"Eisenhower and The Plan"

Based on multiple witness testimonies and documents, the following chronology of events explores the possibility that President Dwight D. Eisenhower upon losing control to an infiltration of the corporations within the military industrial complex by the German Forth Reich, set forth a plan to protect our constitutional republic through a secret executive order that would activate military intelligence operations to rectify this threat if our constitutional republic in the future was ever threatened.

Indications are that our constitutional republic today has been and is being threatened and that these operations have been activated and are attempting to alert and inform our citizens to this reality.








What is happening today will not make sense without an understanding of this hidden history that you were not taught in your school education, nor the information provided by the multiple mainstream media outlets.

The following revealing chronological events through history indicate how this infiltration was able to happen which led up to Eisenhower's presidency ...







References to all of the following events and supportive documents at www.thewebmatrix.net






This visual presentation was made for a time line review and discussion regarding "the plan" with Laura Eisenhower, President Eisenhower's great granddaughter Extended Version










Maria Orsic of the Vril Society channels Nordic ET design for a space craft which Dr. Schumann finds viable physics for development










Nazis SS developed operational anti-gravity craft 20 years ahead of the US with the assistance of Draco ETs









US Navy spy reveals Nazi space program to Navy Secretary James Forrestal who commences a Navy spy program in Germany








1942 FEB 24

The Battle of LA recovers two ET drone craft which the Army Air Force and Navy each took one for reverse engineering






1942 AUG 23

The Vril Society / Nazi SS establish a moon base with their anti-gravity craft









Nazi plan of infiltration into the US to create a matrix of perception using "world view warfare" plan Weltanschauungskrieg








Nazis escape to Antarctica and South America with over 100 U-boats, 250,000 Germans and Reich's top scientists unaccounted for







1945 APR

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler successfully escaped as revealed in the JFK files that were not released until the year 2017






1945 MAY 2

Allen Dulles cuts a deal with the head of Nazi intelligence and his Nazi spy network of thousands to work within the US intelligence OSS/CIA






1945 MAY 8

We believed we won the war with the Nazis






1946 SEP

Operation Paperclip - Nazis get new paper work and get placed in many high positions in Aerospace, Biomedical etc.







Official history of WWII rewritten in education to hide the Nazi escape and infiltration by the Rockefeller Foundation






1947 JAN 17

Adm. Byrd's Operation High Jump is totally defeated by Nazi craft in Antarctica






1947 JUN 16

A network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) in US commences with Hitler's mastermind Xaver Dorsch under Paperclip









1947 JUL 8

Extraterrestrial vehicle crashes at Roswell, New Mexico and cover story is issued








1947 JUL 26

President Truman initiates the National Security Act









1947 SEP 18

Allen Dulles has President Truman reluctantly convert the wartime OSS into a permanent CIA
and the US Air Force is created









1947 SEP 18

President Truman has James Forrestal create the Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) group

"I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified Flying Objects."
~ Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - First director of the CIA and MJ-1 of MJ-12









Over 100,000 television sets now in homes is now a primary communication tool for psychological warfare







1948 MAY

Project RAND turns into the RAND Corporation now run by the Air Force forcing the Navy to secretly do ET reverse engineering operations separately






1949 MAY 22

James Forrestal wanted to alert the public to this threat is murdered by MJ-12







The 1949 CIA Act gives approval for a 'Black Budget' to operate outside the law








Allen Dulles starts CIA Operation Mockingbird which takes full control of the mainstream media news outlets to control the public perception






Newspaper tabloid owner trained by the CIA to disseminate discrediting stories to the public on UFO/ET subject






Project Dove influences the Hollywood movie industry which forms in the public's imagination their perception of extraterrestrials





1952 FEB 1

Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 suppresses thousands of technology advances such as Anti-gravity and Free energy in the US





1952 MAY

TOP SECRET MJ-12 Annual Report "Discussing containment for the Catholic Church if mass sightings occur"

Cardinal Francis Spellman

"15. At the request of Panel member Cardinal Francis Spellman met with the President to discuss the containment with the Catholic Church and its hierchy of religious speculation if mass sightings occur. Such containment was successful during the 1947 sightings when Cardinal Spellman met with the Secrectary of War on 29 June. The President has been briefed on Defense Plan 4P, which was written in part by the Panel member."





1952 JUL 12

Nazi craft fly over Washington DC to intimidate Truman and Eisenhower






1952 NOV 4

The National Security Agency is created






Start of Eisenhower Administration ____________________________________________


1952 NOV 18

President-Elect Eisenhower receives MJ-12 briefing on the UFO/ET matter








Gen. Walter B. Smith DCI / MJ-12 member sends memo to utilize UFOs for psychological warfare







1952 NOV 20

George Adamski Contact in California with Nazi Craft (Nazi/CIA psyops)





1953 JAN 20

Dwight D. Eisenhower is President





1953 JAN 14

The Robertson Panel formed by CIA to deny UFO/ET reality to the public





1953 FEB

Allen Dulles assigned as Director of the CIA who is infamous for the Nazi infiltration





1953 APR 13

Allen Dulles initiates MK-ULTRA for mind control projects





1954 FEB 20

Eisenhower has a ‘First Contact’ meeting with benevolent Nordic extraterrestrials at Edwards AFB







1954 MAR 10

JANAP 146(C) Established severe penalties for military or civilian pilots disclosing UFO sightings







1954 APR

MJ-12 Special Operations Manual SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal.






1954 MAY 29

Nazi SS start the first of yearly ongoing Bilderberg secret meetings which coordinates the agenda for the mainstream media today







1954 JUL 18

Grenada diplomatic treaty is signed for a technology transfer program with Zeta Reticuli ETs by Eisenhower at Kirtland AFB






Nelson Rockefeller restructures CIA/MJ-12 operations which leaves President Eisenhower without jurisdiction or access








(Date is estimated)

Reverse engineering operations moved from Wright Patterson AFB to Area 51/S-4 under the control of the CIA






1954 OCT

United States Developed Anti-Gravity craft 20 years behind the Nazis





1955 FEB 11

President Eisenhower negotiates agreement / surrender with Nazi/Draco Alliance at Holloman AFB






1955 FEB

Eisenhower's Secret Executive Memo creates new members of permanent MJ-12 committee with Allen Dulles as MJ-1







1955 MAR 9

Walt Disney and Werner von Braun used television to sell to the public on the use of rocket propulsion to overcome gravity






1955 NOV

Operation Deep Freeze transferring supplies and personnel to Antarctica





1956 JAN 7

Willard Wannall has contact in Oahu, Hawaii with Nazi Craft

He noted the swastika and Nazi Iron Cross on both the UFO and the uniform of the occupant. The saucer pilot spoke with a German accent, and had a Nazi uniform







A global effort in educational institutions to silence the truth about the powers of human consciousness to affect reality

Professor Hans Eysenck






Astronaut Gordon Cooper at Edwards AFB films encounter of alien craft which the CIA confiscates

"So they told one untruth, they had to tell another to cover that one, then another, then another . . . it just snowballed. And right now I'm convinced a lot of very embarrassed government officials are sitting there in Washington trying to figure a way to bring the truth out. They know it's got to come out one day, and I'm sure it will. America has a right to know!" - Astronaut Gordon Cooper





Colonel Philip J. Corso has an encounter with an extraterrestrial at White Sands

The little ET asked Philip Corso to turn off the radar so that he could get out of here and go. And Philip Corso asked "Well, if I help you, what’s in it for me? What do I get out of this?"
The ET replied with... "A new world if you can take it."




1957 MAR 16

Valiant Thor arrives in a spaceship allegedly from Venus to meet President Eisenhower and offer solutions for Earth

Valiant Thor's incredible offer to help Earth was refused because these solutions would jeopardize Earth's corporations such as the pharmaceutical and energy industries.





1957 NOV 5

Reinhold O. Schmidt has contact in Nebraska with Nazi craft

He could hear them talking among themselves in “high German language, very good high German"






President Eisenhower is denied access to Area 51 and threatens to invade the base if MJ-12 does not allow him access

Witness testimony of CIA operative Stein/Kewper sent on mission by Eisenhower to Area 51 to report activities







(Date is estimated)

President Eisenhower sets up a secret executive order for a USMC special section military intelligence unit to act as an institutional future safeguard

According to witness testimonies





1958 FEB 7

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is created






1958 JUL 29

NASA is created and run by Nazi SS keeping us believing we need primitive rocket propulsion







Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin on Eisenhower's Staff witnessed the loss of control to the corporations





1959 JUN 8

Project Horizon - A study is made for the establishment of a Lunar Military Outpost.






Nazi Paperclip scientists claim extreme advancements due to having help from "people of other worlds"





1959 DEC 1

The Antarctic Treaty is signed yet the Nazis secretly are in violation by utilizing slave labor underground for their military space operations






1960 FEB 28

President Eisenhower has meeting in Bariloche, Argentina a known Nazi hideout of Adolf Hitler who is alive at this time.







1961 JAN 17

President Eisenhower attempts to warn the American public on television

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. " ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower






1961 JAN 19

Eisenhower and Kennedy Private Meeting over the situation of MJ-12






End of Eisenhower Administration ______________________________________________





Denied Access


Future presidents, CIA directors and heads of intelligence are now illegally being denied access









President Kennedy

Ten days after sending a Top Secret Memo to the CIA requesting the UFO Files
an Assassination Directive by Allen Dulles was carried out on the president.



President Carter

Having reported a UFO, Carter made it a campaign promise to release the UFO Files.
The president was denied access by CIA director George H.W. Bush



President Clinton

White House correspondent Sarah McClendon quoted Clinton in response to UFO disclosure
"Sarah, there's a secret government inside the government, and I don't control it."



CIA Director James Woolsey

In a 3 hour private meeting with Dr. Steven Greer the CIA director stated
"I know this subject is real, I want to know why the hell I can't gain access to it?"





Outside of Area 51 Civilian Researchers meet for first time with S-4 Scientist Robert Lazar

Being one of the researchers at this meeting I covertly recorded the only video of this event



Area 51 base goes into Lockdown due to these civilian meetings

A Classified NRO Special Security Advisory is sent to all base operations

On the distribution list is included Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) such as COSMIC & MAJI Ops.






1997 APR 9

Dr. Steven Greer acquires this NRO classified document and sets up a meeting at the Pentagon

Dr. Greer is joined by Lt Cmdr Willard Miller and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell


A meeting is held with the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson

The admiral asking to be read into these USAPs listed on the NRO document that are reverse engineering ET craft is denied access and threatened to immediately drop any further investigation or he would lose his rank and be retired early.

Vice Admiral Wilson is furious that his high level of constitutional authority is being denied access to these illegal operations!

He authorizes Dr. Greer to bring forth witnesses before the mainstream media of the world that are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing by saying

"Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal!"






2001 MAY 9

National Press Club Washington DC

Dr. Greer brings 20 witnesses in front of the mainstream media of the world who each state that they are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing
These 20 witnesses are backed by over 500 military and intelligence witnesses.

It is the largest event in the history of the National Press Club with 22 cameras of the mainstream media in the back row


What was disclosed?

  • Proof our legal government is being denied access

  • Illegal USAPs taking in trillions

  • Zero Point Energy solutions have been suppressed that would eliminate the need for nuclear, oil and coal

  • Anti-gravity craft have been developed back in the 1950s

  • A base exists on the far side of the moon

  • Astronauts are sworn to secrecy what happened on the moon in 1969

  • NASA is purposely obscuring ET craft images before releasing to the public

  • 57 different ET species had been cataloged since 1989

  • ET craft have shut down our nuclear ICBM bases

  • US Navy reporting spacecraft coming out of our oceans

  • Planned future false flag events, with terrorists being next, then followed by rogue nations, asteroids and aliens - (note this was just prior to 9/11 terrorist event)

  • and much more




As one of the top secret military witnesses that testified that day, as well as being an ex-ABC newsman, I naively at the time could not imagine with all of the cameras and news reporters covering these explosive testimonies, how this would not be a world changing event





How did the Mainstream Media cover this major disclosure event?

The controlled mainstream media effectively sanitized this from the public’s awareness utilizing what is termed a "limited hangout" so as to not alert the public to these illegal operations within our government.

The brief coverage by the mainstream media gave the public the impression that we simply wanted to have a congressional hearing on the reality of just UFOs.






Computer hacker in the UK discovers the US Navy's Secret Space Program Solar Warden

Inspired by the 2001 disclosure event witness testimonies, Gary McKinnon discovers evidence of the reality of the Navy's secret space program

In the Naval Space Command computers he sees a large cigar shaped space craft
Naval space vessels USSS Hillenkoetter and USSS LeMay listed
Lists of non-terrestrial officers and Fleet to Fleet transfer logs

The Bush administration was so upset at this security breach revealing the Navy's secret space program, that they wanted McKinnon to be put away in prison for 70 years




Total Recall of US Navy Secret Space Program Service

Since the year 2000, multiple testimonies have surfaced of individuals who were recruited into this program. These programs utilize extremely advanced extraterrestrial based technologies ever since the program launched back in the 1980s. Recruits serve their 20 year tour of duty in space on a separate timeline. At the end of their tour of duty they are age and time regressed back to their point of enlistment on this timeline and their memories of service erased. After 20 years elapses on this timeline, the recruits start to have a total recall of their 20 years of service in the Navy's secret space program. This is why after the year 2000 many are having total recall of their service that started back sometime in the 1980s.




The Secret Space Programs utilize advanced holographic Med Beds that can perform this 20 year age regression, restructure any part of the body based on your DNA frequency and can cure any disease, as well as perform memory suppression.



Testimony from two Secret Space Program witnesses in the US Marine Corps Special Section

Revealing knowledge that President Eisenhower set in place a plan that in the future would act as a institutional safeguard to our constitutional republic

Michael Gerloff

"A secret government so to speak, had come into being surrounding all the secrecy, surrounding the military industrial complex, and that they in some way we had lost control of that and in a sense there was a secret government operating behind the scenes, I believe Eisenhower and the good men and women that were of like mind, who did not want to lose their souls, who did not want to see this occur, but realized it was kind of already too late on some level. My memories as an intelligence officer, the briefings that I attended, the things that I learned, was that there was a plan put in place, and it was going to be a very long-term plan and much further down the road into our future, where this information was going to be brought out" - Michael Gerloff


Randy Cramer

"The US Marine Corps special section was created by a secret executive order by President Eisenhower as a kind of institutional safeguard" - Randy Cramer







The "Deep State"

This infiltration originally connected with the Nazis and their sympathizers who share a common ideology and agenda with eugenicists and the globalist banking elite that originally funded the Nazis into power and control the many transnational corporations that collectively seek to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with their plan for a New World Order. This is what is commonly termed the "Deep State".

By definition, the Deep State is state within a state, a shadow government that manipulates shapes the polices of the visible government, without regard to the best interests of the country, the US constitution, the laws enacted by congress, and the public policies of the president who heads the executive branch.





What if there was an infiltration into our country by a domestic enemy that had a plan to destroy America?

Would it have activated this protective plan Eisenhower set in place decades ago?


How could that plan be brought about with the enemy's complete control of the public's information?




The mainstream media has such a powerful influence in it's public image making ability, it can make a criminal look innocent and the innocent look like a criminal


In 2016 as in 2020, the set agenda by the Bilderberg meetings coordinated media control, is carried out by distributing it's talking points and poll perceptions to all of it's outlets to manipulate the public's perception in support of the set agenda



Then an unexpected situation occurs for the 2016 presidential election that is counter to the set agenda



Military Intelligence who recruited Donald Trump to run for President wins the election

This is in conflict to the secretive Bilderberg Meeting of 2016 which selected Hillary Clinton to carry out their agenda



Why our military doesn't perform a coup against this enemy?

Due to this infiltration, the public for generations has been falsely indoctrinated and is not aware of this hidden history of what happened decades ago. Because of this fact, if the military was to perform a coup, the unsuspecting public not understanding due to the coordinated perception management and complete control of education and the mainstream media, would create a huge public backlash from the uniformed and falsely indoctrinated public that have become unknowingly psychologically weaponized for this enemy's agenda.

In order to awaken the public to this reality, military intelligence has had to go around the control of the mainstream media, utilizing anonymous back channels in order to reach and inform the public with the truth of this matter. The online message posts to the public are simply asking the public specific questions for the public to research for themselves in order for them to discover that the world all of us have been indoctrinated into since birth, has a hidden history that hides an illegal infiltration operating as a domestic enemy. The truth of this matter is creating a great awakening to the reality of these military intelligence operations that are using the rule of law to take down this threat to our country.







2017 OCT 28

Military Intelligence first appears as on anonymous backchannel 8chan with it's first public posts

The purpose of these posts are to alert the public to these military intelligence operations that have been activated
Note that this same day John Durham future US Attorney is appointed.






The use of internet backchannels to inform the public is important in order to go around the centrally coordinated and controlled mainstream media and online media platforms.

If you understand the history of this infiltration that is controlling the public's perceptions then you will know why.







Why is asking specific questions to the public in these posts so threatening to the controlled narrative?

"Amazing how things make sense once you are asked a question. That’s the entire point of this operation"


Note that all these posts are doing, is asking the public questions, and having them do the research to validate the information for themselves.

Nothing has ever been posted that has ever implied violence, racism, hate or Nazi cult like activity, nor have they ever stated that JFK Jr. is alive, all of which they falsely portray to justify the attacks and censorship by the centrally controlled mainstream media and online social media platforms.












The "Rule of Law"

The Rule of Law is required in order to take down this Deep State and their criminal syndicates whose activities have invariably been associated with corruption and human rights abuse.








Hundreds of thousands of seal indictments are currently being amassed to bring these individuals to justice.









The "Deep State" perception management operations are extremely threatened by the awakening public that they will be exposed and brought to justice. Therefore they have gone on full attack and censorship against this information being revealed to the public with all assets now being deployed.

Mainstream Media Attacks

To deter the public from researching any further, they have labeled it as a baseless, deranged fringe conspiracy theory, far-right violent racist Nazi Cult






Online Media Censorship

The several CIA / DARPA influenced online platforms are removing thousands of accounts that bring awareness to these operations








Congress passes a Bill

This Bill condemns and rejects it as just a false conspiracy theory

This Bill states in part:
"Whereas OAnon initially alleged that prominent Americans are engaged in a secret plot to control the world, while using their power to exploit children, and has expanded to embrace virtually every popular conspiracy theory of the last several decades, from questioning the truth about the September 11th terrorist attacks, to believing in alien landings, to denying the safety of vaccines"

Ironically, Representative Tom Malinowski who introduced this bill also lobbied to protect sexual predators that were exploiting children





Brief summation of current events today in 2021


The majority of the public realizes the 2020 Election was compromised by foreign interference for Joe Biden to be inaugurated.

The mainstream media agenda has become more obvious to the public as they falsely claim there was no election interference and that Trump incited the Capital riot.

The big tech agenda is being revealed in their extreme censorship of any opposition to the controlled narrative including that of President Trump

Note that President Trump in the past had a long history of working with the FBI setting up sting operations to bring down large crime syndicates.

Since Trump invoked the Insurrection Act which placed the power with the military, we have been under a Provisional Military Government

The day before Biden was inaugurated, Trump declassified documents which the military now has access to.

Biden is currently acting as an illegitimate president and is accelerating the Deep State's 16 year plan to compromise the United States and usher in their plan for a New World Order.

This time period is important for the public to see for themselves the Deep State's agenda, as you can't TELL the public, you have to SHOW them. Public awareness is critical to support (peacefully) our military in these operations.

The Future of which plan will win?

The Deep State's Plan requires deception through psychological operations and control of the narrative through censorship. Their plan is to undermine the Constitution, bring in the Great Reset and place control under globalist elite rule and reduce the population

The Military Intelligence Plan is to uphold the constitution and awaken the public to this infiltration threat through the disclosure of facts and evidence in order to use the rule of law against this global world wide crime syndicate


Remembering President Trump's inaugeration speech

"We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."


"Unlocking the mysteries of Space"

Revealing the Secret Space Program?


"Free the earth from the miseries of disease"

Replace the corrupt medical system - Med Beds that heal all diseases?

"To harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow"

Zero Point Energy - Clean non-polluting abundant energy?















Reflecting on President Eisenhower's Warning

President Eisenhower gave us a warning to take nothing for granted and that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry could protect our future liberties and freedom.

If an infiltration of unwarranted influences have created a "matrix of perception" that hides their existence through their centralized coordinated control of mainstream media, education, entertainment etc., then the citizens born and indoctrinated into this manipulated reality can be unknowingly manipulated into believing this is the "normal" reality that everyone agrees upon. This can then be used to the citizen's detriment by unknowingly giving their consent to the enemy's hidden agenda. Unless we are alert and knowledgable, as Eisenhower warned, our citizens can be easily deceived through the enemy's full spectrum dominance of the control of information.

What is most threatening to this infiltrated domestic enemy, is the knowledge that they exist. This is why knowing your full history is so important. This is why the control elements are attempting to attack and censor this knowledge and labeling it as simply "conspiracy theories". They know that once the citizens have become knowledgable, and have identified this enemy, they will then have the power to use the rule of law against this domestic enemy and bring them to justice.

In order to support these operations by our military, who is working with our president, our citizens need to be knowledgeable of the reality of these operations, as well as the deceptions of the deep state being used against the American people to hide this fact.

Due to extreme disinformation and psychological warfare efforts, its important to do your own research and verify from multiple sources that corroborate with your own reasoning in order to learn the truth for yourself, and in so doing so, you contribute to this great awakening of our citizens. As Eisenhower once said, to take nothing for granted. Therefore it is important to question and validate for yourself everything.




We now have this rare opportunity in 2020 to take back control of our country and benefit the entire Earth by releasing the control these evil tyrants have had, then we will be able to release the hidden and suppressed advanced technologies for the good of all humanity. An opportunity that have may not have ever been realized, if it were not for the foresight of President Eisenhower to protect our country in the future from this infiltrated enemy.

If these indications are correct, then we owe a great debt of gratitude toward President Eisenhower and The Plan he set in place.


Research Sources:

Military Intelligence postings from 2017 to 2020

Timeline Event References 



















End of timeline presentation on Eisenhower and The Plan


























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A Few Related Foot Notes of Interest:

Note Laura Eisenhower said she was approached by "Mars recruiters" in 2006 to be recruited to Mars using Jump Gate technology to the planet. Good thing she declined the offer, we need her here on Earth!

2015 JUN 15 - The British Interplanetary Society bring together top minds to explore a way on How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.” (Is the real reason for this gathering of top minds about a possible Nazi slave colony on Mars controlled by a ruthless Nazi dictator?)

2015 NOV 25 - Obama Signs Law H.R. 2262 Protecting Corporate Crimes in Space until 2022 (off planet corporate mining operations utilizing slave labor?)

The idea was to create a portal between Earth and Mars. Specifically between Earth and the Martian Pyramids that lay near the great "Face on Mars" in the Cydonia region of Mars which they colonized in 1962 in order to support a secret space program run by the US and the Soviet Union that established these colonies on both the Moon and Mars.

SSP Witness Goode:
There are many who have been a part of the 3 separate Secret Space Programs that are independent of the Secret Earth Governments (one of which is a powerful Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate that owns most of the Mars Bases). According to Corey Goode, he was part of an inspection team on June 20, 2015 sent to investigate accusations of slave labor at a mining facility on Mars owned by an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. Goode provided a detailed report on June 22 2015


"Weltanschauungskrieg" is the Nazi world view warfare plan to infiltrate into the United States and create a matrix of perception through education, media and entertainment to hide their secret operations, while they advance their plan from the underground with the help of the fascist banking elite and corporations to ultimately have world domination for their "New World Order".

Allen Dulles made the secret deals setting the foundation for the 1955 treaty with the Nazis in Antarctica
Allen Dulles was the key U.S. official who negotiated with senior Nazi leaders to reach the secret deals that laid the foundations for later negotiations with the Antarctic based Germans. Since the Antarctic colony was led by the Thule Society and other German Secret Societies that had infiltrated Hitler’s Third Reich, they were responsible for manipulating Hitler into providing the materials and personnel necessary for building the bases there. The German companies that were owned or controlled by the aristocratic members of the Thule and other German Secret Societies were well known to the Dulles brothers. Members included the Thyssens, Krupps, Flicks, Siemens, and others who owned the German companies whose subsidiaries were building spacecraft for the Fourth Reich in Antarctica. His brother John Foster Dulles, was Secretary of State (1953-1959) and was a key figure in handling the diplomatic aspects of the secret negotiations, and reaching a final agreement. While Allen Dulles was responsible for handling all the covert aspects of the negotiations. The Dulles brothers were ably supported in the U.S. Congress by Senator Prescott Bush (1952-1963) (George H.W. Bush's father).

Tompkins served as one of these specially selected individuals, or “preferred human contactees,” they would form a critical role in helping establish a covert alliance between the US Navy and Nordic extraterrestrials. Such an alliance had to be covert, due to the infiltration of the military industrial complex by Nazi Breakaway groups and their Reptilian allies, which had occurred as a result of formal agreements between the Nazi-Reptilians and the Eisenhower administration, beginning at Holloman Air Force Base in February 1955. The Nazi-Reptilian alliance would increasingly coopt many elements of the US military industrial complex over time, including key components of the Air Force, the RAND Corporation, the Central Intelligence Agency

What both Tompkins and Goode described as a Nazi fly over of Washington DC in the summer of 1952, led to subversive agreements with the Eisenhower administration. Goode says these agreements were a “silent coup”: During the 1950’s and after they [NAZI’s] had successfully infiltrated and subverted the Military Industrial Complex and major Corporate heads they had effectively won control of the direction of not only the Break Away Civilization Programs but also the mainstream government and financial system.

Project Dove

When the The Day the Earth Stood Still was being written, produced and released – the President of the NCFE was General Charles Douglas (C.D.) Jackson, who served as Deputy Chief of the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) during WWII, and would later be appointed as special advisor to President Eisenhower on Psychological Warfare. He was, in the words of historian Frances Stoner Saunders, “one of the most influential covert strategists in America.” Jackson referred to Darryl Zanuck as being among a group of Hollywood “friends” – including Jack Warner (Freemason) and Walt Disney (33° Freemason) – on whom the government could rely “to insert in their scripts and in their action the right ideas with the proper subtlety.”

(Reagan Briefing)

The NSC felt open disclosure could lead to nationwide panic if all information about UFOs and alien visitation was released. As well, the caretaker explained that public awareness of ongoing research and exchange with captured aliens could seriously “jeopardize the future space program of the United States. Releasing our secrets about UFOs and alien visitation would also cause a panic among religious leaders around the world. Therefore, MJ-12 decided that an independent scientific study of the UFO phenomena would be needed to satisfy the public curiosity.”

The Caretaker revealed an important operation developed over the years to safeguard UFO information. “We call it ‘Project DOVE’. It is a complex series of Public Relations operations by our military intelligence agencies to dis-inform the public.  As you know, Mr. President, we have some highly classified aircraft. In order to keep these aircraft secret, we tend to convince, at times, the public and press that maybe UFOs are real in order to make the public think what they are seeing are actually UFOs instead of our own secret aircraft even though we know maybe some of the sightings are of actual UFOs. As I said before, this is complicated, but it is a form of counterintelligence. We give the public some actual facts and let them run with it.

In the President Ronald Reagan briefing by the 13th Director of Central Intelligence William Casey openly revealed how a psychological program was using the media to carefully craft a public perception of the UFO phenomenon… “If you consider the first person who helped us with this disinformation program, was Mr. George Adamski, back in the early 50's". 

The briefing also revealed the influence of "... All productions of UFO-related moviesThis helps the public to keep their minds open, but also allows us to keep our secret aircraft away from the public's knowledge.  That includes some of the craft that were lent to us by the Ebens."

The first movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a cooperative venture with the United States Air Force and the movie industry. 

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
- William Casey


The 16 year plan to destroy America - 8 HUSSEIN (Obama) 8 HRC (Hillary) - pure evil - They never thought she would lose.


My grandfather signing a oath of allegiance to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.




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