The following is an attempt to potentially correlate events, various groups, individuals and their associations and the information and or disinformation they disseminate that can lead to an understanding of potential underlying agendas.


Exploring 3 possible agenda areas

ET Alien Threat

All ETs are Good

Mixed ET Agendas





ET Alien Threat


The narrative this group pushes is that the ET craft present a national security threat and they claim they do not know where they come from.

This of course is highly suspicious to historical researchers that have shown that ET craft have not posed a serious threat and that Earth has not been under attack in recent recorded history and that many ET races we have interacted with have already been cataloged. A "alien threat" narrative could falsely support a militarized agenda resulting in a false flag operation to justify this narrative.




The Centrally Controlled Mainstream Media

Note that the NY Times is a primary media outlet of the deep states agenda propaganda. Practically anything that gets green lighted through this outlet has been approved for moving forward a narrative that supports the deep state's agenda.

The New York Times sits in the middle of the controlled mainstream media outlets whose narrative toward the agenda is dictated by Bilderberg Meetings which were originally setup up by the Nazi SS, CFR and Trilateral Commission.




1938 Rockefeller Foundation funded psychological study of public fear to fake alien threat

It was the first mainstream media psychological operation heard by 6 million people
1.7 million believed the broadcast to be genuine
1.2 million were frightened enough to take action either by running away or preparing to fight the alien invaders

Dr. Hadley Cantril later wrote a paper titled "The Invasion from Mars - "A Study in the Psychology of Panic
examining the power of a radio broadcast media and its effects on a population under the direct influence of fear.




Future False Flag Plans Revealed

1977 JUN 16 - Werner von Braun dies leaving a deathbed testimony of future false flag plans that were revealed to him

Werner von Braun's spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin was made aware before his death due to cancer, that the group he was working with had advanced plans to create false enemies in order to expand the military industrial complex operations, which ultimately planned to weaponize space for total military control of the earth.

The following was revealed to von Braun as the future "Enemy's List" in order to sustain the War Mode and Pentagon Budgets

  1. Soviet Union (Completed - Nazi/CIA false estimates)
  2. Terrorists (Completed - 9/11)
  3. Rogue Nations (Completed - North Korea - Iran)
  4. Asteroids (Next Ref)
  5. Extraterrestrials

Dr. Carol Rosin working within the industrial military complex in 1977 became aware in meetings that there were plans far in advance for the Gulf War in the Middle East. She learned that the continual creation of new enemies was part of a formula that creates the scenario of enemies and wars leading up to the potential extraterrestrial threat. They have to have these wars in order to dump the old weapons, test the new weapons, and rationalize the budgets for the next set of weapons. At the National Press Club she stated she was willing to testify under oath before congress regarding her testimony.

We know now that the Soviet Union threat was created by the false intelligence reports from Major General Reinhard Gehlen head of Nazi Intelligence who was brought into the CIA through arrangements by Allen Dulles. That threat cost the tax payers over 8 trillion dollars in military expansion. Now the "War on Terror" prompted by the 9-11 Terrorists event has cost over 6 trillion from the wars in the Middle East. Today we have the leader Kim Jong-un of the Rogue Nations of North Korea and Iran as a concern. Next would be Asteroids followed by the final Extraterrestrial false flag threat.

So far Werner von Braun's deathbed testimony appears to be consistent and supported by President Eisenhower's warning to the public in regards to the "unwarranted influences" within the military industrial complex. Werner von Braun was listed as a (33° Freemason) but has not been confirmed.



President Reagan's Alien Threat Speech

1987 SEP 21 - Ronald Reagan's 'Alien Threat' speech from the 42d Session of the United-Nations General Assembly, New York

"Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."



CIA influencing the Church toward it's agenda

1996 JUL 17 - Select Committee on Intelligence has a hearing on the CIA's use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations

Not only is the CIA utilizing journalists in the mainstream media but have also utilized the clergy in the church in order to promote the CIA's agenda. If the Clergy is associating extraterrestrials with demons, then this would potentially serve the alien threat agenda. Ref

Today, many within the church share the view that "the so-called UFOs are actually evidence of demonic activity." Ref



Illegal ET reverse engineering corporate operations claim no progress

2002 OCT 16 - Transcript document created between Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis reveals our legal government has no access to Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP) with technology "not of this Earth". Admiral Wilson stated to Dr. Greer that these operations are "illegal".

Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Dr Eric W. Davis

An excerpt from this transcription document TW:=Thomas Wilson EWD:=Eric W. Davis

Admiral Wilson here is asking them about what they were reverse engineering and there response was that it was not of this Earth and that the "process was very slow with little or no success" is what they told him.




Staged Alien Abductions for an agenda

Dr Greer and others have stated the use of "Stagecraft" or MILAB abductions part of psychological operation to give a bad ET impression for an agenda

2002 Transcript document created between Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis
The reference to 'alien abductions' not being real, is according to Dr. Greer, MILAB operations with advanced anti-gravity technology that allows them to create 'stage craft' to give the perception to the abductees that they are ETs. This is to support the psyops for a future planned false flag alien threat scenario. Dr. Greer personally experienced this 'stage craft' and witnesses have given details of these operations to him.





Bill Clinton hints at "Independence Day" movie alien invasion scenario uniting the world

2014 APR 3 - President Bill Clinton (33° Freemason) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He talked about extraterrestrial life. Note the "we are not alone" message format, while at the same time denying evidence.

Clinton stated that soon after becoming president, he had his aides research Area 51, the Nevada military facility, “to make sure there was no alien down there.”
He was also interested in Roswell, N.M., the site of a reputed UFO sighting in 1947, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary during Clinton’s presidency.

“I had all the Roswell papers reviewed – everything,” he told Kimmel.
“If you saw that there were aliens there, would you tell us?” Kimmel asked.
“Yeah,” Clinton said, nodding.
Given the size of the universe, and the continued discovery of new planets, Clinton believes we’re not alone.
If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised,” Clinton said. “I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day.’”
Clinton went on to discuss some of the potential benefits to an alien invasion, framing his argument around the 1996 sci-fi disaster movie Independence Day.
It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours … think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader,” Clinton said.
“That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day. Everybody gets together and makes nice.”



John Podesta and Tom Delonge's "Secret Plan"

2016 FEB 9 - John Podesta writes "Our Secret Plan" in a forwarded email from Tom Delonge to Jennifer Palmieri the Director of Communications for Hillary Clinton's Campaign
In the future WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta, it appears Podesta is onboard with a "Secret Plan" working with Tom Delonge, that appears to want to influence the perceptions of youth to the UFO/ET matter in a way supported by USAF/NASA/CIA connections Delonge has interacted with for his information source. Indications are that this USAF/NASA/CIA supported by Clinton's Campaign is a "limited hangout" form of disclosure they are propagating through Delonge's "to the stars academy" utilizing major mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times that broke the USS Nimitiz UFO story in Dec 2017 that was heavily propagated by all of the controlled major mainstream media outlets.

John Podesta
Date: 2016-02-09 15:47
Subject: Fwd: Interesting news

Our secret plan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: *Thomas DELONGE* <>
Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Subject: Interesting news
To: John Podesta <>

I thought I would give you a piece of cool news to brighten your stressful
and long days.

When I interviewed you, I put 'behind the scenes' photos on the social
networks. Ambiguous ones.


I just announced my project, and the pre-orders of the Novels went up, and
kids are mining the Internet asking for any info whatsoever that "John
Podesta" says in the book...

Ha. They don't know yet where you exist in this Sekret Machines Universe
(we launch the story with NY Times with Doc Trailer in a week) and they
already look to you in a leadership role they can trust. And care almost
ONLY about your voice in this.

That's HARD to do. Getting young adults to like you, especially if your at
your level in DC. Don't lose that. I will brand you much more when this all
comes out as a man that the youth can trust and rely on.

Not that you care... But I do. They do.

This project is about changing the cynical views of youth towards
government. My fans are trolling the Internet asking about.... *you*. And I
haven't even mentioned you yet. That's cool.

The young adults are so passionate about this topic, and at the end of the
day they feel like you respect them. So they are seeking you out.

Tom DeLonge

Jennifer Palmieri responds with a single word: "Jesus".

Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref




"Attack by extraterrestrials" option to stop Hillary Clinton from losing to Donald Trump voters

2016 OCT 18 - Anonymous Leaks Document Recommending False Flag Alien Invasion to Salvage Clinton Campaign


Whether this Anonymous released seven page document titled “Salvage Program” is valid or not remains to be seen. With numerous witness references of a planned hoaxed alien invasion that have been in the works, it warrants attention to this leaked document claimed to come from the Benenson Strategy Group on behalf of the Clinton Foundation which reveals that Hillary’s Presidential Campaign is in dire straits due to mistrust over mainstream media coverage and polling. The document analyses a number of salvage scenarios and recommends one called FIRESIGN which is a false flag extraterrestrial invasion using advanced holographic technology.

The Salvage Program document uses internal polling data from a survey of 2,021 adult Americans. It goes over the respective strengths and weaknesses of the Clinton and Trump Presidential Campaigns and paints a dire scenario for the Clinton campaign despite mainstream media fixation on allegations of Trump groping women.

It is encouraging to see in polling percentages that fewer people are trusting the mainstream media for accurate trustworthy information and are turning to Social Media.

As the BSG report says “The public has lost faith in polling” because:

“Poll-driven narratives have been pushed too far, alienating most of the voting population. The use of polls as a psychological weapon has also been noticed (especially on social media). As the poll-gap narrative becomes ever more extreme, obvious visible evidence (rally-size, yard-signs, bumper-stickers, memes / social-media posts) becomes more and more obviously contradictory. Attempts at shaming outspoken poll-deniers such as Bill Mitchell on Twitter have failed in 2016 where they succeeded (Dean Chambers) in 2012. We are in uncharted territory. Even hooks into non-philosophically compromised pro-Republican polling outfits such as FOX, Rasmussen, and Gravis have not produced substantial results.”

But again, this could also be disinfo psyops to be used to discredit valid document leaks from sources such as anonymous and wikileaks.

To this document's credit, the success of the Trump campaign tells us that the projections in the document were correct after all. This suggests that the Benenson document contained factually accurate information including plans for false flag attacks.

Please see references for greater detail. Ref Ref Ref Ref




Full Media Blitz saturation for UFO reality awareness across all media outlets

2017 DEC 16 - New York Times Article Launches all Mainstream Media outlets disclosing the Pentagon's Classified "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification" Program to Detect UFOs

Apparently approved at the highest levels in order to be distributed through the mainstream media outlets, the story starting with the New York Times then immediately followed by CNN, BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, NPR, RT, CTV, Politico, MSNBC, and the New York Post. This is being broadcast across all major mainstream media networks for full saturation into the public's awareness.

Pentagon officials this month acknowledged the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which began in 2007 as part of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The program was initially funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time. The program probed a number of encounters military pilots had with aircraft they believed didn’t operate like anything they had seen before.

Mr. Reid said, referring to astronaut John Glenn, that he had told him he thought that the federal government should be looking seriously into U.F.O.s, and should be talking to military service members, particularly pilots, who had reported seeing aircraft they could not identify or explain.

Senator Harry Reid and Robert Bigelow

Much of the program's 22 million dollar funding went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA. On CBS’s “60 Minutes” in May, Mr. Bigelow said he was “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and that U.F.O.s have visited Earth. Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors are using for the storage of metal alloys and other materials recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.

Bigelow said in an interview. “Our scientists are scared of being ostracized, and our media is scared of the stigma. China and Russia are much more open and work on this with huge organizations within their countries. Smaller countries like Belgium, France, England and South American countries like Chile are more open, too. They are proactive and willing to discuss this topic, rather than being held back by a juvenile taboo.”

A 2009 Pentagon briefing summary of the program prepared by its director at the time asserted that “what was considered science fiction is now science fact,” and that the United States was incapable of defending itself against some of the technologies discovered.

For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo. Mr. Elizondo said he worked with officials from the Navy and the C.I.A. He continued to work out of his Pentagon office until this past October, when he resigned to protest what he characterized as excessive secrecy and internal opposition. Mr. Elizondo, in his resignation letter of Oct. 4, said there was a need for more serious attention to “the many accounts from the Navy and other services of unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond-next-generation capabilities.” Mr. Elizondo said he and his government colleagues had determined that the phenomena they had studied did not seem to originate from any country. “That fact is not something any government or institution should classify in order to keep secret from the people,” he said. Elizondo was listed as one of the key players in a for-profit company called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, co-founded by Tom DeLonge.

Luis Elizondo

Apparently this got approval at the highest levels to be released and distributed through many of the MAJOR Mainstream Media outlets, such as the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Politico, New York Post, etc. This is a noteworthy occurrence, as this subject matter is normally blocked. Daniel Sheehan, one of the witnesses back in 2001, shared with me a document listing 42 CIA/NSA operatives in high executive positions in the mainstream media whose main job it is to determine what material gets distributed or blocked on the various MSM networks they control, It's also important to note that the Defense Department authorized the release of the video from the Navy fighter jet recording the event. In light of this, it would appear that this information was green lighted at the highest levels in order to be put out into the public mind, to bring further awareness the UFO/ET reality to the mainstream audience. This move could possibly be the start of either a sequence of media disclosures that could move either toward a full and complete disclosure, or on the flip side, since Mr. Luis Elizondo is a key player in Tom Delonge's company, where there are indications that Delonge is being given information that supports the cabal's plan for a "limited disclosure" versus a full disclosure as supported by the department of the Navy to not expose all of the illegal operations. On the darker side it might be preparation toward another planned false flag deception involving UFOs that would appear to many to be from another world, but aren't. More likely, at least you would hope, according to indications, it is moving in a more positive direction for humanity, due to a global awakening of these hidden realities that is occurring. This is supported by indications that the white hats have been working on the inside to dismantle these corrupt illegal operations so that we can move forward to a full disclosure, as mainstream media is completely controlled by the intelligence community, so any change in long standing procedures in disclosing something like this, is done for a purpose. Ref

Dr. Steven Greer this day sent out the following message:
URGENT: Note that the recent NY Times story is couched from a Threat office of the Pentagon: This a clear ramp up to False Flag FAKE disclosure designed to prepare people for a threat from outer space- so the War Mongers and War Profiteers have a new, bigger enemy. BEWARE. Meanwhile, Unacknowledged is being BLOCKED by media, no coverage even though it is the 2017 # 1 Documentary on iTunes and widely popular on Netflix etc. The secret government is manipulating a false disclosure and threat via their lackeys and 'cut-outs'

This is unprecedented to be covered on ALL the major mainstream media networks such as CNN and BBC




The same day...


Dr Eric Davis Documents on Wormholes and Warp Drive released

2017 DEC 16 - Advanced Technology Reports Leaked by Corey Goode Confirmed by Dr. Eric Davis the author

SSPW Goode uploaded two documents to his website that dealt with advanced technologies such as traversable wormholes and warp drives, which had been given to him by a confidential Washington insider source revealing significant details of advanced space technologies being studied by the DIA. Both documents stated that they were part of “a series of advanced technology reports produced in FY 2009 under the Defense Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) Program.” The author of the documents Dr Eric Davis, a leading world scientist confirmed the authenticity of Goode’s two leaked documents. Ref Ref Ref




History Channel series "Unidentified" gives further public exposure to "Alien Threat" narrative

2019 MAY 31 - Media - “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” airs on History Channel

After unprecedented mainstream media support of TTSA run by Tom DeLonge and AATIP Pentagon program run by Luis Elizondo they team up with others like John Podesta to educate the public to the "Alien Threat" to our National Security, is now also getting its full support by the History Channel in this series titled “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation”. In following this information it should be clear what the real threat is to our National Security is in this series there is no doubt a very controlled narrative offering a limited disclosure of the UFO/ET situation to the mainstream public awareness. Ref




Senate Hearing for UFO/UAP currently set for June 2021

2020 JUN 17 - US Congress asks for UFO/UAP Report from Intelligence Community in 180 days

The US Senate Select Committee for Intelligence has just approved a bill that includes a request for the Intelligence Community to write up a comprehensive report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs, aka UFOs) in 180 days to be concluded early in 2021 and the report will be unclassified, meaning that its findings are intended to be released to the general public.

The Report includes:

  1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force;
  2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data collected by:
  3. geospatial intelligence;
  4. signals intelligence;
  5. human intelligence; and
  6. measurement and signals intelligence;
  7. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was derived from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace;
  8. A detailed description of an interagency process for ensuring timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the Federal Government, regardless of which service or agency acquired the information;
  9. Identification of an official accountable for the process described in paragraph 4;
  10. Identification of potential aerospace or other threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to national security, and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries;
  11. Identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk; and
  12. Recommendations regarding increased collection of data, enhanced research and development, and additional funding and other resources. The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may include a classified annex.
There is involvement of this Bill with Tom DeLonge and his TTSA in lobbying for passages dealing with “Advanced Aerial Threats” as to whether this bill will lead to "full" disclosure leading to the release of advanced previously classified technologies or a manipulated "limited hangout" to further the agenda by the Deep State focusing on the "threat" aspect. This direction will no doubt be affected by the November 3rd Presidential election as to which direction this will take. Ref Ref Ref



Dr. Eric Davis briefing DOD on recovered ET craft claiming little progress

2020 JUL 23 - New York Times article citing classified UFO briefings received by members of U.S. Congress and Pentagon officials regarding “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”.

The New York Times (NYT) breaking story cites Dr. Eric Davis, a physicist currently working with the Aerospace Corporation, giving briefings to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals in which classified corporate studies were being conducted on the “off-world vehicles” recovered and held in corporate facilities. Dr. Eric Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retrievals of unexplained objects to staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct. 21, 2019, and to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee two days later.

The New York Times article stated:

"Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon U.F.O. program since 2007, said that, in some cases, examination of the materials had so far failed to determine their source and led him to conclude, “We couldn’t make it ourselves.” The constraints on discussing classified programs — and the ambiguity of information cited in unclassified slides from the briefings — have put officials who have studied U.F.O.s in the position of stating their views without presenting any hard evidence.

Mr. Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” Mr. Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retrievals of unexplained objects to staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct. 21, 2019, and to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee two days later."


In this interview, Dr. Eric Davis spoke of the lack of success scientists had in reverse engineering the “off-world vehicles” due to difficulties in understanding the new physics operating in the recovered craft.

Dr. Eric Davis, you might recall, is the astrophysicist who met in 2002 with the head of intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and transcribed their conversation regarding the admiral's 1997 Pentagon meeting where he discovered "illegal" corporate run Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) hidden within other Special Access Programs (SAPs), in which he, in his high level constitutional authority had no access to these hidden projects that were reverse engineering technology "not of this Earth". The very understandably frustrated admiral was threatened, that if he did not back off investigating into this that he would lose rank and see an early retirement.

It was Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson that initially gave at that 1997 Pentagon meeting, the go ahead to Dr. Steven Greer to disclose with witnesses these illegal operations to the mainstream media of the world when the admiral told Dr. Greer “Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on the record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal.”

Dr. Greer carried that out with the "Disclosure Project" at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001, where I joined other witnesses, all of us stating we are willing to testify under oath before the mainstream media of the world.

It's important to note that the New York Times, being at the main core of the multitude of controlled and coordinated mainstream media outlets that has green lighted this story for release, will no doubt proliferate now across all of their controlled mainstream media outlets, similarly, when the New York Times first broke the article of the Pentagon's Classified "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification (AATIP)" Program back in December of 2017 disclosing the 2004 USS Nimitz incident with the US Navy pilot gimbal video of the "Tic Tac" shaped craft in which practically every controlled mainstream media outlet followed the New York Times lead.

Nothing is disclosed of this nature randomly without fulfilling the purpose of a coordinated agenda by those who control the media corporations at the highest level. The timing of this explosive release coincidentally happens at the time the Ghislaine Maxwell documents are about to be unsealed and that the ObamaGate indictments are expected to happen soon.

The media coverage of this green lighted topic is a sharp contrast to how back in May of 2001, at the largest event in the history of the National Press Club where hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses willing to testify under oath were disclosing these illegal corporate run operations withholding extremely advanced technology, as well as the extraterrestrial presence. This was purposely not green lighted by those who control the mainstream media outlets, so this information effectively got suppressed to the public by sanitizing the information disclosed by using a limited hangout approach, making it appear that a congressional hearing was only sought to establish the reality of UFOs, so as to not alert the citizens to this important and critical information of a potential illegal infiltration within our government. Four months later all of this was completely ignored when the 9/11 false flag event occurred.

In both of these New York Times press releases there has been an association with the Pentagon AATIP Program run by Luis Elizondo and teaming up Tom DeLonge TTSA connected with individuals such as Sen. Harry Reid, Robert Bigelow, ex-CIA, DIA, Lockheed officials and even John Podesta to educate the public with the language of an "Alien Threat" to our National Security, which also got full support by the History Channel in the series titled “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation”.

The 2004 USS Nimitz incident turns out that it did not represent an "extraterrestrial threat", as revealed by USAF intelligence specialist Mike Turber who had a Top Secret security clearance and access to various Special Access Programs (SAP’s) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) projects. Stating that the 2004, "Tic Tac" sightings recorded by Navy pilots were actually anti-gravity spacecraft belonging to the USAF. Three Navy witnesses have also come forward confirming key parts of Turber’s ground-breaking testimony. Turber says the fleets of Tic Tac shaped craft recorded by ships and aircraft belonging to the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier group in November 2004, attained speeds of 24,000 mph in the air and over 500 mph under the water, were being flight-tested by the USAF against the Navy’s best radar recording technologies and intercept aircraft.

Research scholar Dr. Michael Salla, posed the following investigative questions "How did the corporations get their hands on recovered UFO craft, and were able to keep key Pentagon officials such as Admiral Wilson out of the loop? Why did the Pentagon officials running the Special Access Program Oversight Committee deny Wilson access despite his very senior status at the DIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff?"

These constitutionally illegal corporate run extraterrestrial technology reverse engineering operations have been denying heads of intelligence, CIA directors and even presidents, dating back to when President Eisenhower initially lost control to these infiltrated corporations and attempted to warn the public.

So you have to ask the question, are the extraterrestrials really the ones that truly represent a "threat" to the citizens of earth?

Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref



New York Times retracted Senator Harry Reid's statement for his plausible deniability

2020 JUL 24 - New York Times retracted statements regarding crashes of vehicles from other worlds had occurred and that retrieved materials had been studied secretly for decades

NY Times retracted the section regarding Sen Harry Reid's statement, but not about Dr. Eric Davis giving briefings to a Defense Department agency about retrievals in which classified corporate studies were being conducted on the “off-world vehicles” recovered and held in corporate facilities.

Original article from NYT: "pushed for funding the earlier U.F.O. program when he was the majority leader, said he believed that crashes of vehicles from other worlds had occurred and that retrieved materials had been studied secretly for decades, often by aerospace companies under government contracts".

Updated article from NYT: "pushed for funding the earlier U.F.O. program when he was the majority leader, said he believed that crashes of objects of unknown origin may have occurred and retrieved materials should be studied". Ref Ref



UAP Task Force officially established by DOD

2020 AUG 14 - Department of Defense Establishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF)

On Aug. 4, 2020, Deputy Secretary of Defense David L. Norquist approved the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF).  The Department of the Navy, under the cognizance of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, will lead the UAPTF. Ref




Attorney Daniel Sheehan learned from Luis Elizondo "alien threat" narrative is disinformation

2021 MAY 20 - Dr Steven Greer states that Daniel Sheehan had learned directly from Luis Elizondo that "he has flat out said he knows that everything he's been saying about this being a threat is untrue" he knows there is no "alien threat" and that he has been putting out disinformation


Partial Video transcription:
"Many of you may have seen recently that the disclosure project pro bono attorney Daniel Sheehan who did the pentagon papers and Iran contra the silkwood case and many others is now working with louis elizondo and so a lot of people are very confused on what's going on since of course everyone on this call probably knows louis elizondo is a professional disinformation agent putting out false intelligence about the ufo matter in through the mainstream media the reason danny is that mr sheehan is doing this we've had a long discussion about it going back two or three weeks is that Louis Elizondo approached him to help him with his legal case because the pentagon was about to pull his security clearances and it wasn't because he was doing things with TTSA that they wanted him to do that it was because he had resigned from TTSA falling out with the people that were the hardliners wanting him to present that there was an alien threat or a threat to the national security and he has told two people on my team including attorney daniel sheehan that he knows and the other people like Chris Mellon know that there is no such thing as an alien threat that there is not a threat to the national security but that's the only way they can get this in front of the American people to get more overt funding for the space force and eventually a conflict with these extraterrestrial civilizations, he has flat out said he knows that everything he's been saying about this being a threat is untrue now daniel sheehan has also shared and this is even more explosive that louise elizondo has informed him that he in fact has been in a facility where an actual extraterrestrial vehicle was stored now why is that important because he's all over the news 60 minutes every mainstream news channel along with his other cohorts in the cover-up such as leslie keane nick pope chris mellon and others saying that we don't know what these are now interestingly he absolutely knows that some of these craft are in fact of extraterrestrial origin he must also then know that some of them are ours for example the recent jeremy corbell interview on fox news where they were showing these triangles of swarming are navy ships every one of those pyramid triangular shaped objects with the flashing light on them are from either Northrup Grumman or Boeing or the Lockheed most likely Northrup Grumman those are man-made ufos they're anti-gravity vehicles everyone in the aerospace industry at any level of clearance knows this so the this is a big problem ..." 



In Dr Steven Greer's movie "Above Top Secret - The Technology Behind Disclosure"

At 1 hour 33 mins into the video it is talking about disinformation assets in the mainstream media

“I think it's a disinformation campaign. It's like a magician, you are going to do something over here, but you are going to have people focus over here when you are not looking, you can pull a fast one.

It's the fact that the major media is going through 5 guys, nobody else, the 5 horsemen of the apocalypse, if you want to call it that.

Video shows images of:

Luis Elizondo
Nick Pope
Jeremy Kenyon
Daniel Sheehan
(Adding #5)
Christopher Mellon


They are just owning your opportunity to get to the truth, if you are just parroting what the talking points are that they have been given, I don't think they've been given talking points, but have been directed to speak in that direction.

I think it has been doing a disservice to the release of information on aerial phenomenon

Dr Greer made a statement and called out the 5 talking heads of major media, it was a major maneuver and it kind of shook up the ufology world.

He called out Luis Elizondo among others. He reached out to them all to invite them to a cordial debate to discuss this like grown men. We have received hostile responses to the invitation!”









All ETs are Good


This is a counter to the "alien threat" narrative in revealing that we've had contact and for decades advanced antigravity craft have already been developed

This is also a questionable narrative due to numerous witness accounts of predatory extraterrestrials such as those who entered into an alliance with the Nazi SS

This Vatican and the Nazi SS appear to have a mutual alliance with a Draco Reptilian race that operates from the underground and utilizes the human race as a resource




The Vatican wanted containment of ET presence from the public

1952 MAY - TOP SECRET Majestic Twelve Project Annual Report

Section 15 indicates the Catholic Church is involved in the "containment" of the extraterrestrial reality, as well as contributing to the design of a special defense plan (Plan 4P).

"15. At the request of Panel member Cardinal Francis Spellman met with the President to discuss the containment with the Catholic Church and its hierchy of religious speculation if mass sightings occur. Such containment was successful during the 1947 sightings when Cardinal Spellman met with the Secretary of War on 29 June. The President has been briefed on Defense Plan 4P, which was written in part by the Panel member."

Cardinal Francis Spellman

Cardinal Francis Spellman listed in this document as an involved "Panel Member" that had written in part a "Defense Plan 4P". According to a number of classified documents Cardinal Spellman was involved deeply in this issue. Many classified documents appear to express the church's concern for the containment of this issue and how disclosure will effect people's religious beliefs. Spellman strongly supported the Vietnam war in which JFK wanted to end. The connection with the secret societies, the Vatican, Jesuits and the Knights of Malta etc. is yet another subject for possible study, as there does appear to be connections. Ref Ref



President Eisenhower's planned public disclosure in May 1954 most likely blocked by Vatican

1954 FEB 20 - Eisenhower has a ‘First Contact’ meeting with benevolent Nordic extraterrestrials at Edwards AFB (Formerly Muroc AFB)

On February 20, 1954 President Eisenhower has a ‘First Contact’ meeting with Nordic extraterrestrials at what is now titled Edwards Air Force base in California. Participants that attended were part of a study to research what reaction the public may have and that Eisenhower had planned to make an announcement soon after the First Contact event. The public announcement which was scheduled for May that year never occurred as intense disagreements arose as to how to handle the matter.

In the meeting with extraterrestrials it seems they first met with an highly advanced Nordic type race, this alien group warned us against the Reptilian/Gray extraterrestrials and their German allies that were orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They warned that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth's natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. They asked us to dismantle our nuclear weapons, this was refused since they offered no advanced technology in exchange, this they said was because we are not spiritually advanced enough not to misuse it. So no agreement was made.

Present at his meeting was Cardinal Francis MacIntyre representing the Catholic Church at the first official meeting with human Nordic looking extraterrestrials [called “Etherians” at the time] that occurred at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Cardinal Francis MacIntyre
Vatican representative at this first contact meeting

Although all members of this meeting were sworn to secrecy, Cardinal MacIntyre broke his security oath after that incredible event and flew immediately to Rome to refer everything he experienced to Pope Pius XII who decided to found the Vatican Intelligence Agency named S.I.V. code (Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano), with the aim to get every possible information about Aliens and how they interacted with the American Government. There has been an ongoing role of the Catholic Church with the US Government in regards to the extraterrestrial presence. Ref

The meeting was described at length in a letter to a leading metaphysical teacher at the time, Mead Layne in a letter.

A Testimonial Letter from witness Gerald Light

The following is an excerpt from the Letter dated April 16, 1954

"...President Eisenhower, as you may already know, was spirited over to Muroc one night during his visit to Palm Springs recently. And it is my conviction that he (President Eisenhower) will ignore the terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities’ and go directly to the people via radio and television — if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May."

Unfortunately, Eisenhower's planned May 1954 disclosure never happened, most likely that President Eisenhower was influenced and blocked by the Vatican, being himself a knighted as a Knight of Malta. Ref



Vatican rewards George Adamski for his contribution in MJ-12 psychological warfare

1963 George Adamski was sent to visit the Pope and deliver a sealed package from the ETs. Adamski after the meeting with the Pope appeared to be in the same state of excitement and rapture as witnesses had described him being in after his desert contact with the space brothers in 1952. Verification of his visit to Pope John 23rd was his possession a gold medallion with the Popes head embossed on one side. Leslie tells of how his close friend Cardinal Basel Hume explained that such a medal could not be bought and that Adamski must have done something quite important to have received such a gift. Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

George Adamski

Note that after MJ-12 murdered MJ-12 member James Forrestal as revealed in an MJ-12 document stating "The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable." Forrestal wanted public disclosure of the ET presence and the Nazi Antarctica base that defeated Adm Byrd. His MJ-12 position was replaced by Gen. Walter B. Smith DCI, who sends memo to utilize UFOs for "psychological warfare" in which shortly afterward that year in 1952 Nov 20th George Adamski has contact in California with Nazi Craft portrayed as Space Brothers from Venus.




Ben Rich admits in 1993 we have advanced anti-gravity craft and more already developed

1993 - Ben Rich alludes to "Anything you can imagine" is hidden within the black projects
Ben Rich - Head of Lockheed Skunkworks UCLA school of engineering speech statements

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

“There is an error in the equations, and we have figured it out, and now know how to travel to the stars, and it won’t take a lifetime to do it.”

"It is time to end all the secrecy on this, as it no longer poses a national security threat, and make the technology available for use in the private sector"

When Ben Rich said "Anything you can imagine" this is backed by witnesses that have seen teleportation occur as well as the faster than light speed anti-gravity vehicles. So anything you've seen in science fiction is probably only scratching the surface of what technologies are hidden in these unacknowledged projects which have taken in trillions of dollars for R&D from the 1950's to the present day. That is a lot to imagine that has been hidden!

Bill McDonald, a forensic illustrator for the aerospace industry shared a communication from John Andrews who had told him of claims made by Ben Rich during private communications in which he stated:

That there were two types of UFOs: “the ones we build, and the ones they build.”

"It was Ben Rich's opinion that the public should not be told. He believed they could not handle the truth—ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the ‘international corporate Board of Directors’ dealing with the ‘Subject’ could represent a bigger problem to citizens’ personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off world visitors themselves."



Vatican believes Extraterrestrials to be more spiritually evolved

Monsignor Corrado Balducci
September 2000 Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project Briefing Document by Dr. Steven M. Greer

"Besides, lower than humanity, there cannot be in this universe! ... You know, God cannot be so foolish as to entrust all of his hopes for intelligent beings just on this planet." – Monsignor Balducci,

Monsignor Balducci is a Vatican theologian and an insider close to the Pope. He has been featured on national Italian television numerous times to express that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon and "not due to psychological impairment." In this testimony he explains that not only the general populace but also high credible, cultured, and educated people of high status are recognizing more and more that this is a real phenomenon. He goes on to speak about the extraterrestrial people as part of God's creation and that they are no angels nor are they devils. However they are probably more spiritually evolved.



Vatican says the extraterrestrial is my brother

2008 MAY 14 - Vatican preparing the masses to accept the extraterrestrial reality

The head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr Gabriel Funes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Funes made a series of startling statements about how extraterrestrial life is likely to be more ethically evolved than humans, and can be welcomed as brothers. In his interview, which was titled “The extraterrestrial is my brother,” Funes said that intelligent extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a ‘fall’, and may be “free from Original Sin … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.” This makes it possible to regard them as ‘our brothers’ as Funes explained: Ref

"Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom… “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation…"



Gravity control achieved since 1954

2013 APR 29 - The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Dr Steven Greer testified that the United States achieved gravity control by October 1954

"In October of 1954, a date I want the committee to remember, we have actionable intelligence from someone who has worked in the National Security Agency and it's been in the vault, all of this went deep black because they figured out at that point gravity control, so since 1954 October of that year we have not needed rockets, jets, internal combustion engines and surface roadways between cities, I say this with authority that this is the case"
- Dr. Steven Greer giving testimony at the Citizen Hearing Technology Panel in front of former members of congress in 2013 Ref




Vatican awareness of non-violent extraterrestrials helping to bring zero point energy

2016 OCT 11 - WikiLeaks Dumps of John Podesta's regarding Disclosure and the release of Zero Point Energy

Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD 

Julian Assange's WikiLeaks released rather revealing hacked emails going to John Podesta, Presidential Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton from Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD Apollo 14 astronaut 6th man to walk on the Moon.


Date: 2015-01-18 19:34
Subject: email for John Podesta (c/o Eryn) from Edgar Mitchel re meeting ASAP

Dear John,

As 2015 unfolds, I understand you are leaving the Administration in February.
It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure. My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI. Another colleague is working on a new Space Treaty, citing involvement with Russia and China. However with Russia’s extreme interference in Ukraine, I believe we must pursue another route for peace in space and ZPE on Earth. I met with President Obama’s Honolulu childhood friend, US Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto on July 4 at the US Mission in Geneva, when I was able to tell her briefly about zero point energy. I believe we can enlist her as a confidante and resource in our presentation for President Obama. I appreciate Eryn’s assistance in working with Terri to set up our meeting.

Best Regards, 
Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD 


Date: 2015-08-18 10:30
Subject: email for John Podesta c/o Eryn re Space Treaty (attached)

Dear John,

Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space. The following information in italics was shared with me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who worked closely for several years with Wernher von Braun before his death. Carol and I have worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, attached for your convenience.

(Long article links omitted for brevity. See full email here)

We're arguably closer than ever to war in space. Most satellites orbiting Earth belong to the U.S., China and Russia. And recent tests of anti-satellite weapons don't exactly ease the scare factor. It sounds like science fiction, but the potential for real-life star wars is real enough. It's just not new. Fears of battles in space go back to the Cold War and several initiatives, like President Reagan's "Star Wars" missile-defense system. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work spoke to Congress in June about the threat. He said during a speech the technology the U.S. developed during the Cold War allows it "to project more power, more precisely, more swiftly, at less cost." Take a moment to think about everything satellites do. GPS, surveillance and communications all depend on them. And the Scientific American notes you can disable satellites without missiles. Simply spray-painting lenses or breaking antennas is enough. President Obama requested $5 billion for space defense in the 2016 fiscal budget. And a former Air Force officer told the Scientific American most of the United States' capabilities in space have been declassified to send a clear message: There are no rules for war in space.

Best Regards, 
Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD 



With this email I am requesting a conversation with you and President Obama regarding the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure for the benefit of our country and our planet. 

Fifty years ago Battelle, Brookings and RAND studies on UFOs convinced the government to remove knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the citizens of our country. These organizations advised with their best information. However, today much, if not most, of the extraterrestrial reality they examined is known by our citizens. These organizations' resultant strategies and policies of 50 years ago no longer hold credibility or benefit. 

Five decades of UFO information have dramatically shifted the public awareness of an extraterrestrial presence. And yet, our government is still operating from outdated beliefs and policies. These are detrimental to trust in government transparency, science, religion, and responsible citizenry embracing the next step in our country’s space travel and research. 

Three disclosure issues are prominent:
1) planet sustainability via next generation energies such as zero point energy,
2) galactic travel and research undertaken as an advanced species aware of the extraterrestrial presence, not as uninformed explorers who revert to colonialism and destruction and
3) the example of a confident, engaged government who respectfully regards the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move into space. 

I respectfully receive your response to my request for conversation on disclosure.

Best Regards, 
Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD 
Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek 
Apollo 14 astronaut 6th man to walk on the Moon

Ref Ref Ref Ref



Dr. Greer believes malevolent extraterrestrial testimonies to all be false memories implanted

2016 NOV 13 - Dr. Steven Greer gives a public presentation regarding a Cosmic False Flag and questions validity of testimonies based on false memory implanting of witnesses revealing a malevolent species of extraterrestrials.

Dr. Greer stated that technologies have been developed since the 1940s that enable para-military Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) to affect consciousness, stage false Alien events and plant false memories to SSPW witnesses and others that have testified regarding the existence of a malevolent race of Reptilian extraterrestrials, in which the Nazis in the 1930s developed a technology exchange program with. These false scripted memories by these witnesses he believes are the planted seeds of fear to justify a false flag extraterrestrial attack Armageddon. Dr. Michael Salla who has researched deeply these SSPW witnesses believes that it is also dangerous to believe that without exception that all ET races are benevolent and could lead to another type of deception. This belief that extraterrestrial life may be more ethically evolved than humanity is shared by Vatican theologians and astronomers .

What is encouraging is to see this question of the nature of ET races to be put into the spotlight for greater research and disclosure of the truth regarding the Reptilian race that a number of witnesses have referenced. Ref Ref

SSPW Goode:
"Believing that ALL ET’s are GOOD is more dangerous than the worry about people’s fear of EVIL ET’s. This narrative set’s up humanity to follow their genetic and social programming to WORSHIP! The Cabal’s grand deception plan is no longer to bring about a mass fake alien invasion. That was exposed heavily decades ago and is no longer a viable program to execute. This holographic technology is however still viable to use in smaller “theaters of war”. The plan now is to introduce humanity to a “Angelic and Human Like” ET group and have people worship these so-called “angelic ET’s” who bring us a “New Cosmic Esoteric World Religion”.

I support the bravery and courage of Dr. Greer and the tremendous efforts over the decades he has made toward disclosure. This one element by Dr. Greer claiming that there are no predatory races, raises concern with so many credible testimonies that directly conflict with this narrative. If indeed it was true that there were no predatory races, then it would be true that it is nothing but a ploy by the military industrial complex to put false fear into the public mind to support a future planned alien false flag invasion that would justify feeding the MIC trillions of dollars to fight a common alien enemy that would be based on a lie to support a one world government of their New World Order agenda.

This false flag alien event warning on the surface appears to be a valid position, yet at the same time to unequivocally deny the existence of potentially predatory ET races discredits and questions the basis of this position taken.

Although I personally believe the vast majority of ETs are benevolent or benign, there yet remains evidence from a number of credible witnesses that indicate that a predatory race of reptilians here on earth assisted the Nazi SS with their secret space program.




US Navy reveals it has operable anti-gravity in patents

2018 DEC 4 - The US Navy is granted a patent for an advanced anti-gravity aircraft design and acknowledges being operable

The US Navy was granted a patent US10144532B2 for a highly unusual flying machine which uses an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ to travel at ‘extreme speeds’. The aircraft uses complex technology to reduce its mass and thereby lessen inertia (an object’s resistance to motion) so it can reach high velocities. The patent is highly complex and describes methods of reducing the mass of an aircraft using various techniques including the generation of gravity waves. The US Navy also regards Electromagnetic Propulsion and Tesla Shield Patents as operable. Ref




Testimony of that highly media promoted "Tic Tac" UFO/UAP belongs to USAF is not ET

2019 NOV 11 - Former USAF Intelligence Specialist, Mike Turber claims the 2004 Nimitz "Tic Tac" belongs to the USAF

Mike Turber, was an intelligence specialist and later worked with various defense contractors where he had Top Secret security clearance and access to various Special Access Programs (SAP’s) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) projects. Tuber claims that the 2004 Tic Tac sightings recorded by Navy pilots were antigravity spacecraft belonging to the USAF. Three Navy witnesses have come forward confirming key parts of Turber’s ground-breaking testimony.

Turber says the fleets of Tic Tac shaped craft recorded by ships and aircraft belonging to the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier group between November 10 to 14, 2004, were being flight-tested by the USAF against the Navy’s best radar recording technologies and intercept aircraft. Turber asserted that Air Force personnel boarded different Navy ships to confiscate the flight recordings of the UFOs that attained speeds of 24,000 mph in the air and over 500 mph under the water. Ref Ref


Testimony of that Tic Tac UFO/UAP belongs to USAF <RETRACTED>

2021 APR 6 - Former Air Force Intelligence Specialist Mike Turber retracts his 2019 testimony and now says he "made up the story"


Former Air Force Intelligence Specialist Mike Turber now admits he made up the story he told us in 2019 that the “Tic Tac” UAPs seen by the Navy off the coast of San Diego are incredible U.S. anti-gravity craft, including that he rode in one and Trump had one flown to North Korea to scare Kim Jong-Un! He says he fibbed as part of a plan to bring out the truth. He returns with a new story: The UAPs are actually balloons and part of new U.S. spoofing technology. Ref

NOTE: Tuber's original 2019 testimony would dispute the fact that we have not made much progress in anti-gravitic research. A few days later on April 13th Mark McCandlish whose testimony of advanced ARVs developed in the 1950s would also dispute that as well, but was found with a shotgun blast to his head which would not allow him to testify as planned for the Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June 2021. The question arrises, since they both had testimonies that conflict with the "we haven't made much progress" narrative being pushed, where they both visited and made an offer to retract their testimonies and one accepted to go along and the other didn't?


One week later...

Death of Mark McCandlish stops his testimony from being given at June 2021 Senate Hearing

2021 APR 13 - Mark McCandlish suicided before testifying in June 2021 Senate Hearing on UFO/UAPs whose testimony reveals we've had anti-gravity craft developed back in the 1950s

In 2017 I asked permission from Mark McCandlish if I could use his above illustration in my research.
Mark responded with "I checked out the webpage link you gave and was marveling at the extent of your research. Quite impressive. Yes- go ahead with that image usage. If you like, I can put together a dated permission in writing, so you're covered. Please include the following in your caption: "Copyright 03-1989 by Mark McCandlish, all rights reserved; used by permission."


Mark McCandlish testimony on May 9th 2001 National Press Club Washington DC

Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

Dr Michael Salla writes May 2, 2021
"Saddened to hear of the recent passing of UFO disclosure witness Mark Mccandlish. He was one of the Disclosure Project Press Conference witnesses that inspired me to investigate exopolitics 20 years ago. I discussed his ARV revelations in my SSP series."

Dr. Michael Salla explains the significance of the silencing of these 2 important testimonies





Mixed ET Agendas


As above so below, as there are many agendas with the various peoples of Earth, there appears to be the same throughout the universe.


According to multiple witness testimonies, various extraterrestrial races have taken an interest in Earth and have been manipulating our genetic code. Some races wish to use us as a resource and enslave us, while others which to help liberate humanity and assist us with our spiritual development.

Indications appear that the nefarious control of Earths religions set the stage for an alliance with a predatory race of reptilian extraterrestrials called the "Draco" that have pre-existed on planet earth for thousands of years and have controlled information to hide their existence. In the pursue to galactic conquest they formed an alliance with the Nazi SS which aligned with the Nazi goal to create a New World Order and enslave our planet to be controlled by a global elite, while at the same time assisting the Draco



"None of us can know with certainty the agendas of all the many visiting ET races, and to presume that one does may be irresponsible and premature."

- Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan - Project Camelot 


The above two agendas of "ET Alien Threat" and "All ETs are Good" appear to be in direct conflict with one another. The "ET Alien Threat" is in part, demonstrably false, in that advanced ET races that have been visiting earth for eons of time in the event of a conflict, would have far superior technology than anything we have for weapons if they wanted to destroy or conquer earth, and would have done so by now if they were truly a threat. The massive media coverage from the centrally controlled mainstream media of the "alien threat" narrative is indicative of the set agenda that it is supporting.

Note that going all the way back to 1947 General Twining noted they are not a threat:

1947 SEP 19 - General Twining MAJIC Security Clearance members EYES ONLY “So far, no hostile action or intent has been observed since they made their presence known.”

As Eisenhower attempted to warn the public regarding the infiltration of the military industrial complex by the Nazis and their Draco Reptilian alliance that helped to defeat Admiral Byrd in Operation HighJump. These same elements that have the technology to pull off a fake alien threat or invasion on the unsuspecting citizens of Earth. Doing so, would as Dr. Greer suggests, that this new threat would feed trillion's of dollars into the military industrial complex for wars in space for this contrived threat Werner Von Braun warned about on his deathbed.

It should not be ruled out that a predatory race of extraterrestrials operating behind the scenes on this planet and elsewhere across the galaxy, are not using the unsuspecting human race on this planet as a resource. Since it would not make much sense for them to come out and attack us in a war of the worlds type scenario, since we are useful to them to not kill all of us. They could use proxy agents and psychologically work to use our consent against us. Most likely they would want to cull the population down, since too many of them could awaken to their perpetrated deceptions and rise up against them. As we breed more humans, many could be among the millions that go missing without a trace yearly. National Parks have a high number of these unexplained highly unusual disappearances as if they were plucked from the sky. Captured humans could be useful for slave labor, intergalactic trading, sex slavery, pedophilia, food source, adrenochrome, negative energy loosh from fear and suffering. Indications are that deep state elements are working in concert to assist the mutual agenda goals of this predatory Reptilian race assisted by those operating within the CIA, Nazis, Secret Societies, Satanists, Vatican, Eugenicists, and the globalist banking elite and other various aspects of the Deep State to move forward on their New World Order agenda.

Dr. Greer believes that all of the Secret Space Program witnesses that are have memory recall that includes predatory races such as the Reptilians, have had their memories falsely implanted. Considering the number of SSP witnesses that are having totally memory recall from their 20 year tour of duty in space, although they have the technology to do that, the shear number of witnesses over decades of time seems highly improvable.

For example a high credible US Navy witness William Tompkins backed by documents and high level Navy command did not undergo the 20 year and back enlistment with memory suppression, but instead worked with disseminating information brought back from US Navy spies embedded in the Nazi SS secret space program that was working in an alliance with Reptilian extraterrestrials

William Tompkins

Tompkins claims operatives revealed in the top secret debriefings that up to and during the World War II, there were two flying saucer programs under development. The first group was a civilian German space program that had been inspired by a Nordic group of extraterrestrials who were communicating through young female German mediums. The second program was assisted by a group of extraterrestrials called the Reptilians, who had reached secret agreements with Hitler.

Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider's father was Oscar Schneider who was brought over in Project Paperclip, an ex-Nazi U-boat Commander who was servicing as a medical officer for the USS Eldridge. Phil Schneider was an underground base engineer, his job was to go down the holes, check the rock samples, and recommend the explosives to deal with the particular rock. In the process, the workers accidentally opened a large artificial cavern, a secret base for the aliens known as greys. In the panic that occurred, sixty-seven workers and military personnel were killed, with Philip Schneider being one of only three people to survive. In the ensuing shootout, 66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an unspecified number of "greys". It was here he received a beam-weapon blast to the chest which caused his later cancer; many have confirmed that a large scar indeed existed. Phil Schneider was suicided in 1996 by strangulation.

Robert Lazar

Robert worked as an S-4 scientist on reverse engineering ET craft. He spoke of the extraterrestrial presence at the S-4 Facility for an exchange program. The Zeta Reticuli Greys were given a portion of the base to conduct their own research, in exchange for our government to receive hardware, fuel, materials and training. In the mid 1970s, a conflict occurred between the hosts and the greys which resulted in the death of over forty personnel and the killing of the scientist the aliens were teaching. They abandoned the site, leaving behind nine spacecraft and a promise to return. In 1993 I video recorded Robert Lazar in a meeting outside of Area 51, all these decades later his testimony has remained 100% consistent.


Nazis had help from the Reptilians aka "people of other worlds"

1959 - Nazi Paperclip scientists claim to have help from "people of other worlds"
Dr. Hermann Oberth and Dr. Wernher von Braun. Both of these men originally earned their stature in the field of rocket design by building ballistic missiles for Germany’s Third Reich, during World War II. However both of these men modestly admitted the spectacular success of their technical efforts was not theirs alone to claim–They had ‘special’ assistance…

Dr. Oberth cryptically stated, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied; “The people of other worlds.”

Dr. Von Braun, candidly revealed his knowledge of extra-terrestrials in 1959 by stating… “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”

These statements tend to support that the Nazis did have a technology exchange program with Reptilian extraterrestrials back in 1933, as was revealed in the survey of extremely advanced technologies in 1945 after the war of in occupied Germany.

According to SSP Witness Corey Goode:
The reason why the Vril Society had achieved its stunning success was that it was being actively assisted by an extraterrestrial race from the Alpha Draconis star system, which was also working with an advanced subterranean Earth civilization.


Reptilians responsible for today's COVID-19 genocide plan?

Was the COVID-19 virus a Deep State Bioweapon attack on China that was pre-planned in the City of London back in 2005 with connections to the Vatican and Reptilian extraterrestrials?

In an interview and letter made available in 2010, a former serviceman with the British military who later accepted a senior position in the City of London revealed a secret plan made in June of 2005 supported by high-level Masons to support a biological warfare attack against China as part of their "Anglo-Saxon Mission". Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Analyst and CIA Case Officer Robert David Steele has declared, President Xi Jinping knows that the real culprit is not the Trump administration, but rogue elements in the US tied to the Deep State. However, as the whistle blower pointed out, the group of City of London officials was merely an action group. The real culprits behind the planned bioweapon attack were higher-level groups associated with elite banking families on the European continent, especially in Italy and the Vatican, working closely behind the scenes with, according to the whistle blower, reptilian extraterrestrial entities!
Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

Today in 2021 we've learned more of this genocidal plan through the Nazi infiltrated pharmaceutical corporations and how the death/case statistics were manipulated to push fear through the media to convince millions to get injected with the experimental injection which in time will through lethal pathogen shedding and reducing the world's population Ref

SSP witness William Tompkins: (a credible US Navy whistleblower on the Nazi infiltration)
"The Nazi scientists that came over in Paperclip took over the aerospace and biomedical operations within the US. One of the first Nazi biomedical take overs was Scripps Research. Eventually the highest positions within the US pharmaceutical industry are in their control today". Ref


Have Reptilians and Satanists taken over the Vatican?

2018 APR 3 - Q posts regarding the Vatican that "“If Satanists took over the Vatican would you notice?”

QAnon made an important connection between the Vatican, Rothschild family, and Reptilian symbolism. Exposing an other-worldly Satanic influence over the Vatican, the Rothschilds, and other forces making up the Deep State. Closer analysis, however, suggests that what QAnon is really referring to by the symbolism is a very physical “this-worldly” influence over the Deep State: Reptilian extraterrestrials. Ref Ref Ref


Vatican Nazi Alliance

Vatican and Nazis - Interior minister Wilhelm Frick (second from the right) and propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (far right), Catholic bishops Franz Rudolf Bornewasser (Bishop of Trier) and Lugwig Sebastian (Bishop of Speyer) raise their hands in the Nazi salute at an official ceremony. Ref Ref

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta in service to the Vatican through Thun Hohenstein had arranged for two thousand SMOM passports for Nazi refugees to escape to South America. Ref Ref



Heinrich Himmler's underground "Empire of Slaves"

From the JFK Files released and forensic experts we know that Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler both successfully escaped

Heinrich Himmler

A key ideological principle from the Nazi SS; the use of slave labor, was continued by a Nazi infiltrated U.S. Military Industrial Complex in both deep underground military bases, and corporate run elements of secret space programs.

Albert Speer, Nazi Germany’s armaments Minister, wrote a book about the parallel industrial empire infrastructure developed by Himmler’s SS in building its parallel industrial empire that used millions of slaves for building super weapons in huge underground construction facilities.

"Some 14.6 million slaves working to carry out Hitler’s and Himmler’s construction plans: a human lifetime later, this seems like a sheer pipe dream. But we must not forget that between 1942 and 1945, Sauckel [Nazi Head of Labor Deployment] managed to deport 7,652,000 people from the occupied territories to Germany in order to use them for German industry." Ref Ref

Albert Speer, Nazi Germany’s armaments Minister

Not only would the Nazi SS use millions of slaves to win the war, but planned to continue to use slaves in peacetime to prepare for a final conflict with the USA. This vision of a “peacetime Reich” was thus based on the existence of millions of permanent slaves, who were neither political opponents nor so-called “racial enemies.” Because of economic necessity, they would be kept in camps all their lives— with “women in brothels.” This empire of slaves, which was to stretch all the way to the Urals, would be the basic energy source of a Europe that had to prepare to conquer the greatest enemy: the United States of America.

What we know from Speer’s books is that Nazi Germany’s SS planned to continue building super weapons in vast underground facilities, using an “empire of slaves” in an effort to eventually conquer the US. While the Nazi SS did not conquer the U.S. through military means during World War II, it did so through a silent coup during President Eisenhower's administration in the 1950’s, during which it infiltrated and took over major elements of the U.S. military industrial complex. Consequently, in a number of deep underground bases on Earth and beyond, an “empire of slaves” is being used to build new generations of advanced weapons and spacecraft for a corporate secret space program. These programs have been heavily influenced by remnants of the Nazi SS, which successfully infiltrated secret space programs that have extensive number of bases on Mars.

Part of Operation Paperclip was definitely concerned with underground base construction. Public remarks in 1987 by Lloyd Duscha, then Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, make clear that the US program of underground base construction was given its impetus by the Nazi program.

Xaver Dorsch Nazi Germany's top underground base expert

Xaver Dorsch was Hitler's top underground base expert that was brought over in Operation Paperclip to work for the US military's "underground plant program". He was the architect of the Nazi Germany Atlantic Wall and Siegfried Linie. He controlled 780,000 people, mostly slave labourers, in 1944.

June 16, 1947 Project Paperclip document listing Xaver Dorsch as a consultant for an US underground plant program

Map of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)

Boring machines known as Subterrene Machine along with other advanced technology allow for the construction of these bases.

Missing People
According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons (NamUS) database, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 600,000 persons of all ages go missing every year Ref



We have joint extraterrestrial operations on Mars base

2020 DEC 7 - New York Post - Aliens in hiding until mankind is ready, says ex-Israeli space head

Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel’s space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a Galactic Federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major media around the world is covering Prof Eshad’s revelations. He further declared that President Trump was on verge of extraterrestrial disclosure but was told to hold back by the Galactic Federation since we weren’t at the right level of technological development. Apparently Space Force was created to help speed up humanity’s technology base. Ref Ref Ref Ref



If a Nazi dictator was running a Mars base, how would you overthrow him?

2015 JUN 15 - The British Interplanetary Society bring together top minds to explore a way on “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.”

The British Interplanetary Society founded in 1933, is the oldest space advocacy organization in the world. Its aim is exclusively to support and promote astronautics and space exploration. On June 15, 2015 the British Interplanetary Society began a two day meeting on a most unusual topic according to a BBC news article: “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.” The meeting envisaged a Mars colony ruled over by a ruthless dictator who trampled on the rights of workers in a futurist society controlled by a corporation. The dictator needed to be overthrown without destroying the colony itself. The meeting brought together 30 prominent scientists, engineers and philosophers who took their task seriously.” Ref Ref






Benevolent Extraterrestrial Races aiding Humanity are also in the mix of agendas

The Nordic Navy has been working with the US Navy and assisted it's launch of the Solar Warden program back in the early 1980s

They work in alliance with the Galactic Federation and counter to the Draco Reptilian agenda









We know that ETs are not a visible threat

We know that predatory ETs exist and are not all false memory implants

We know mixed agendas exist both good and bad


The future planned ET False Flag event

It is true what Dr. Greer is saying, that for the most part, there has not been an overt attack on Earth by aliens from outer space, and that the narrative that aliens are hostile and a threat would lend itself to the future false flag plan that was revealed on Werner Von Brauns deathbed testimony. This would support the heavily forth Riech infiltrated military industrial complex consortium of corporations tied into the deep state's plan to hoax an alien attack to unite the militaries of the world against this alien foe which would accommodate their plan for a new world order. This is something we don't want to unknowingly support.

But on the other hand, rather than an overt attack on Earth, a predatory race might be using humans on earth as a resource. You have to consider that in 1946 under Project Paperclip they brought over Hilter's mastermind for deep underground construction and started in New Mexico branching out across the planet deep underground military bases known as DUMBs connected by maglev trains . Here secret joint military and alien operations are functioning.

We know Himmler escaped and wanted an empire of slaves. like the German corporations in the Antarctic are using slaves, as they are also in the DUMBS on earth, moon, Mars, Ceres and elsewhere across the galaxy with the Nazi ideology of using slave labor.

Many of the witnesses over the decades that have witnessed a predatory race of extraterrestrials, and it appears unfeasible that all of these witnesses have had false screen memories implanted to create a fictitious testimony for the sake of supporting this future planned alien false flag event. You can imagine that an alien race which Dr. Herman Oberth stated that the Nazi SS had "help from people from other worlds", that an alien race which they formed an alliance with the Nazi SS, would not necessarily not be of a predatory nature. In fact, as US Navy witness William Tompkins described, that the Navy spies in Germany had a hard time believing what they were reporting back to Naval Command, that the Nazis had joined this Reptilian race to conquer other worlds in the galaxy.

SSPW Tompkins:
"The Navy agents (spies) in Germany discovered what all those “out of this world” aliens gave Hitler: UFOs, antigravity propulsion, beam weapons, extended life and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls programs. The Reptilians made a deal with the Third Riech SS giving them this big box full of toys in exchange for letting Hitler enslave the rest of the planet."

"They had, if you want to call them, “consultants”, who are Reptilian consultants assisting on all of these different things that it takes to design and build these spacecraft carriers, and propulsion systems. So this is an extremely well developed program and documented like crazy. Getting copies of the documents was hard for them, hard for our spies. This was an open program in the upper level of the SS."

After agreements had been reached with Hitler, the Draconians provided actual working models of flying saucers, and information about underground bases in Antarctica where these models could be reverse engineered during World War II.

The Reptilians had no ethical or spiritual program they wished to encourage among the Germans or on behalf of humanity, and worked primarily with the Nazi government to develop spacecraft which were essentially built to become weapons of war. The ultimate goal of the German-Reptilian alliance went far beyond winning World War II and mere planetary conquest, which Tompkins attests the US Navy had alarmingly learned from its spies.

The navy spies learned that the goal of the Reptilian plan was not only to assist the Nazis to win the war and achieve planetary conquest, but to build fleets of antigravity spacecraft carriers that could be used for interplanetary conquest in other star systems.

"Holy cats the thing went way beyond that [world conquest]. Again, what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they were doing. Already Reptilians were doing it to other stars’ planets all over this area of the Galaxy…. These young kids, the operatives, they couldn’t believe half of what they brought back, what was going on."


My personal belief, only based on a few ET interactions over the decades that have been friendly and somewhat of a teaching experience, but to say all are friendly would be assumption. Although it would seem reasonable that many that had advanced in their evolution to travel the galaxy and have not destroyed and ended their civilizations, that most would be somewhat benevolent or benign in their interactions with Earth.

One thing that is reassuring, is that races that are highly advanced spiritually as well as technologically, would have technological superiority over technologically advanced malevolent races



2021 June Senate hearing on UFO/UAPs

Speculation on what this agenda might be would be to make the public believe the US does not have this advanced technology and that if a false flag alien attack Von Braun's deathbed testimony were to occur, the narrative put forth would have the public to believe it must be ET rather than technology here on earth. DNI Prelimary Assessment UAP June 25 2021



The Untimely Death of Mark McCandlish

Mark McCandlish died on April 13th, 2021 in his home on Redding, CA of a shotgun blast to the head.

Shasta County Coroner’s official report cites his death as a “Suicide” from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mark McCandlish spoke to his friend, Rick Price, late that day (April 13th) and Mark told him that he was going to rest and would call him later. Mark also spoke to his girlfriend later and told her that he would speak to her when he went to work at her animal shelter. When Mark did not show up for work and he failed to call her, Mark’s girlfriend, who had a key to his home, went there to look for him, and found his body, dead from a gunshot wound to his head.

A colleague of Mark McCandlish, a member of a UFO/SSP Disclosure group with which Mark McCandlish was associated, wrote on May 10th, 2021:

“Regarding Mark McCandlish suicide with shotgun blast to his head.  He was going to testify for Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed the “we haven’t made much progress” narrative. Also the one who showed the Tic Tac was actually USAF SSP drone … That would also destroy that narrative, came out and reversed and said he made it up.  Mark probably didn’t go along.  It’s an agenda.  It’s complicated for sure.”

Finally, it has been reported by one official that “several Federal agencies are investigating the death of Mark McCandlish.’ If Mark’s death was, in fact, just a “suicide,” the editor asks:

Why should further investigations by multiple agencies of the US government be necessary? Ref Ref



Underground Unholy Alliances

JFK files reveal Hitler escaped as well as Himmler who wanted an "empire of slaves"

Himmler who escape may have realized his dream with the US Underground Plan Program in 1946 and US support and personnel supplied in 1956 Operation Deep Freeze after Eisenhower surrender/agreement was made in 1955 to support the Nazi SS secret space program which led to what is termed the "Dark Fleet".

Then you have the Vatican component working with and helping the Nazis escape. An MJ12 doc in 1952 that they wanted containment of the UFO issue for the Vatican which this position most likely affected Eisenhower's plan disclosure in 1954 with Cardinal Francis MacIntyre revealing to this secret meeting to the Pope.

Then consider all those who are Knights of Malta that ultimately answer to the Pope. Including Eisenhower, Himmler, Gehlen and so many others

Partial list of some important individuals who were Knights of Malta, mostly in the 20th century.

Influential Political and Banking Elite

Amschel Mayer von Rothschild - Architect of the Bavarian Illuminati
David Rockefeller - CEO Chase Manhattan Corporation - Trilateral Commission

Nazi High Command

Heinrich Himmler - Head of Nazi SS
General Reinhard Gehlen - Head of Nazi intelligence
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - Nazi SS


Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush

World Leaders and Political Positions

Tony Blair - Prime Minister of England
Nelson Rockefeller - Vice President under Eisenhower (restructured CIA/MJ-12 denying Eisenhower jurisdiction)
Baron Franz von Papen - Chancellor of Germany (brought Hitler into power)
Giscard d’Estaing - President of France
Nelson Mandela - President South Africa
Juan Carlos - King of Spain
Augusto Pinochet - President of Chile
Otto von Hapsburg - Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary
Ted Kennedy - US Senator
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.- US ambassador to the UK - Chairman of SEC
Jeb Bush - Governer of Florida
Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of New York
Rudy Giuliani - Mayor of New York
Alexander Haig - Secretary of State
William Wilson - Reagan's ambassador to the Vatican
Cardinal Francis Spellman - "Grand Protector"

Intelligence and National Security

Allen Dulles - OSS/ CIA - Head of MJ-12
General William "Wild Bill" Donovan - OSS
James Jesus Angelton - CIA counter-intelligence chief
J. Edgar Hoover - MJ-12 member - Head of FBI 1932-1972
William Casey - CIA Director
John McCone - Director of Central Intelligence
Henry Kissinger - National Security Advisor
Zibignew Brezezinski - National Security Advisor - Trilateral Commission
Frank C Carlucci - Secretary of Defense - Deputy Director CIA and National Security Advisor
Oliver North - National Security Council staff during the Iran–Contra affair
Francis L. Kellogg - CIA - Assistant to Henry Kissinger
George J. Tenet - Director CIA
Leon Panetta - Secretary of Defense - Director CIA
Alexandre de Marenches - Chief of French Intelligence
William F. Buckley, Jr. - CIA - TV personality and commentator
Michael Chertoff - Secretary of Homeland Security

Media Control

Rupert Murdoch - Head of largest media corporations
Henry Luce - Magazine Magnate of Time, Life, Fortune etc.
William Randolph Hearst - Newspaper Magnate

Speculation on the organized Dark Agenda:

This highly organized connected network of individuals in top executive influential positions that shapes and forms our world which includes high level Nazi SS command, Presidents, World Leaders, CIA, Vatican, Media owners and the Draco Reptilians which are all working together toward a common agenda.

The Nazis along with the Vatican appear to have entered into an alliance with the Draco reptilians and have been using earth as a human resource for slave labor, trading or food utilizing underground bases. They have an extensive network to keep these operations secret working with elements of the inner circle with secret societies.

The dark occult elements such the Nazi SS Order of the Black Sun, The Dark Pope, Satanists, Pedophiles, Adrenochrome harvesters, Human experimentation and slave labor appear to share similar yet different ideologies to mutually protect the secrecy of their operations.



The ET Attack then ET Saviors Plan?

One possible explanation for the two conflicting narratives of ETs are bad and ETs are good that could be played out is revealed in the testimony of SSP witnesses that say the Draco use in their playbook using proxy races to enslave a planet. First a fabricated alien threat comes to the planet causing great destruction and fear. This is then followed by the "savior" ET race that offers defence in exchange for control of the planet. This is how the Draco enslaves planets across the galaxy.


An Overview

My current perspective on this is...

Nazi Germany entered into an alliance with a predatory reptilian species here on earth that assisted them with their secret space program as well as the Draco's agenda to control our planet. By 1934 they had anti-gravity craft 20 years ahead of the US allowing them to intimidate the US into a surrender agreement.

Nazis had a "world view warfare" plan to infiltrate into the US and control education, media and entertainment to create a matrix of perception for full spectrum dominance, and they accomplished that with their assets in high level positions allowing the public to believe we won the war with the Nazis.

During president Eisenhower administration a surrender/agreement was made in 1955, and since that time to present day, our legal constitutional government has been denied access.

This is what lead to the Pentagon meeting with Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson head of intelligence for the JCS being denied access and green lighting Dr. Greer to bring witnesses willing to testify under oath before the mainstream media of the world at the National press Club in 2001 which was sanitized by their control of the mainstream media outlets.

This event inspired Gary McKinnon the hacker to reveal US Navy's "Solar Warden" secret space program which countered the Draco agenda with an Nordic looking race that assisted the US Navy launching in the 1980s this secret space program utilizing extremely advanced technologies to recruit personnel for a 20 year tour of duty.


The Dangers of Deep State Media Control

The Nazi SS through Operation Mockingbird also setup the Builderberg meetings in 1954 which along with CFR & Trilateral Commission control the 6 media corporations toward their agenda. Ref

Today, based on what a numerous highly credible scientists and doctors are warning the public, saying that these experimental injections that modify our DNA in which over 250 million unsuspecting individuals have given their consent to volunteered to be injected by trusting what is being pushed by the controlled mainstream media through the false fear they created by falsely manipulating the case and death numbers. These scientists and doctors are which are being censored, are saying this is being used as a genocidal weapon for mass population reduction. The scientists say that they act like a time bomb in those injected and will shed lethal variants onto those not injected in the months ahead.

This has been pre-planned as revealed in the Agenda 21 / 2030 eugenicists New World Order plan to dramatically reduce the world's population Ref

Speech to World Health Organization Council on Eugenics by Dr. Henry Kissinger Feb. 25, 2009

"Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it's game over. They will accept anything. Forcible blood donation, forcible organ donation for the greater good. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them, for the greater good. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions and many of you in this room are investors. It's a win win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services."











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