USAF, while the USN moved on to develope its own program in secret. Essentially the Nazis effectively infiltrated throughout the CIA, NASA, the pharmaceutical corporations and much more. In 1952 Nazi discs did a fly over the US capitol to intimidate Truman into an agreement. In 1954 Eisenhower has contact first with the Nordic ETs and rejects the exchange offer, as it entailed dismantling our nuclear weapons. Later in 1955, Eisenhower met with an ET group aligned with the Draco Federation aligned with the Nazis and entered into an exchange program that involved receiving technology with the permission to abduct the public and use Earth facilities at Area 51/S-4 and elsewhere. From this point forward our legal constitutional government was denied any jurisdiction. This led to the assassination of JFK due to his probing inquires of MJ-12 activities. In 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon they were surrounded by Draco Federation starships and told “Finish a total of six of your Apollo missions; take your photos, pick up some rocks, go home, and don’t come back.” Which is why we haven't been back. In 1942 the Nazis had already established a moon base. It wasn't until 1980 that the US Navy Solar Warden Space Fleet was Launched with the assistance of the Nordic ET Navy.

So today it appears that the US Navy has an alliance with the Nordic ETs and are encouraging "full disclosure" and that due to agreements that the USAF made in 1955 have an alliance with the Draco Federation ETs that are aligned with the Nazi SS and they are attempting to give a "limited disclosure" to hide their crimes against humanity. The Nazi SS ideology of using slave labor before the end of WWII, and then continued afterward with its alliance with the Industrial Military Complex of the United States in order to continue its use of slave labor in massive underground complexes both on Earth as well as Mars. In 2011 the Sphere Being Alliance enters into our solar system to buffer galactic energies and to level the playing field being the Nordics and the Dracos.

There appears to be some evidence according to these testimonies that the cabal may be getting dismantled from within. Lets hope this part of their testimonies is true. Possibly these newly added pieces of information from these witnesses will help give a more complete picture in a way that makes more sense of the numerous historical indicators and evidence. That, or these new witnesses could be putting out purposeful disinformation to lead serious researching into this matter down a dead end path of false understandings. This would discourage further research and could support a limited disclosure agenda.

In any case, every one of these new testimonies must be included and evaluated on its probability based on collaborating evidence. Tompkins has that, the three 20 year and back secret space program enlistment witnesses do not. It's important to make special note where witness testimonies directly conflict each other, as this can lead into probing deeper to get to the truth of the matter. By doing so, helps to disclose a little more of a larger picture of this reality that has been kept hidden.


Back to our original conclusions with the above added addendum of SSPW witness testimonies.

In the meanwhile utilizing their “world view warfare” on the entire population of the planet, with its core of control within the United States, they continue to let the world run on dangerous and polluting technologies of oil, nuclear and coal, which allows their corporations to profit and keep the world in a retarded condition, while they advance their hidden world for their elite.   This is why the CIA has suppressed well over 5,000 inventor patents having to do with alternative energy generation from being released to benefit the world, citing national security interests to not allow these advancements to be utilized by the people. 

They seek to keep us retarded not only technologically but through the full spectrum control of education and information in all areas.  In the health field they turn doctors out of school who get practically nothing in field of nutrition, into supporters of the profitable pharmaceutical industry of which indications are that the Nazis infiltrated as well. They do this while suppressing and making alternative approaches illegal, such as the alternative treatment which cured my mother completely of cancer, in which her doctor told her she was going to die from, if she took that alternative approach.   In archeology they suppress evidence of our ancient origins to fit the agreed upon perception by religious leaders to perpetuate the misinformation taught.   In science they removed the knowledge about the powers of human consciousness, something the secret societies of the cabal and the Nazis have a great knowledge and interest in, because they are afraid of the populace becoming self aware and then become powerful to effect changes in the world.  In the entertainment industry they have falsely created movie scripts since 1951, purposely filled with fear associated with extraterrestrials into the public's mind.  They manipulate mainstream media news services to sanitize out information against their agenda, while psychologically spinning information to gain a false perception or the consent of the public of their actions, while hiding their true agenda.  They fill our entertainment with images of people killing each other and deceiving each other in relationships, promoting fear and unstable relationships.  Knowing purposely this embedded imagery is unconsciously mimicked in our society, influencing the situations we see in the news daily. Consumerism and materialism is heavily promoted, while spiritual values and the power of human consciousness are only seen on the alternative media.  

Psychologically they want to disempower people to feel fearful and submissive to government control and authority, as they slowly move their hidden agenda forward through the use of “world view warfare” to maintain their secrecy.   They know what the effects are of fluoride in our water, GMO in our food, chemtrails in our air and vaccine poisons injected into our bodies. All of these things affect the control of the population through possible eugenics programs.   They also know the effects of broadcasting psychoactive frequencies to the populations psyche and the geoengineering used in weather warfare, which affects economics and food production. They control the illegal drug market which is another profitable and unaccountable resource, which they funnel into their hidden advanced break away civilization, while they keep us technologically on several levels retarded. They manipulate false flag events to create wars and profit for their corporations within the industrial military complex, that Eisenhower tried to warn us about.  The last president to attempt to stop them was John F. Kennedy.  After his murder, just as Kennedy tried to warn us, they have expanded their sphere of influence through infiltration much further.

The all encompassing surveillance capabilities of the NSA, with quantum computer processing abilities, with hundred of years of storage of the entire worlds communications, with back-door keys to all operating systems and embedded into various hardware, to know what everybody is thinking and doing, is being falsely claimed to be used for our protection, when in actually it is being used against us and for their agenda of population control, according to major NSA whistle blowers such as Snowden and Binney. Their fear of a "global awakening" as evoked them to recruit online cyber armies to spread disinformation.  Since they have not gained full control yet, of what is being shared between people on the alternative media of the internet, the military and intelligence agencies have enlisted thousands of Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills to "counter-blog" citizens opinions and expressions, as well as manipulating polls to change the public's perception of what the majority accepts as the agreed upon reality online.

Here today we are still driving internal combustion engines on gasoline that need paved roads to travel, ugly power lines fill the sky to deliver our power from dangerous leaking nuclear power plants, we think we need rockets to travel into space, all the while a secret space program uses advanced anti-gravity craft, and people are homeless and starving. What will it take to expose the deception and take back our future that has been purposely hijacked from the human race? I do not believe violence is the answer, as that is the world they own, manipulate and control.

The cabal's worst enemies are the witnesses and whistleblowers that reveal the glitches in the false perception matrix to the public that shows their hidden secrets of their agenda, which can expose their deception.   As an old Argentinian saying my mother used to say “the devil always forgets to put the lid back on the cookie jar”, in other words, they are extremely good at keeping secrets, especially through compartmentalization, but there are always leaks.  For many it may be difficult to wrap their head around this reality, as strangely science fiction like as it may sound. Because of its very nature, it keeps its own best secrecy. This is because it is so far from the agreed upon reality in which all of us have been indoctrinated into since birth.  People easily laugh at it being so ‘out there’, until they actually do their own research.  Then it's one Oh My God after another. Everyone needs to do their own research, as this conclusion is simply a hypothesis based on the many "indications" given, which I know there is much yet to understand the full answer to this question. The cabal likes to label those who start to see the deception pattern as “conspiracy theorists” rather than conspiracy researchers, and fully utilize the "giggle factor" in the mainstream media to discount any credibility.   Yet, people are now starting to connect the dots together because of the many glitches in this “world view warfare” reality, that has been purposely created and manipulated into being by this cabal group.    The question remains, will enough of us awaken in time to the deception and disclose the truth to transform the world for the good of humanity with compassion for all life, or will we continue to be deceived into the severity of a fascist new world order planned by those who feel self-entitled to be the ruling elite, who could care less about humanity as a whole in favor of self gain for the privileged few who have infiltrated through secrecy and deception into our world?     I have faith in the good of humanity’s future.  I also have the faith in the power of truth over deception and love over fear, as well as our creative power to transform this world for the good of all humanity.



I invite you to use your creative power of imagination and...

Imagine This



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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Meade

"Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change."
- Robert F. Kennedy 1966 Speech, US Democratic Politician


Artist Doug Auld

One such individual seeking to courageously help change the world through bringing about awareness of the testimonies of witnesses/whistleblowers is the highly talented artist Doug Auld. Doug's decision to paint “Whistleblowers” came from his examination of this exceptional group of people, willing to bring enormous controversy and upheaval upon themselves for seemingly little to no reward. Many of these people have lost careers, family, friends, or even paid with their lives for their claims and actions. Some have been incarcerated, and most of them endure varying degrees of scorn and ridicule. The 100 portraits he has created are of people living as well as some deceased. This is in no way a comprehensive list or in any order of importance. They are people who have gained his attention thus far in this art project. He leaves it up to the viewer to decide as to each of their contributions and merit. By having them viewed in the context of "Art”, his hope is they can be discovered by a new audience and reevaluated by a previous one. To view the details go to Doug Auld's website DougAuld.com


I was truly honored and humbled to be included in this collection of 100 amazing portraits

More information at DougAuld.com




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I just want to make a note, that there is absolutely no financial interest connected with my involvement of this subject. When I went to Washington to give my testimony in support of disclosure I even covered my own flight and accommodation expenses. So I sell nothing, no books or DVDs, not that there is anything wrong with making money at this. I just want to be clear that my sole motivation is to support the collective global awakening of this reality and share the truth as best as I can understand it from the revealing indicators and the implications of its disclosure.

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