Timeline of Events

For a Visual Presentation












Maria Orsic of the Vril Society channels Nordic ET design for a space craft which Dr. Schumann finds viable physics for development










Nazis SS developed operational anti-gravity craft 20 years ahead of the US with the assistance of Draco ETs









1938 OCT 30

Rockefeller Foundation funds a psychological study of public fear reaction to a fake alien invasion radio broadcast

It was the first mainstream media psychological operation heard by 6 million people
1.7 million believed the broadcast to be genuine
1.2 million were frightened enough to take action either by running away or preparing to fight the alien invaders

Dr. Hadly Cantril later wrote a paper titled "The Invasion from Mars - "A Study in the Psychology of Panic
examining the power of a radio broadcast media and its effects on a population under the direct influence of fear.











US Navy spy reveals Nazi space program to Navy Secretary James Forrestal who commences a Navy spy program in Germany









1942 FEB 24

The Battle of LA recovers two ET drone craft which the Army Air Force and Navy each took one for reverse engineering







1942 AUG 23

The Vril Society / Nazi SS establish a moon base with their anti-gravity craft










Nazi plan of infiltration into the US to create a matrix of perception using "world view warfare" plan Weltanschauungskrieg









Nazis escape to Antarctica and South America with over 100 U-boats, 250,000 Germans and Reich's top scientists unaccounted for








1945 APR

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler successfully escaped as revealed in the JFK files that were not released until the year 2017









1945 MAY 2

Allen Dulles cuts a deal with the head of Nazi intelligence and his Nazi spy network of thousands to work within the US intelligence OSS/CIA









1945 MAY 8

We believed we won the war with the Nazis










1945 JUN 26

United Nations is formed - Drafted by Roosevelt and Churchill









1946 JUL 1

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is formed
The U.S. military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors at this time

"The Nazi scientists that came over in Paperclip took over the aerospace and biomedical operations within the US. One of the first Nazi biomedical take overs was Scripps Research. Eventually the highest positions within the US pharmaceutical industry are in their control today" - William Tompkins US Navy








1946 SEP

Operation Paperclip - Nazis get new paper work and get placed in many high positions in Aerospace, Biomedical etc.








Official history of WWII rewritten in education to hide the Nazi escape and infiltration by the Rockefeller Foundation







1947 JAN 17

Adm. Byrd's Operation High Jump is totally defeated by Nazi craft in Antarctica









1947 JUN 16

A network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) in US commences with Hitler's mastermind Xaver Dorsch under Paperclip











1947 JUL 8

Extraterrestrial vehicle crashes at Roswell, New Mexico and cover story is issued










1947 JUL 26

President Truman initiates the National Security Act











1947 SEP 18

Allen Dulles has President Truman reluctantly convert the wartime OSS into a permanent CIA and the US Air Force is created










1947 SEP 18

President Truman has James Forrestal create the Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) group

"I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified Flying Objects."
~ Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - First director of the CIA and MJ-1 of MJ-12










Over 100,000 television sets now in homes is now a primary communication tool for psychological warfare










1948 APR 7

World Health Organization is formed under the United Nations









1948 MAY

Project RAND turns into the RAND Corporation now run by the Air Force forcing the Navy to secretly do ET reverse engineering operations separately









1949 MAY 22

James Forrestal wanted to alert the public to this threat is murdered by MJ-12

MAJESTIC Annual Report document stated...
"The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable."









The 1949 CIA Act gives approval for a 'Black Budget' to operate outside the law










Allen Dulles starts CIA Operation Mockingbird which takes full control of the mainstream media news outlets to control the public perception







Newspaper tabloid owner trained by the CIA to disseminate discrediting stories to the public on UFO/ET subject







Project Dove influences the Hollywood movie industry which forms in the public's imagination their perception of extraterrestrials







1952 FEB 1

Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 suppresses thousands of technology advances such as Anti-gravity and Free energy in the US







1952 MAY

TOP SECRET MJ-12 Annual Report "Discussing containment for the Catholic Church if mass sightings occur"

Cardinal Francis Spellman

"15. At the request of Panel member Cardinal Francis Spellman met with the President to discuss the containment with the Catholic Church and its hierchy of religious speculation if mass sightings occur. Such containment was successful during the 1947 sightings when Cardinal Spellman met with the Secrectary of War on 29 June. The President has been briefed on Defense Plan 4P, which was written in part by the Panel member."







1952 JUL 12

Nazi craft fly over Washington DC to intimidate Truman and Eisenhower







1952 NOV 4

The National Security Agency is created






Start of Eisenhower Administration



1952 NOV 18

President-Elect Eisenhower receives MJ-12 briefing on the UFO/ET matter









Gen. Walter B. Smith DCI / MJ-12 member sends memo to utilize UFOs for psychological warfare









1952 NOV 20

George Adamski Contact in California with Nazi Craft (Nazi/CIA psyops)







1953 JAN 20

Dwight D. Eisenhower is President







1953 JAN 14

The Robertson Panel formed by CIA to deny UFO/ET reality to the public







1953 FEB

Allen Dulles assigned as Director of the CIA who is infamous for the Nazi infiltration







1953 APR 13

Allen Dulles initiates MK-ULTRA for mind control projects





1954 FEB 20

Eisenhower has a ‘First Contact’ meeting with benevolent Nordic extraterrestrials at Edwards AFB

According to witness Gerald Light, Eisenhower was planning on having public disclosure in May

Witness Cardinal Francis MacIntyre broke secrecy oath and reported this to the Pope. Eisenhower's planned disclosure never happened.








1954 MAR 10

JANAP 146(C) Established severe penalties for military or civilian pilots disclosing UFO sightings









1954 APR

MJ-12 Special Operations Manual SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal.









1954 MAY 29

Nazi SS start the first of yearly ongoing Bilderberg secret meetings which coordinates the agenda for the mainstream media today








1954 JUL 18

Grenada diplomatic treaty is signed for a technology transfer program with Zeta Reticuli ETs by Eisenhower at Kirtland AFB









Nelson Rockefeller restructures CIA/MJ-12 operations which leaves President Eisenhower without jurisdiction or access











(Date is estimated)

Reverse engineering operations moved from Wright Patterson AFB to Area 51/S-4 under the control of the CIA








1954 OCT

United States Developed Anti-Gravity craft 20 years behind the Nazis










1955 FEB 11

President Eisenhower negotiates agreement / surrender with Nazi/Draco Alliance at Holloman AFB









1955 FEB

Eisenhower's Secret Executive Memo creates new members of permanent MJ-12 committee with Allen Dulles as MJ-1











1955 MAR 9

Walt Disney and Werner von Braun used television to sell to the public on the use of rocket propulsion to overcome gravity










1955 NOV

Operation Deep Freeze transferring supplies and personnel to Antarctica








1956 JAN 7

Willard Wannall has contact in Oahu, Hawaii with Nazi Craft

He noted the swastika and Nazi Iron Cross on both the UFO and the uniform of the occupant. The saucer pilot spoke with a German accent, and had a Nazi uniform









A global effort in educational institutions to silence the truth about the powers of human consciousness to affect reality

Professor Hans Eysenck









Astronaut Gordon Cooper at Edwards AFB films encounter of alien craft which the CIA confiscates

"So they told one untruth, they had to tell another to cover that one, then another, then another . . . it just snowballed. And right now I'm convinced a lot of very embarrassed government officials are sitting there in Washington trying to figure a way to bring the truth out. They know it's got to come out one day, and I'm sure it will. America has a right to know!" - Astronaut Gordon Cooper






Colonel Philip J. Corso has an encounter with an extraterrestrial at White Sands

The little ET asked Philip Corso to turn off the radar so that he could get out of here and go. And Philip Corso asked "Well, if I help you, what’s in it for me? What do I get out of this?"
The ET replied with... "A new world if you can take it."







1957 MAR 16

Valiant Thor arrives in a spaceship allegedly from Venus to meet President Eisenhower and offer solutions for Earth

Valiant Thor's incredible offer to help Earth was refused because these solutions would jeopardize Earth's corporations such as the pharmaceutical and energy industries.








1957 NOV 5

Reinhold O. Schmidt has contact in Nebraska with Nazi craft

He could hear them talking among themselves in “high German language, very good high German"









President Eisenhower is denied access to Area 51 and threatens to invade the base if MJ-12 does not allow him access

Witness testimony of CIA operative Stein/Kewper sent on mission by Eisenhower to Area 51 to report activities











(Date is estimated)

President Eisenhower sets up a secret executive order for a USMC special section military intelligence unit to act as an institutional future safeguard

According to witness testimonies










1958 FEB 7

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is created

Later in 1969 DARPA created the Internet we have today








1958 JUL 29

NASA is created and run by Nazi SS keeping us believing we need primitive rocket propulsion








Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin on Eisenhower's Staff witnessed the loss of control to the corporations








1959 JUN 8

Project Horizon - A study is made for the establishment of a Lunar Military Outpost.







Nazi Paperclip scientists claim extreme advancements due to having help from "people of other worlds"








1959 DEC 1

The Antarctic Treaty is signed yet the Nazis secretly are in violation by utilizing slave labor underground for their military space operations








1960 FEB 28

President Eisenhower has meeting in Bariloche, Argentina a known Nazi hideout of Adolf Hitler who is alive at this time.









1961 JAN 17

President Eisenhower attempts to warn the American public on television

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. " ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower








1961 JAN 19

Eisenhower and Kennedy Private Meeting over the situation of MJ-12






End of Eisenhower Administration







Denied Access


Future presidents, CIA directors and heads of intelligence are now illegally being denied access









President Kennedy

Ten days after sending a Top Secret Memo to the CIA requesting the UFO Files
an Assassination Directive by Allen Dulles was carried out on the president.










President Carter

Having reported a UFO, Carter made it a campaign promise to release the UFO Files.
The president was denied access by CIA director George H.W. Bush












President Clinton

White House correspondent Sarah McClendon quoted Clinton in response to UFO disclosure
"Sarah, there's a secret government inside the government, and I don't control it."










CIA Director James Woolsey

In a 3 hour private meeting with Dr. Steven Greer the CIA director stated
"I know this subject is real, I want to know why the hell I can't gain access to it?"










Outside of Area 51 Civilian Researchers meet for first time with S-4 Scientist Robert Lazar

Being one of the researchers at this meeting I covertly recorded the only video of this event



Area 51 base goes into Lockdown due to these civilian meetings

A Classified NRO Special Security Advisory is sent to all base operations

On the distribution list is included Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) such as COSMIC & MAJI Ops.










1997 APR 9

Dr. Steven Greer acquires this NRO classified document and sets up a meeting at the Pentagon

Dr. Greer is joined by Lt Cmdr Willard Miller and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell


A meeting is held with the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson

The admiral asking to be read into these USAPs listed on the NRO document that are reverse engineering ET craft is denied access and threatened to immediately drop any further investigation or he would lose his rank and be retired early.

Vice Admiral Wilson is furious that his high level of constitutional authority is being denied access to these illegal operations!

He authorizes Dr. Greer to bring forth witnesses before the mainstream media of the world that are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing by saying

"Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal!"









2001 MAY 9

National Press Club Washington DC

Dr. Greer brings 20 witnesses in front of the mainstream media of the world who each state that they are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing
These 20 witnesses are backed by over 500 military and intelligence witnesses.

It is the largest event in the history of the National Press Club with 22 cameras of the mainstream media in the back row


What was disclosed?

  • Proof our legal government is being denied access

  • Illegal USAPs taking in trillions

  • Zero Point Energy solutions have been suppressed that would eliminate the need for nuclear, oil and coal

  • Anti-gravity craft have been developed back in the 1950s

  • A base exists on the far side of the moon

  • Astronauts are sworn to secrecy what happened on the moon in 1969

  • NASA is purposely obscuring ET craft images before releasing to the public

  • 57 different ET species had been cataloged since 1989

  • ET craft have shut down our nuclear ICBM bases

  • US Navy reporting spacecraft in secret reports coming out of our oceans

  • Planned future false flag events, with terrorists being next, then followed by rogue nations, asteroids and aliens - (note this was just prior to 9/11 terrorist event)

  • and much more










As one of the top secret military witnesses that testified that day, as well as being an ex-ABC newsman, I naively at the time could not imagine with all of the cameras and news reporters covering these explosive testimonies, how this would not be a world changing event










How did the Mainstream Media cover this major disclosure event?

The controlled mainstream media effectively sanitized this from the public’s awareness utilizing what is termed a "limited hangout" so as to not alert the public to these illegal operations within our government.

The brief coverage by the mainstream media gave the public the impression that we simply wanted to have a congressional hearing on the reality of just UFOs.










Computer hacker in the UK discovers the US Navy's Secret Space Program Solar Warden

Inspired by the 2001 disclosure event witness testimonies, Gary McKinnon discovers evidence of the reality of the Navy's secret space program

In the Naval Space Command computers he finds the "Solar Warden" secret space program
He sees an image of a large cigar shaped space craft
Naval space vessels USSS Hillenkoetter and USSS LeMay listed
Lists of non-terrestrial officers and Fleet to Fleet transfer logs

The Bush administration was so upset at this security breach revealing the Navy's secret space program, that they wanted McKinnon to be put away in prison for 70 years







Total Recall of US Navy Secret Space Program Service

Since the year 2000, multiple testimonies have surfaced of individuals who were recruited into this program. These programs utilize extremely advanced extraterrestrial based technologies ever since the program launched back in the 1980s. Recruits serve their 20 year tour of duty in space on a separate timeline. At the end of their tour of duty they are age and time regressed back to their point of enlistment on this timeline and their memories of service erased. After 20 years elapses on this timeline, the recruits start to have a total recall of their 20 years of service in the Navy's secret space program. This is why after the year 2000 many are having total recall of their service that started back sometime in the 1980s.





The Secret Space Programs utilize advanced holographic Med Beds that can perform this 20 year age regression, restructure any part of the body based on your DNA frequency and can cure any disease, as well as perform memory suppression.






Testimony from two Secret Space Program witnesses in the US Marine Corps Special Section

Revealing knowledge that President Eisenhower set in place a plan that in the future would act as a institutional safeguard to our constitutional republic

Michael Gerloff

"A secret government so to speak, had come into being surrounding all the secrecy, surrounding the military industrial complex, and that they in some way we had lost control of that and in a sense there was a secret government operating behind the scenes, I believe Eisenhower and the good men and women that were of like mind, who did not want to lose their souls, who did not want to see this occur, but realized it was kind of already too late on some level. My memories as an intelligence officer, the briefings that I attended, the things that I learned, was that there was a plan put in place, and it was going to be a very long-term plan and much further down the road into our future, where this information was going to be brought out" - Michael Gerloff


Randy Cramer

"The US Marine Corps special section was created by a secret executive order by President Eisenhower as a kind of institutional safeguard" - Randy Cramer










The "Deep State"

This infiltration originally connected with the Nazis and their sympathizers who share a common ideology and agenda with eugenicists and the globalist banking elite that originally funded the Nazis into power and control the many transnational corporations that collectively seek to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with their plan for a New World Order. This is what is commonly termed the "Deep State".

By definition, the Deep State is state within a state, a shadow government that manipulates shapes the polices of the visible government, without regard to the best interests of the country, the US constitution, the laws enacted by congress, and the public policies of the president who heads the executive branch.





What if there was an infiltration into our country by a domestic enemy that had a plan to destroy America?

Would it have activated this protective plan Eisenhower set in place decades ago?


How could that plan be brought about with the enemy's complete control of the public's information?




The mainstream media has such a powerful influence in it's public image making ability, it can make a criminal look innocent and the innocent look like a criminal


In 2016 as in 2020, the set agenda by the Bilderberg meetings coordinated media control, is carried out by distributing it's talking points and poll perceptions to all of it's outlets to manipulate the public's perception in support of the set agenda



Then an unexpected situation occurs for the 2016 presidential election that is counter to the set agenda



Military Intelligence who recruited Donald Trump to run for President wins the election

This is in conflict to the secretive Bilderberg Meeting of 2016 which selected Hillary Clinton to carry out their agenda



Why our military doesn't perform a coup against this enemy?

Due to this infiltration, the public for generations has been falsely indoctrinated and is not aware of this hidden history of what happened decades ago. Because of this fact, if the military was to perform a coup, the unsuspecting public not understanding due to the coordinated perception management and complete control of education and the mainstream media, would create a huge public backlash from the uniformed and falsely indoctrinated public that have become unknowingly psychologically weaponized for this enemy's agenda.

In order to awaken the public to this reality, military intelligence has had to go around the control of the mainstream media, utilizing anonymous back channels in order to reach and inform the public with the truth of this matter. The online message posts to the public are simply asking the public specific questions for the public to research for themselves in order for them to discover that the world all of us have been indoctrinated into since birth, has a hidden history that hides an illegal infiltration operating as a domestic enemy. The truth of this matter is creating a great awakening to the reality of these military intelligence operations that will use the rule of law to take down this threat to our country.









2017 OCT 28

Military Intelligence first appearing as on anonymous backchannel 8chan with it's first public posts

The purpose of these posts are to alert the public to these military intelligence operations that have been activated

Note that this same day John Durham future US Attorney is appointed.





The use of internet backchannels to inform the public is important in order to go around the centrally coordinated and controlled mainstream media and online media platforms.

If you understand the history of this infiltration that is controlling the public's perceptions then you will know why.







Why is asking specific questions to the public in these posts so threatening to the controlled narrative?

"Amazing how things make sense once you are asked a question. That’s the entire point of this operation"


Note that all these posts are doing, is asking the public questions, and having them do the research to validate the information for themselves.

Nothing has ever been posted that has ever implied violence, racism, hate or Nazi cult like activity, nor have they ever stated that JFK Jr. is alive, all of which they falsely portray to justify the attacks and censorship by the centrally controlled mainstream media and online social media platforms.












The "Rule of Law"

The Rule of Law is required in order to take down this Deep State and their criminal syndicates whose activities have invariably been associated with corruption and human rights abuse.








Hundreds of thousands of seal indictments are currently being amassed to bring these individuals to justice.









The "Deep State" perception management operations are extremely threatened by the awakening public that they will be exposed and brought to justice. Therefore they have gone on full attack and censorship against this information being revealed to the public with all assets now being deployed.

Mainstream Media Attacks

To deter the public from researching any further, they have labeled it as a baseless, deranged fringe conspiracy theory, far-right violent racist Nazi Cult






Online Media Censorship

The several CIA / DARPA influenced online platforms are removing thousands of accounts that bring awareness to these operations








Congress passes a Bill

This Bill condemns and rejects it as just a false conspiracy theory

This Bill states in part:
"Whereas OAnon initially alleged that prominent Americans are engaged in a secret plot to control the world, while using their power to exploit children, and has expanded to embrace virtually every popular conspiracy theory of the last several decades, from questioning the truth about the September 11th terrorist attacks, to believing in alien landings, to denying the safety of vaccines"

Ironically, Representative Tom Malinowski who introduced this bill also lobbied to protect sexual predators that were exploiting children











2020 Election

Foreign election interference from multiple countries manipulated online the Dominion voting machines






2020 NOV 7 - Mainstream media reports that Joe Biden is the winner








2021 JAN 17 - Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe reported to congress that China interfered in the election








2021 JAN 20 - Joe Biden is sworn in to be commander-in-chief and an asset to continue the Deep State's plan








The majority of the public realizes the 2020 Election was compromised by foreign interference along with the pandemic, allowing for Joe Biden to be inaugurated. All elements that interferred with the election will be subject to the following Executive Order.

The mainstream media agenda has become more obvious to much of the public as they falsely claim there was absolutely no evidence of election interference and that Trump definitely incited the Jan 6th Capital riot.





Since Trump invoked the Insurrection Act which placed the power with the military, we have been under a Provisional Military Government

The day before Biden was inaugurated, Trump declassified documents which the military now has access to which can be acted upon using the requirements set forth in the DOD Law of War Manual.

Therefore, Biden is currently acting as an illegitimate president and has been accelerating the Deep State's 16 year plan to compromise the United States and usher in their plan for a New World Order.

This time period is important for the public to SEE for themselves the Deep State's agenda, as you can't TELL the public, you have to SHOW them. Public awareness is critical to support (peacefully) our military in these operations to protect our constitutional republic.



Remembering President Trump's inauguration speech

"We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."


"Unlocking the mysteries of Space" - Revealing the Secret Space Program?


"Free the earth from the miseries of disease" - Replace the corrupt medical system - Med Beds that heal all diseases?

"To harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow" - Zero Point Energy - Clean non-polluting abundant energy?



Humanity has a potential timeline that can create a beautiful brave new world ahead










The infiltrated and centrally controlled Mainstream Media that sets the narrative to control the public's perceptions toward the Deep State's agenda, does not serve the people, truly it is...

"The Enemy of the People"











Adolf Hitler understood propaganda intuitively. He wrote in Mein Kampf ...

A Great Lie

“One started out with the very correct assumption that in the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of people may fall victim to a great lie rather than a small one, since they themselves also lie sometimes in little things but would certainly be too ashamed to tell a great lie. Thus, it would not enter their heads to tell a great lie, and they would not believe that others could tell such an infamous lie; indeed, they will doubt and hesitate; even after learning the truth, they will continue to think there must be some other explanation; therefore, just for this reason, some part of the most impudent lie will remain and stick, a fact which all great lying artists and societies of this world know only too well and therefore villainously employ.”









The COVID Pandemic and Vaccination Agenda of the Deep State


Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19


This was a pre-planned biological attack to accomplish:

1. Destroying the Economy

2. Compromising the Election

According to Lt General Thomas McInerney


Indications are also ...

3. Reducing the Population




In 1992 the United Nations adopted the Agenda 21 depopulation program

The Deep State's drastic population reduction plan is revealed in Agenda 21 / 2030 which appears is being implemented through the unsuspecting public's voluntary acceptance of being vaccinated with these so called "experimental vaccines" that through pandemic fear are being highly promoted by the controlled mainstream media and the illegitimate deep state government authorities and their compliant assets.






"It's your patriotic duty to get vaccinated" - Joe Biden





How are they able to do this?



The Mainstream Media propaganda is the Deep State's primary tool to promote fear of the pandemic through fabricated case and death statistics being continually being broadcast across all their media outlets

This false fear was created to convince people to take the experimental vaccine in order to return to "NORMAL" the authorities said.







250 million people have taken this experimental injection into their bodies trusting the mainstream media's advice

CDC Data









In order to falsify the rising Case & Death numbers the PCR test cycles were calibrated to give 97% false positives for COVID









Hospitals then make it mandatory in order to be admitted to be tested with the faulty PCR test

They are then paid large financial incentives through the CARES Act for all cases and deaths they record as tested COVID positive









This is where all these COVID case and death numbers come from

In order to manipulate the normal statistics of Flu, Pneumonia, Cancer, Heart Attacks, etc.
they used the faulty PCR testing which allowed them all to be attributed to COVID










This is revealed in the total yearly deaths for 2020 being approximately the same as in previous years with the death numbers shifted over to all be COVID related

Yearly Death Totals

2020 - 2,838,000
2019 - 2,855,000
2018 - 2,839,000
2017 - 2,814,000









This is how the promoted fear on the media of the COVID rising case and death numbers rose










What is the truth about the real dangers of the COVID-19 virus?



The COVID-19 virus is real, it is just nowhere near the fatality rate used in the media's death statistic propaganda


Many doctors have testified that Hydroxychloroquine easily treats COVID-19 but have been censored and attacked



If COVID-19 is highly survivable and there is safe and effective treatment available, you would not need a vaccine.









All of these indications appear that, what they call a "vaccine" wasn't created to save us from a pandemic
The pandemic was fabricated to use fear in the media so it would convince us to take this vaccine








What are highly reputable and knowledgeable scientists and doctors around the world attempting to warn the public about what these experimental vaccines do?











"Experimental Covid-19 vaccines could be used for massive-scale depopulation.
Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death"

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist Ref









“The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public
and masks are utterly useless”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Top Pathologist and Maker of the COVID PCR Tests Ref










"They are Killing People with COVID Vaccines to Reduce World's Population"

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi World-renown German microbiologist Ref









"The Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months"

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny widely regarded as the most knowledgeable physician on the adverse impact that vaccines Ref









"This is Not a Vaccine, what we have is a massive brilliant propaganda of genocide"


Dr. Larry Palevsky explains in this 9 min video why the vaccinated who are shedding should be quarantined from the unvaccinated. Ref









"Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants."

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche DVM, PhD in Virology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Ref









"The government is scrubbing unprecedented numbers of injection-related deaths"

Dr. Peter McCullough One of the world’s most prominent medical doctors with expertise in treating COVID-19 Ref









"Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity"

Dr. Lee Merritt Former President of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons Ref










Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits MRNA Vaccine Alters the DNA

Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA. Ref









Many Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!

In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines. Ref








All of these credible voices are not "baseless conspiracy theorists"


(As online Fact Checkers and the Controlled Mainstream Media may try to imply)







What all these scientists and doctors are collaborating in saying is, that the public who are getting injected with these experimental mRNA injections, which are not really "vaccines", will have their DNA modified so that it will start a process that will be seen over time that their bodies will not stop generating these detrimental spike proteins which will accelerate more contagious lethal super strain adaptations which their bodies will shed.

This transforms all those vaccinated into a walking bioweapon factory that will shed spike protein contagions that can be lethal when exposed to the unvaccinated.

By giving the vaccinated "vaccine passports" would allow them to roam freely shedding these more deadly strains to spread across the world's population, thus fullfilling their depopulation plan.

The weaponized media will most likely spin and blame the unvaccinated for what will ensue in the months ahead.

We are now at a point in this time line where humanity needs to awaken to the deceptions being perpetrated on the people of the world, or face the consequences of the deep state's planned agenda





Some Positive News...



"There's an antidote, because these people wouldn't be injecting people unless they knew the answer, suramin, this is the most important antidote"

Dr. Judy Mikovits research scientist PhD in biochemistry from George Washington University

Suramin can be found in Pine Needle Tea







So here we are today









Which Future Timeline of which plan will win?

The Deep State's Plan

Requires deception through psychological operations and control of the narrative through the mainstream media and online censorship. Their eugenicist plan is to undermine the Constitution, disarm the population, bring in the "Great Reset" and place control under globalist elite rule and dramatically reduce the population with bioweapons for their New World Order


The Military Intelligence Plan

Is to uphold the constitution and awaken the public to this domestic enemy infiltration threat through the disclosure of facts and evidence in order to use the rule of law against this global world wide crime syndicate of genocidal psychopaths and their crimes against humanity and possibly release an antidote to reverse the effects of the poisonous experimental injections that the public has unknowingly taken.










How can we affect the direction of our future timeline?




Outwardly we affect reality

Your actions, deeds, and integrity of being your authentic self affects the global collective mind.

It is important with all of the disinformation being propagated, that each person do their own due diligence and research from multiple sources in order to verify for themselves what is happening in the world and the history that has brought us to today's world, and then share that knowledge to expose that information to others. Speak out and let your voice be heard!

Today, although highly controlled and censored, social media is a main outlet to allow for the exchange of thoughts with many other minds. Such as this online platform.

United we are strong, divided we are weak.




“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Meade

"Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change."
- Robert F. Kennedy 1966 Speech, US Democratic Politician

"We have an army of digital soldiers. This was irregular warfare at it's finest in politics. We have what we call here citizen journalists because the journalists we have in our media did a disservice to themselves"
- General Michael T. Flynn








Inwardly we affect reality

Stay Healthy

To be effective, keep healthy and deep breath fresh air and get sunshine exposure, supplement a healthy diet with vitamins D, C, Zinc and Lysine to keep your immune system optimal, connect with nature and meditate for inner strength and clarity. As many medical experts advise, avoid exposure from the vaccinated that will be shedding these dangerous contagions.

It may be that the Suramin in Pine Needle Tea may act as an antidote as Dr. Judy Mikovits suggested.




Looking back 100 years in history, the Nazis and their Secret Societies understood the power of the collective mind to affect reality, and used it.

Order of the Black Sun, Vril Society and the Thule Society Symbols

Heinrich Himmler set up the occult underpinnings of the SS leadership at the medieval castle of Wewelsburg:

Wewelsburg Castle

Here the secret Chapter of the Order of the Black Sun assembled. Each member had his own armchair with an engraved silver nameplate and each had to devote himself to a ritual of spiritual exercises aimed mainly at group mental concentration with the twelve picked from the senior Gruppenfuhrers.

Himmler made exhaustive efforts around the world to seek out and harness "occult" (meaning hidden) knowledge and power for the Nazi war effort.  At Wewelsburg Castle Himmler led elite SS members on numerous sessions of "spiritual exercises" which included meditation and intensive visualization to create personal and group reality.

The chamber within Wewelsburg Castle where Himmler led elite SS in group meditation and visualization exercises

The Nazis working though the Rockefeller Foundation took over education right after the war in 1946 to hide the Nazi escape, infiltration and their connection with the occult. This suppression of knowledge regarding the powers of human consciousness to affect reality was no doubt part of their "world view warfare" plan or "Weltanschauungskrieg".

Their world view warfare plan was to infiltrate into the United States and create a matrix of perception through education system, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment to hide their secret operations, while they advance their plan from the underground with the help of the fascist banking elite and corporations to ultimately have world domination for their "New World Order".

The Nazis attempted to hide this knowledge In 1957, as there was a global effort to silence the truth about the powers of human consciousness to affect reality

Professor Hans Eysenck

Professor Hans Eysenck, then chairman of the psychology department at the University of London, wrote a letter insinuating that there was a gigantic conspiracy involving some 30 major universities all over the world. Hundreds of highly respected scientists had silenced the truth about what they knew about the powers of human consciousness.

Today they use full use of the power to influence many minds through their control of the mainstream media on television. It is important to understand what they are doing and not give your consent to their fabricated false reality they wish to propagate into many minds to manifest in our reality that can be planted within your subconscious mind that is collectively connected to all minds.

In regards to unknowingly giving consent to dark elements. A positive approach is to give consent to those beings in the higher realms that can assist humanity through this dark period. Consciously give your consent and ask that they assist for the most benevolent outcome for humanity on this planet.



The Power of Love over Fear

In the research of consciousness shows that the fundamental structure of reality is associated with what we term "love" and that anything else is a distortion of this matrix we are in. This is revealed in the sensitive crystallization structuring of water exposed to either the mind energies of love or hate. The matrix has a structure to it which has it's alignment with love, hate can not align with this matrix as it is a distortion of it.

"Love is the only power, everything else is an illusion"
-David Icke

"Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form. When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness."
- Marcel Vogel


Each of us is like a creative fractal holographic aspect of a larger collective holographic metamorphic mind

Dr. Marcel Vogel once said that the sciences and laws of consciousness are “akin” or similar in some ways to the known laws in physics.  In a way the collective consciousness could be likened to how the element of water responded in an experiment Dr. Vogel performed with a single drop of water from a "sacred" spring.   He was able to measure a high energetic structured signature from this spring water in which he placed only a single drop into a large container of unstructured bulk water, which had a low energetic structured signature.   Almost immediately every drop of the entire volume of water took on the energetic charge from the single drop, structuring the entire volume of water. Each of us could be likened to that single drop of water. Note that this higher vibrational structure within the water is not affected by adding a drop of unstructured bulk water, showing that the higher vibrations such as found in love, gratitude, etc has a greater effect than that of a discordant unstructured drop of water to affect the whole.

The effect of a small group of people to affect this collective field was documented in the "International Peace Project in the Middle East," published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988.  Researchers were able to identify the minimum number of people needed to experience inner peace before it’s mirrored in the surrounding world.  That number they determined is the square root of one percent of the population.   This represents only the base number required for the effect to begin -- the more people participate, the more pronounced the outcome.  For example the square root of one percent of the population of earth, which is over 7 billion would be a little more than only 8,000 people to affect the entire population of this planet.  This has been proven in numerous repeated experiments to be a fact.

Further evidence of this collective field was indicated by Princeton University who setup a worldwide network of physical random number generators located all over the planet to measure the effects of consciousness on electronic devices and called it the “Global Consciousness Project”.  On the day of the 9-11 event, the equipment spiked a large signal showing there was a collective emotional response that could actually be measured by this field. Other large recordings have occurred on presidential inaugurations, tsunamis and the deaths of public figures. In other words, collectively together, we produce an effect which can be actually measured.

How our collective reality is molded according to the strength of our belief about it is demonstrated in a Beijing Chinese hospital, where a large tumor growth in a woman is dematerialized completely in less than three minutes by three practitioners utilizing their combined coherency of their creative belief by visualizing and feeling that it is already healed and healthy, while they did this they chanted something to the effect “already happened, already done” to reinforce that agreed upon reality between them. The woman complimented this agreed upon reality process by believing in it as well.

Before and after imaging of tumor within minutes






The Creative Power of Visualization

The dark elements of the deep state that know how to harness the collective mind of the masses through television and movies to precipitate into reality the reality they choose to manifest. When millions of minds are watching "television programming", these minds can fall easily into an Alpha brainwave state that is not engaging the conscious mind to discriminate, but rather allowing the information to bypass and go directly into the subconscious mind. The subconscious minds of millions are interconnected to a global collective mind that creates what the collective "agreed upon reality" is. This is the basis of predictive programming, placing in your subconscious what is going to happen before it does.

Scientists are discovering that reality is like a quantum computer simulation program

"Man is made in the image of God, therefore we create"
- Marcel Vogel

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."
- Max Planck

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think we become.”
- Buddha

If no one is an isolated island in this matrix in which we are are interconnected, and this matrix has a holographic fractal nature to it, that would mean that any change in the hologram is reflected throughout the entire hologram. As in the example of Dr. Vogel's experiment with the drop of water with a high vibration patterning structuring the large volume of unstructured water is an example how the power of love has the power through resonance of the matrix of the waters of the collective mind.

Therefore, to be powerful and effective, whatever you creatively visualize and accept for reality must be done with love and for the most benevolent outcome for all concerned. Something the Nazis may have had some difficulty with in their creative visualizations led by Himmler if not aligned for the good of all.

So if we each have the creative power of visualization within us, and reality is in effect "programmable", then why would you ever want to create a program that has a lot of suffering and a short eventual death? Why not create a program that is filled with love and purpose?

Since what you imagine in your minds eye on a certain level is being manifest as you think it to be. When this reality is continually fed your belief about it, it starts to come into manifestation in your outer reality to the degree that you believe that reality, and know your power to create it.

Therefore I would like to invite you on an imaginary journey in visualizing a potential very benevolent reality, with keeping in mind to never put a limitation on how good something can manifest, but rather to keep open by saying in your mind that "you accept this to manifest or better for the most benevolent outcome for all."

So I invite you to imagine the following unfolding of events on our current time line on earth...






Imagine that...


There was once a plot against all humanity on earth, but before it was too late, humanity awoke to the nefarious plot and saw through their manipulation of their perceptions. Using the rule of law, the perpetrators were brought to justice so that their malevolent plans could never be carried out any further on the population of earth.

Antidotes were administrated to all that were injected with their poisonous depopulation injections. All of their control of our perceptions through the use of information systems of big media and big tech were dismantled and replaced with media and information systems that truly informed and served the best interests of humanity.

The suppressed technologies of the secret space programs were released which dramatically changed all of the toxic technologies on earth to technologies that work in harmony with the laws of nature and the planet.

Advanced healing centers are set up across the planet that can heal all diseases and perform age reversal. Remote areas of the planet are now able to be colonized as well as off planet colonization. No longer are there diseases and suffering from age deterioration, nor is there hunger, as the human race has discovered how our bodies can be regenerated for very long healthy and productive life spans alleviating sickness and disease, as other off planet cultures experience, which we are now openly able to engage and exchange with.

The people of earth having learned a very hard lesson dealing over the centuries with this nefarious cabal, have united all peoples to never allow such a poison to ever arise in humanity's future ever again. From this point forward, the human race is evolving unimpeded by deception in the realization of it's full potential to create truly a heaven on earth.



and so it is!














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