Timeline of Events

For a Visual Historical Presentation covering 100 years

1922 - 2022


Details and references of these events can be found here chronologically










Maria Orsic of the Vril Society channels Nordic ET design for a space craft which Dr. Schumann finds viable physics for development










Nazis SS developed operational anti-gravity craft 20 years ahead of the US with the assistance of the Draco ETs of the Ciakahrr Empire

Elena Danaan: "Creation of the Dark Fleet after the end of WWII when a breakaway branch of the Nazis moved to Antarctica, as they allied with Reptilian ETs who offered them to share underground facilities with them, there." 






1938 OCT 30

Rockefeller Foundation funds a psychological study of public fear reaction to a fake alien invasion radio broadcast

It was the first mainstream media psychological operation heard by 6 million people
1.7 million believed the broadcast to be genuine
1.2 million were frightened enough to take action either by running away or preparing to fight the alien invaders

Dr. Hadley Cantril later wrote a paper titled "The Invasion from Mars - "A Study in the Psychology of Panic
examining the power of a radio broadcast media and its effects on a population under the direct influence of fear.











US Navy spy reveals Nazi space program to Navy Secretary James Forrestal who commences a Navy spy program in Germany









1942 FEB 24

The Battle of LA recovers two ET drone craft which the Army Air Force and Navy each took one for reverse engineering







1942 AUG 23

The Vril Society / Nazi SS establish a moon base with their anti-gravity craft










Nazi plan of infiltration into the US to create a matrix of perception using "world view warfare" plan Weltanschauungskrieg









Nazis escape to Antarctica and South America with over 100 U-boats, 250,000 Germans and Reich's top scientists unaccounted for








1945 APR

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler successfully escaped as revealed in the JFK files that were not released until the year 2017









1945 MAY 2

Allen Dulles cuts a deal with the head of Nazi intelligence and his Nazi spy network of thousands to work within the US intelligence OSS/CIA









1945 MAY 8

We believed we won the war with the Nazis










1945 JUN 26

United Nations is formed - Drafted by Roosevelt and Churchill









1946 JUL 1

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is formed
The U.S. military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors at this time

"The Nazi scientists that came over in Paperclip took over the aerospace and biomedical operations within the US. One of the first Nazi biomedical take overs was Scripps Research. Eventually the highest positions within the US pharmaceutical industry are in their control today" - William Tompkins US Navy








1946 SEP

Operation Paperclip - Nazis get new paper work and get placed in many high positions in Aerospace, Biomedical etc.








Official history of WWII rewritten in education to hide the Nazi escape and infiltration by the Rockefeller Foundation







1947 JAN 17

Adm. Byrd's Operation High Jump is totally defeated by Nazi craft in Antarctica









1947 JUN 16

A network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) in US commences with Hitler's mastermind Xaver Dorsch under Paperclip












1947 JUL 8

Extraterrestrial vehicle crashes at Roswell, New Mexico and cover story is issued

Elena Danaan "Roswell crash was a trojan horse from the Nebu to prepare the invasion"










1947 JUL 26

President Truman initiates the National Security Act











1947 SEP 18

Allen Dulles has President Truman reluctantly convert the wartime OSS into a permanent CIA and the US Air Force is created










1947 SEP 18

President Truman has James Forrestal create the Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) group

"I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified Flying Objects."
~ Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - First director of the CIA and MJ-1 of MJ-12










Over 100,000 television sets now in homes is now a primary communication tool for psychological warfare










1948 APR 7

World Health Organization is formed under the United Nations









1948 MAY

Project RAND turns into the RAND Corporation now run by the Air Force forcing the Navy to secretly do ET reverse engineering operations separately









1949 MAY 22

James Forrestal who wanted to alert the public to this threat is murdered by MJ-12

MAJESTIC Annual Report document stated...
"The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable."









The 1949 CIA Act gives approval for a 'Black Budget' to operate outside the law










Allen Dulles starts CIA Operation Mockingbird which takes full control of the mainstream media news outlets to control the public perception







Newspaper Tabloid owner was trained by the CIA to disseminate discrediting stories to the public on the UFO/ET subject.







Project Dove influences the Hollywood movie industry that forms within the public’s imagination their fear-based perception of extraterrestrials.







1952 FEB 1

Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 suppresses thousands of technology advances such as Anti-gravity and Free energy in the US







1952 MAY

TOP SECRET MJ-12 Annual Report "Discussing containment for the Catholic Church if mass sightings occur"

Cardinal Francis Spellman

"15. At the request of Panel member, Cardinal Francis Spellman met with the President to discuss the 'containment' with the Catholic Church and its hierarchy of religious speculation if mass sightings occur. Such containment was successful during the 1947 sightings when Cardinal Spellman met with the Secretary of War on 29 June. The President has been briefed on Defense Plan 4P, which was written in part by the Panel member."







1952 JUL 12

Nazi craft fly over Washington DC to intimidate Truman and Eisenhower







1952 NOV 4

The National Security Agency is created



1952 NOV 18

President-Elect Eisenhower receives MJ-12 briefing on the UFO/ET matter









Gen. Walter B. Smith DCI / MJ-12 member sends memo to utilize UFOs for psychological warfare









1952 NOV 20

George Adamski Contact in California with Nazi Craft (Nazi/CIA psyops)







1953 JAN 20

Dwight D. Eisenhower is President







1953 JAN 14

The Robertson Panel formed by CIA to deny UFO/ET reality to the public







1953 FEB

Allen Dulles assigned as Director of the CIA who is infamous for the Nazi infiltration







1953 APR 13

Allen Dulles initiates MK-ULTRA for mind control projects





1954 FEB 20

Eisenhower has a ‘First Contact’ meeting with benevolent Galactic Federation extraterrestrials

Witnesses to this event

Witness Cardinal Francis MacIntyre broke secrecy oath and reported this to the Pope. Eisenhower's planned disclosure never happened.

According to witness Gerald Light, Eisenhower was planning on having public disclosure in May

In a Testimonial Letter from Gerald Light to Mead Layne...

"It is my conviction that he (President Eisenhower) will ignore the terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities’ and go directly to the people via radio and television — if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May."

MJ-12 circumvented Eisenhower's plan for public disclosure in May of 1954 by signing a treaty with the Nebu Orion group the Galactic Federation warned about.

Elena Danaan: "First official contact with the Galactic Federation and Eisenhower, to warn against the coming of the Nebu." 





1954 MAR 10

JANAP 146(C) Established severe penalties for military or civilian pilots disclosing UFO sightings









1954 APR

MJ-12 Special Operations Manual SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal.









1954 MAY 29

Nazi SS start the first of yearly ongoing Bilderberg secret meetings which coordinates the agenda for the mainstream media today








1954 JUL 18

Greada diplomatic treaty is signed for a technology transfer program with the Orion Nebu ETs at Kirtland AFB

Elena Danaan: "Official contact with the Nebu empire, but as well with the Draco-Reptilan Empire (Ciakahrrs) allied with the Antarctica 4th Reich. The Industrial Military Complex signed agreements with both, without avail from Eisenhower."









Nelson Rockefeller restructures CIA/MJ-12 operations which leaves President Eisenhower without jurisdiction or access











(Date is estimated)

Reverse engineering operations moved from Wright Patterson AFB to Area 51/S-4 under the control of the CIA








1954 OCT

United States Developed Anti-Gravity craft 20 years behind the Nazis










1955 FEB 11

President Eisenhower negotiates agreement / surrender with Nazi/Draco Alliance at Holloman AFB









1955 FEB

Eisenhower's Secret Executive Memo creates new members of permanent MJ-12 committee with Allen Dulles as MJ-1











1955 MAR 9

Walt Disney and Wernher von Braun used television to sell to the public the use of rocket propulsion to overcome gravity










1955 NOV

Operation Deep Freeze transferring supplies and personnel to Antarctica








1956 JAN 7

Willard Wannall has contact in Oahu, Hawaii with Nazi Craft

He noted the swastika and Nazi Iron Cross on both the UFO and the uniform of the occupant. The saucer pilot spoke with a German accent, and had a Nazi uniform









A global effort in educational institutions to silence the truth about "the powers of human consciousness to affect reality"

Professor Hans Eysenck









Astronaut Gordon Cooper at Edwards AFB films encounter of alien craft which the CIA confiscates

"So they told one untruth, they had to tell another to cover that one, then another, then another . . . it just snowballed. And right now I'm convinced a lot of very embarrassed government officials are sitting there in Washington trying to figure a way to bring the truth out. They know it's got to come out one day, and I'm sure it will. America has a right to know!" - Astronaut Gordon Cooper






Colonel Philip J. Corso has an encounter with an extraterrestrial at White Sands

The little ET asked Philip Corso to turn off the radar so that he could get out of here and go. And Philip Corso asked "Well, if I help you, what’s in it for me? What do I get out of this?"
The ET replied with... "A new world if you can take it."







1957 MAR 16

Val Thor arrives in a spaceship from Venus to meet President Eisenhower and offers positive solutions for Earth

Woman on left is Jilian, now Val Thor's mate. The man in the middle is Val Thor’s brother Don. The man on the right is Val Thor

Val Thor's incredible offer to help Earth was refused because these positive solutions would jeopardize Earth's corporations such as the pharmaceutical and energy industries.

Elena Danaan: "Val Thor as ambassador of the Galactic Federation, comes to set up a program of collaboration with the Navy (of what I know), later Solar Warden fleet will come out of it. The purpose was to help humans of earth fight back the Nebu and Ciakahrrs."






1957 NOV 5

Reinhold O. Schmidt has contact in Nebraska with Nazi craft

He could hear them talking among themselves in “high German language, very good high German"








Commander Denethor of the Galactic Federation of Worlds helping the US Navy build their fleet of spacecraft.

Graphic Drawing Copyright & Credit: Elena Danaan

Commander Denethor, in charge of the Defense Technology Department of the Galactic Federation of Worlds assisted the US Navy in building their fleet of spacecraft.








President Eisenhower is denied access to Area 51 and threatens to invade the base if MJ-12 does not allow him access

Witness testimony of CIA operative Stein/Kewper sent on mission by Eisenhower to Area 51 to report activities











(Date is estimated)

President Eisenhower sets up a secret executive order for a USMC special section military intelligence unit to act as an institutional future safeguard

According to witness testimonies










1958 FEB 7

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is created

Later in 1969 DARPA created the Internet we have today








1958 JUL 29

NASA is created and run by Nazi SS keeping us believing we need primitive rocket propulsion








Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin on Eisenhower's Staff witnessed the loss of control to the corporations








1959 JUN 8

Project Horizon - A study is made for the establishment of a Lunar Military Outpost.







Nazi Paperclip scientists claim extreme advancements due to having help from "people of other worlds"








1959 DEC 1

The Antarctic Treaty is signed yet the Nazis secretly are in violation by utilizing slave labor underground for their military space operations








1960 FEB 28

President Eisenhower has meeting in Bariloche, Argentina a known Nazi hideout of Adolf Hitler who is alive at this time.









1961 JAN 17

President Eisenhower attempts to warn the American public on television

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. " ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower








1961 JAN 19

Eisenhower and Kennedy Private Meeting over the situation of MJ-12








1963 - 1968

The Galactic Federation through Naval Intelligence seeds a future time line into the Earth collective mind with Star Trek

The Outer Limits TV series starts a psychological soft disclosure from Naval Intelligence which led to creation of Star Trek

The creator of the Outer Limits TV series was Leslie Stevens IV who was a naval intelligence officer. What is significant is the fact that Stevens’ father was Navy Vice Admiral Leslie Stevens III. Joint Chiefs of Staff; Director, Psychological Strategy Board from September 1949, who was a contemporary of Rear Admiral Rico Botta. Admiral Stevens’ aeronautics expertise meant that he was almost certainly aware of what Botta had learned about Nazi aerospace projects beginning in early 1942, after the Los Angeles Air Raid incident.





1969 JUL 20

NASA Apollo 11 lands on the moon and the Draco spacecraft warns us off the moon

Sketch of UFOs Tompkins Witnessed on NASA Live Feed During Apollo 11 Landing

Niel Armstrong: "These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the moon watching us."

William Tompkins says an alien voice was clearly heard over the Apollo 11 radio transmission: “Finish a total of six of your Apollo missions; take your photos, pick up some rocks, go home, and don’t come back.” How this threatening action by one or more extraterrestrial groups effectively put an end to the Apollo program, as well as the Navy’s covert Nova program for manned Moon bases, is described by Tompkins this way: “The NO TRESPASSING sign went up. With the program over, everybody went home, and nearly all 400,000 NASA and contractor employees got the pink slip.”






Denied Access


After the surrender agreement in 1955 with president Eisenhower, future presidents, CIA directors and heads of intelligence are now illegally being denied access









President Kennedy

Ten days after sending a Top Secret Memo to the CIA requesting the UFO Files
an Assassination Directive by Allen Dulles was carried out on the president.










President Carter

Having reported a UFO, Carter made it a campaign promise to release the UFO Files.
The president was denied access by CIA director George H.W. Bush












President Clinton

White House correspondent Sarah McClendon quoted Clinton in response to UFO disclosure
"Sarah, there's a secret government inside the government, and I don't control it."










CIA Director James Woolsey

In a 3 hour private meeting with Dr. Steven Greer the CIA director stated
"I know this subject is real, I want to know why the hell I can't gain access to it?"










Outside of Area 51 Civilian Researchers meet for first time with S-4 Scientist Robert Lazar

Being one of the researchers at this meeting I covertly recorded the only video of this event



Area 51 base goes into Lockdown due to these civilian meetings

A Classified National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Special Security Advisory is sent to all base operations

On the distribution list is included Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) such as COSMIC & MAJI Ops.










1997 APR 9

Dr. Steven Greer acquires this NRO classified document and sets up a meeting at the Pentagon

Dr. Greer is joined by Lt Cmdr Willard Miller and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell


A meeting is held with the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson

The admiral asking to be read into these Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) listed on the NRO document that are reverse engineering ET craft is denied access and threatened to immediately drop any further investigation or he would lose his rank and be retired early.

Vice Admiral Wilson is furious that his high level of constitutional authority is being denied access to these illegal operations!

He authorizes Dr. Greer to bring forth witnesses before the mainstream media of the world that are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing by saying

"Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal!"









2001 MAY 9

National Press Club Washington DC

Dr. Greer brings 20 witnesses in front of the mainstream media of the world who each state that they are willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing. These witnesses are backed by over 500 military and intelligence witnesses.

It is the largest event in the history of the National Press Club with 22 cameras of the mainstream media in the back row


What was disclosed in 2001?

  • Proof our legal government is being denied access

  • Illegal USAPs taking in trillions

  • Zero Point Energy solutions have been suppressed that would eliminate the need for nuclear, oil and coal

  • Anti-gravity craft have been developed back in the 1950s

  • A base exists on the far side of the moon

  • Astronauts are sworn to secrecy what happened on the moon in 1969

  • NASA is purposely obscuring ET craft images before releasing to the public

  • 57 different ET species had been cataloged since 1989

  • ET craft have shut down our nuclear ICBM bases

  • US Navy reporting spacecraft in secret reports coming out of our oceans

  • Planned future false flag events, with terrorists being next, then followed by rogue nations, asteroids and aliens - (note this was just prior to 9/11 terrorist event)

  • and much more










As one of the top secret military witnesses that testified that day, as well as being an ex-ABC newsman, I naively at the time could not imagine with all of the cameras and news reporters covering these explosive testimonies, how this would not be a world changing event







How did the Mainstream Media cover this major disclosure event?

The controlled mainstream media effectively sanitized this from the public’s awareness utilizing what is termed a "limited hangout" so as to not alert the public to these illegal operations within our government.

The brief coverage by the mainstream media gave the public the impression that we simply wanted to have a congressional hearing on the reality of just UFOs.










Computer hacker in the UK discovers the US Navy's Secret Space Program Solar Warden

Inspired by the 2001 disclosure event witness testimonies, Gary McKinnon discovers evidence of the reality of the Navy's secret space program

In the Naval Space Command computers he finds the "Solar Warden" secret space program
He sees an image of a large cigar shaped space craft
Naval space vessels USSS Hillenkoetter and USSS LeMay listed
Lists of non-terrestrial officers and Fleet to Fleet transfer logs

The Bush administration was so upset at this security breach revealing the Navy's secret space program, that they wanted McKinnon to be put away in prison for 70 years







Total Recall of US Navy Secret Space Program Service

Since the year 2000, multiple testimonies have surfaced of individuals who were recruited into this program. These programs utilize extremely advanced extraterrestrial based technologies ever since the program launched back in the 1980s. Recruits serve their 20 year tour of duty in space on a separate timeline. At the end of their tour of duty they are age and time regressed back to their point of enlistment on this timeline and their memories of service erased. After 20 years elapses on this timeline, the recruits start to have a total recall of their 20 years of service in the Navy's secret space program. This is why after the year 2000 many are having total recall of their service that started back sometime in the 1980s.


The Secret Space Programs utilize advanced holographic Med Beds that can perform this 20 year age regression, restructure any part of the body based on your DNA frequency and can cure any disease, as well as perform memory suppression.






2014 DEC 14

The Guardians have set up an outer barrier around our Solar System








2020 OCT 13

Artemis Accords are signed which is a first step to a Space NATO & future Star Fleet

The Artemis Accords signed on October 13 between the United States and seven allied nations with national space programs: Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. The Artemis Accords contain mutual defense provisions if any nations experience harmful interference in their explorations of the Moon, Mars, asteroids and minor planets. This is first step towards a Space NATO, and eventually a future Star Fleet. Ref Ref Ref










2020 DEC 7

Ex-head of Israeli space program reveals joint US/ET base on Mars and that the Galactic Federation is awaiting the right time to be revealed to Earth

Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel’s space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a Galactic Federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major media around the world is covering Prof Eshad’s revelations. He further declared that President Trump was on verge of extraterrestrial disclosure but was told to hold back by the Galactic Federation since we weren’t at the right level of technological development. Apparently Space Force was created to help speed up humanity’s technology base. Ref Ref Ref Ref







2021 FEB

Moon is liberated by Galactic Federation of Worlds

Elena Danaan: "The moon is liberated from the Nebu & Dark Fleet, by the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation."







2021 APR

First raids on Mars and liberation from the Dark Fleet

Elena Danaan: "First raids on Mars and liberation from the Dark Fleet, dark SSP and other dark programs & corporates. The Galactic Federation had been equipping and training the local martians to win back their world, same as they did on earth. Great progression on Earth in the clearing of the Dumbs. Diego Garcia cleared."







2021 JUN 25

Office of the Director of National Intelligence releases its UFO/UAP report

A report on unidentified aerial phenomena was published by the Director of National Intelligence of the United States. In this report, the American intelligence community and the military had to provide US Congress with all the information they had about UFOs (or unidentified aerial phenomena). The published document is called "Preliminary assessment..." and consists of 9 unclassified pages and, according to available information, 70 secret ones. The unclassified part of the report can be found here.

"Some UAP observations could be attributable to developments and classified programs by U.S. entities. We were unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the UAP reports we collected."

Office of the Director of National Intelligence reports this phenomena to be:

* Airborne Clutter
* Natural Atmospheric Phenomena
* USG or Industry Development Programs
* Foreign Adversary Systems
* Other









2021 JUN

Antarctica liberated from the Dark Fleet by the Earth Alliance

A major victory for the Earth Alliance in the liberation of Earth (Terra) Ref Ref

Elena Danaan: "Liberation of Antarctica from the Dark Fleet, by the Earth alliance"







2021 JUL 5

The Galactic Federation of Worlds wins the war on Mars

Elena Danaan: "The war is won on Mars"









2021 JUL 6

Top Secret Meeting of Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and Intelligence Heads in Sun Valley, Idaho

Top-secret meetings are taking place between the top communications firms in the US. Big Tech, Mainstream Media (Big Media), and the intelligence community are gathering to strategize on how to consolidate their power over the information fed to the American people. Every July since 1983 Allen & Company meet with a small group of media moguls, tech titans, investors, politicians, and intelligence agency insiders, all gather in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, for a week of meetings to develop the consensus regarding policies for Mainstream media, social media, and emerging communications technology. It’s basically like the Bilderberg meeting for media and since tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and YouTube have become major players in the media industry, they all come together each year in Sun Valley trying to make sure no emerging platforms can threaten their power. The intelligence community is involved as well, to either allow back door access or get permission from these CEOs to collect data. We are talking CIA Directors and other intelligence groups.

In 1983 encouraged by the CIA, media moguls began meeting at Sun Valley, Idaho to plan strategic consolidations and coordinate policies and acquisition strategies for the media industry. When the Sun Valley meetings began 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies, by 2011 the same 90% was controlled by only six companies. Making complete corporate media control today much easier than in 1983.

These 6 corporations control the perception on the mainstream media - GE - News Corp - Disney - Viacom - Time Warner - CBS

This unprecedented media consolidation was facilitated by a wave of big tech companies such as facebook Twitter, Google, Netflix and Amazon all aggressively purchasing independent media and startup tech companies. This aggressive purchasing accelerated the growing global media monopoly being secretly encouraged by the CIA at the annual Sun Valley meetings.
In July 2021 Sun Valley once again featured major media figures and big tech leaders such as:

Bill Gates - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Burns - CIA Director
George Tenet - former CIA Director
Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook
Jack Dorsey - Twitter
Larry Page - Google
Tim Cook - Apple
Richard Haass - Council of Foreign Relations President
Brian Roberts - Comcast
Bob Iger - Disney
Shari Redstone - Viacom
Jason Kilar - Time Warner Media
Gayle King - CBS News
Thomas Friedman - New York Times
Anderson Cooper - CNN
Diane Sawyer - ABC News
Tom Brokaw - NBC journalist
Becky Quick - CNBC
Mike Bloomberg - Bloomberg News
Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway
Van Jones - CNN host
Evan Osnos - New Yorker
Lionel Barber - Financial Times
Andrew Ross Sorkin - New York Times & CNBC
Satya Nadella - Microsoft
Ted Sarandos & Reid Hastings - Netflix
Kenichiro Yoshida - Sony
Robert Kraft - Patriots owner
Will Hurd - US Representative former CIA officer
Bill Bradley - US Senator (Democrat)
Elaine Chao - wife of Senator Mitch McConnell
James Baker - former US Secretary of State
Nicholas Christakis - Yale University
Bob Zimmer - University of Chicago President
Jack DeGioia - Georgetown University President
and more...
Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref









2021 JUL 17

Secret meetings near Jupiter decide the future of our Solar System

Meetings have just concluded near the planet Jupiter to discuss the new order in our solar system that will emerge with the impending military collapse of the Dark Fleet and its Draconian, Orion, Deep State, and corporate allies. The Galactic Federation of Worlds met recently with the representatives of the Earth Alliance and an alliance of secret space programs in a set of 12 meetings to discuss the new order in our solar system. Ref Ref












2021 AUG

The Galactic Federation of Worlds liberated Mars, Phobos, Deimos, and Ceres

The Galactic Federation of Worlds has just liberated of Mars Phobos, Deimos and Ceres Ref Ref






2021 SEP

Most of the underground occupation by regressive ETs have been cleared

Elena Danaan: "Most undergrounds are cleared from regressive ETs occupation." 







2021 SEP 6

"The Prime Directive" of the Galactic Federation of Worlds revealed

Dr. Michael Salla's interview with Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, discusses a recent communication she received that details the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW).

Dr. Michael E. Salla Ph.D

Communication Implant to the Galactic Federation of Worlds

Elena Danaan was first abducted by greys of the Orion group and rescued by Thor Han Eredyon, who is from the GFW, because the Orion greys were violating the Prime Directive in their act of abduction against her consent. The Orion group originally put an implant into Elena during the abduction, which the GFW repurposed to work instead as a communication device for the GFW. She has been authorized to be a representative for communicating their message from GFW to the people of earth. Ref Ref

GFW Official Emissary & Contactee, Elena Danaan

Commander Thor Han Eredyon of the GFW
Illustration by Elena Danaan

The contents of the Prime Directive are known to participants in secret meetings and agreements that have occurred between the Galactic Federation and national space program leaders and major aerospace corporations. Its contents have not been publicly released until today.

The "Prime Directive" was popularized in the science fiction series of Star Trek, which had it's origins with the Office of Naval Intelligence providing the script for Gene Roddenberry in order to "seed" these concepts into the public's mind.

This explains why there has been minimal contact with off planet cultures with this guiding directive not wanting to interfere with the evolutionary process of evolving civilizations. Considering that Stage 3 civilizations have interfered with Earth's Stage 2 civilization, this allows the Galactic Federation of Worlds to intervene against the interfering Stage 3 civilization. In example how the Orion group has abducted people of Earth against their consent.

Classification Scale:

Stage 1: "Developing" life forms non-organized in a structured society.

Stage 2: "Primary" life forms organized in a structured society having developed spiritual concepts.

Stage 3: "Interstellar" culture having reached interstellar capacity and made contact by its own process with another galactic civilization.

Stage 4: "High" culture having reached 6th Density level and beyond.



Galactic Federation of Worlds


The Prime Directive is to serve as a moral, ethical guide and legal template.


The Prime Directive is applicable to all cultures in any world that have not yet achieved interstellar travel capacity and have not established an organized continuous relationship with an evolved external interstellar culture.


Nothing within these articles shall authorize the Galactic Federation of Worlds personnel to intervene in matters which are essentially of the domestic, local or private jurisdiction of any planetary system, or shall require the members to submit such matters to settlement under any articles of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


As the right of each sentient species to live following the greater universal law of Free Will, in accordance with its natural and biological cultural evolution is considered sacred, no members or personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds may interfere with the normal, autonomous and healthy development of native life, society and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength or technology, to a world whose members and society are incapable of handling such advantages wisely, judged on their present level of spiritual, moral and technological evolution.


The Galactic Federation of Worlds cannot expose an evolving species to technology that the species has not yet discovered or is currently capable of developing and using.


Sharing and seeding of technology above the lesser evolved race evolutionary capability of understanding is prohibited or taken to the necessary minimum.


It is forbidden to interact or communicate with any native resident of a lesser evolved planet or culture using any device, appliance, machine, tool, weapon, or invention representing an improvement upon the science and technology already in existence upon said planet.


Spiritual and moral knowledge should also be restricted to a bare and necessary minimum only using communication methods and devices at the current level of understanding of the lesser evolved race.


It is not permitted to make contact with or interfere with lesser evolved races unless they are threatened by an outside source. In that case it is the moral obligation of the personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds to evaluate the situation to determine a suitable course of action.


Federation personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.

Ref Ref Ref



2021 SEP 15

Further confirmation "The Prime Directive" was given to Office of Naval Intelligence to seed the collective through Star Trek

"The Federation" Fictional Book published 1987 by Bernard Menke and Rick Stuart
Starfleet General order 1 - p.5

Dr. Michael Salla compares the Prime Directives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Star Trek series. His comparison of the two Prime Directives suggests they came from the same source. The conclusion is that Gene Roddenberry and others associated with the Star Trek series had been given the actual text of the real Prime Directive - stored as a holographic document by the Galactic Federation, and released it in fictionalized form. Ref

From Dr. Michael Salla's presentation comparing the directives

This is quite a remarkable correlation considering Elena Danaan never had exposure to this fiction book. Considering the history of how our stage of civilization was intervened in the 1930s by the Draco/Orion alliance which gave Nazi Germany advanced technology. Section X of the Prime Directive states...

"Federation personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation."

This explains why the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) had the right to intervene to right this violation by the Draco/Orion alliance by assisting the US Navy to develop it's secret space program "Solar Warden", whereas the definition of warden is "one that is responsible for the supervision of a particular place or thing or for ensuring that regulations associated with it are obeyed." so it appears it is in part to uphold the Prime Directive in our Solar system.

Understanding the Prime Directive that has been put in place explains in part the question in many peoples minds why they don't just land in mass and interact with our civilization. This may explain the first contact meeting with President Eisenhower with representatives of the GFW in 1954 which warned of the Draco/Orion alliance to not trust them, which later that same year the MJ-12 group circumvented Eisenhower's wish to accept what the GFW was offering people of earth, instead MJ-12 entered into a secret agreement called the Greada Treaty with the Draco/Orion alliance, which was a technology transfer program in exchange for giving them permission to abduct humans and to have base operations on Earth. Even though permission was given by our government leaders, this treaty was in violation of the Prime Directive and allowed the GFW to step in and counter the Draco/Orion alliance's actions.

According to Val Nek from the GFW

"Since these ideas and technologies, the ideas and schematics, were interfered with by our enemy, we have the right in accordance with our law, to intervene and right a wrong. It shall be noted that these improvements will benefit all of humanity, not one specific country, and administered as such, as they were originally intended. The Nazi-Reptilian alliance (the Dark Fleet) and the Cabal, as you call it, interfered with the evolution of society by suppressing these advancements. So in the interest of balance, we are involved with releasing to humanity what is rightfully theirs."

The Galactic Federation is taking action to rectify the wrong done to humanity due to the repression of many advanced healing technologies over the period of the last century dating back to the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla. Under their Prime Directive, the Galactic Federation is permitted under Article IX and X to take action when wrongs are perpetuated by off-planet species such as the Draco Empire and the Orion Alliance, who began intervening in human affairs in the 1930s, as a result of secret agreements reached with Nazi Germany.




Correcting the Prime Directive violation that would have led to a Galactic Tyranny Energy Shift in the Time Line 357 years in the Future

Elena Danaan explained that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was attacking negative extraterrestrial and deep state facilities on the Earth, Moon, and Mars. This was due to these three locations having been earlier revealed to be the epicenters of a future galactic tyranny that was initially reported by the Andromeda Council during the 1990s to their contactee, Alex Collier.

Andromeda Council Emissary & contactee, Alex Collier

Alex Collier explained what they [Andromeda Council] have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future. They have traced it back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earth’s Moon and Mars. Those three places. Ref Ref

This is why the Galactic Federation is currently eliminating all possibility of a Galactic Tyranny evolving from the Earth, Moon and Mars.

These early agreements with Nazi Germany and subsequent agreements with Draconian and Orion extraterrestrials involving the US and other nations led to the suppression of thousands of free energy, exotic propulsion, and healing technologies. This is best evidenced today with the 5,915 patents that have not been publicly released due to secrecy orders being placed upon them. Many of these suppressed technologies, along with newer contributions from the Galactic Federation, are currently being mass produced on the Moon and will be soon released into the public arena. Ref

Highly advanced medical technologies that have been suppressed for decades

Alex Collier in this video describes how the med bed holographically functions:

"We can share this updated intel version for everyone with everyone. So let's just start off with saying the med beds use holographic technology; also color, light and sound. This knowledge has been around on this planet since before Atlantis and it has existed off-world for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands - possibly millions of years with other star nations and star traveling pioneers. They understood a very, very long time ago that our bodies are holographic; that we are essentially made of color, light, and sound. It wasn't until about 25 or 30 years ago, that we were able to scientifically prove that. Looking at the body under an electron microscope, what they did NOT see was physicality. What they saw was light. Now Nikola Tesla had talked about all these types of different technologies or concepts that he knew to be true and was a genius. Of course, he was having contact with ETS in his own way during his lifetime. He is a genius and I don't know that there's been anyone like him since. The technology wasn't there for him to actually put all of this together like where it is today. Unfortunately he didn't live long enough. Essentially, what we're talking about here is healing the human body.

Now the holographic camera that the Andromedian's use, they call it "a camera”. It takes a picture of your body and this picture, because it's holographic, is a picture of the present time when the picture's being taken and, it goes all the way back to conception. What they do is: they will go through the series of slides that are taken in this one holographic picture and what they will do is - they will pull out the particular slides of where your body was the healthiest, whether it's kidneys, liver, muscle, knees, brain, heart, it doesn't matter. And, what they do is put those pictures together and create a new hologram. Then, they overlay that new holographic picture onto your physical body. This literally heals and renews your body while you're there, in a short time. To them, (the Andromedians), it's simple because they understand and have all the knowledge, since no knowledge is suppressed. They understand who we are, and what we are, here on Earth (Terra). Here and on other star systems that have been controlled and manipulated by the Orion group as well, we haven't had that education or that knowledge available to us. Nonetheless, this technology is coming out. This technology has been created.”
Ref Credit CosmicBrilliance.com






2021 OCT

Ancient Space Arks Activate with arrival of Intergalactic Confederation Fleet

Galactic Federation of World's Commander, Thor Han Eredyon, communicated directly to their emissary - French archeologist, Elena Danaan, about these huge space crafts “arks” that are located at multiple locations on Earth and the Moon. They are activating due to the recent arrival of a large fleet of spacecraft belonging to the Intergalactic Confederation of the Founders/Seeders, that are presently parked in the vicinity of Jupiter and it's moon, Ganymede.

Elena Danaan: “When the Intergalactic Confederation arrived in our star system, the ancient arks activated. The Disclosure process is set up: the Earth Alliance will disclose data following a precise plan, and the good ETs will show more ships in our skies to prepare civilians for contact."






2021 DEC 16

Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance

December 16th, the Draco and Orion groups have been removed from our planet.
In July's Jupiter meetings, the Cabal leaders (bankers etc.) were given 5 months to contemplate an option given to them by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.
In December, their five months were up and they met in Antarctica where a powerful teleportation portal exists that goes to far off locations.
The surrender agreement required that the Deep State Cabal be banished forever to a planet through this portal where they would have their necessary amenities but not be able to leave; situated in another galaxy.
In exchange, they would have to assist in the banking transition for the people of Earth (Terra). They would have to disconnect their controlling system and help transition us into a new system that would allow the release of many positive things and greater freedom for humanity’s future. This transition had to be as smooth as possible so the people of Earth did not go through any more trauma. The Cabal, practitioners of the dark arts - would be required to give up the codes, keys, and reverse their magical spells originally done by their secret societies when they created the long-time enslavement money system. Ref







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